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  1. zincaito

    Feature - Implemented Prefs file backup/restore Draft PR

    Sharing another data point in case it's helpful – I just had my prefs wiped this morning shortly after opening my laptop, with no power loss overnight. I'm on OS X and only run Mafia on one computer. 1) I accidentally left mafia logged in overnight. Upon opening my laptop, it logged back in and...
  2. zincaito

    New Content New Shadow Rift NCs, buffs, and buff extension

    Hi all, I've noticed that "spectral" was listed in the OP as a cold adjective, but it should actually be in the ghost group instead. I ran into an instance today where mafia thought 2 of the available options would return the shadow snowflake, my target item from Rufus: Encounter: A Labyrinth...
  3. zincaito

    New Content Jan 2023 IotM: Rock Garden Guide

    Okay great, I've confirmed that this PR made after my report fixes tracking. All good now.
  4. zincaito

    New Content Jan 2023 IotM: Rock Garden Guide

    Has anyone else observed the 1x/day items not setting their used preference? Here's a plain example I just tried on the latest version of mafia. I typed the use command directly into the CLI, then used the relay browser to pick the Muscle option: I know there was a PR to set up the...