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    BeachComber - fast and efficient beach combing

    json is now allowed
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    volcano_mining.ash - Automate mining of the Velvet/Gold Mine at That 70s Volcano

    Yep just delete the old one and put that one in its place.
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    Bug - Fixed CalendarFrameTest failing

    This will be fixed in
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    Bug - Fixed CalendarFrameTest failing

    Yes it needs xfdb installed on the server and the Jenkins file updated which o should be able to do in the morning.
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    Bug - Fixed CalendarFrameTest failing

    Looks like CalendarFrameTest has been failing most of the day on Jenkins. Started by user fewyn Obtained jenkinsfile from git [Pipeline] Start of Pipeline [Pipeline] node Running on Jenkins in /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/Kolmafia [Pipeline] { [Pipeline]...
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    Can't get started - "No Java?" despite Java install + Path defined correctly - Windows 10

    If double clicking the jar file doesn't work you can always try which should fix the associations.
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    .JAR file issue

    Install java 17 the latest version if this doesn't work try
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    Unable to start program

    Do you have JAVA installed? We specifically need v17 or newer.
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    Bug - Fixed One char doesn't run after upgrade to KoLMafia-26897-M.jar

    and as soon as I said that i'm now experiencing it even with 17.0.5
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    Bug - Fixed One char doesn't run after upgrade to KoLMafia-26897-M.jar

    Yeah I had this same problem the other day upgrading to 17.0.5 fixed it. Didn't matter which multi I did it on though.
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    I can't even find mafia to download it

    That needs updating since we now require Java 17.
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    I can't even find mafia to download it

    The problem with setting up some kind of direct download is we don't have any kind of "official" method, I've personally been using one of the auto downloaders for years but that's Windows only. I could just put a big download button and link to the latestarchive on Jenkins/Github but that's...
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    Bug - Fixed certificate

    Ok that was easier to figure out than expected. I had never enabled the 000-default.conf in apache so when you went to it just hit up the first config file in alphabetical order which was jenkins. I've re-enabeled the default config for peace of mind in the future so I don't...
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    Bug - Fixed certificate

    I really have no idea how it was redirecting in the first place... so instead I put up an actual apache config for it and added it to certbot.
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    Bug - Fixed certificate

    I'm more confused about how that URL is even still working I don't think I have it setup anywhere to redirect.
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    Bug Updating .EXE causes all prefs to be lost

    So on Windows I remember I had to install to be able to build the EXE not sure if this helps. I haven't tried to build the EXE in awhile though.
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    8/10 Server Issues

    In the process of upgrading the Ubuntu server from Hirsute Hippo to Jammy Jellyfish I managed to somehow break the server and ended up having to reinstall everything. I am 99% sure I caught everything but let me know if anything is broken. Moral of the Story: Don't run non-LTS releases of an OS
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    Proposal: Require Java 17

    Jenkins is already building it with Java 17 so we are good there also. ------------------------------------------------------------ Gradle 7.4.2 ------------------------------------------------------------ Build time: 2022-03-31 15:25:29 UTC Revision...