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  1. Erosion

    Bug missing img/src with OCRS hilarious modifier

    As of about a week ago, I started having this problem where mafia doesn't know to end combats with OCRS hilarious monsters. The entire fight will appear in session logs normally, but will cause a debug log: Unexpected error, debug log printed. class java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke...
  2. Erosion

    Bug - Fixed Rain Man summon adds monster to last location combat queue

    Didn't see this message until now. You get the following when doing cli numberology 51: cast 1 Calculate the Universe [2] numberology 51 Encounter: War Frat 151st Infantryman Round 0: the erosionseeker wins initiative! Is that significantly harder to check for than rain man?
  3. Erosion

    Bug Mafia thinks Numberology summons to last adventured zone

    I've been wondering why my spooky forest tracker was always off by 1. It turns out that Mafia incorrectly believes numberology summons into your last zone for turns_spent, rather than being its own thing. Affects turns_spent as well as mafia kitchen cabinet tracking, possibly other endofcombat...
  4. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented Gingerbread City

    Habitat/Extrovermectin/other "force monsters to appear in non-native zones" can appear in GBC and will count towards the scheduled NCs. Currently, Mafia does not count them. This is a little tricky because gingerbread smartphone does not show up during these combats, but I counted and this is...
  5. Erosion

    New Content august scepter

    Pocket Professor lectures fail to track Offhand Remarkable and Meteor Showered in combat macros. My combat macro cast Meteor Shower so I would be at 19/20, but even though it initiated the chain fight, mafia still reports that my lecture count is 19/19 (rather than 20/19 with just Meteor Shower)...
  6. Erosion

    Feature Law of Averages dailyUsesLeft

    People can currently have three LoAs so this would definitely help. Summon Kokomo Resort Pass also needs to become numeric instead of boolean.
  7. Erosion

    Bug - Not A Bug Concoctions database vs two of the same ingredient

    Mixbot calls this as a chat script, which pulls from concoctions.txt, and only fails vs duplicate ingredients.
  8. Erosion

    Bug - Not A Bug Concoctions database vs two of the same ingredient

    Was running my mixbot today when I found out that it will fail when trying to combine two of the same item. Updating inventory... Got 320 beer lens from tHE eROsIoNseEker. combine beer lens + beer lens = beer goggles Creation failed, no results detected. I suspect this will also apply for any...
  9. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented Patriotic Eagle

    Screech is 100 duration, banishes entire phylum across all zones, recharges after 11 fights with the eagle (<name> gives you the old "I'm ready to screech" wings up.) RWB is similar but different from Saber Force Friend for 2 of the target in that zone only, and should probably be handled about...
  10. Erosion

    Bug - Fixed Rain Man summon adds monster to last location combat queue

    I believe numberology frat also has this issue. Was having some weirdness with spooky forest delay and that's the only weird thing I did, judging by session log results.
  11. Erosion

    Autumn-aton Override

    Liking it a lot! The autumn items are sometimes relevant, maybe that can also show up in the dropdowns? eg low outdoor could say Low outdoor (+experience, autumn leaf)
  12. Erosion

    New Content January 2021 IotM - Miniature Crystal Ball

    Sometime earlier this year, side pane and maximizer started counting crystal ball as +25% item (when it's actually either 0% or 50%). Even though it plays out like 25% in practice, this is very misleading when trying to do stat tests (eg 8-bit) or when trying to guarantee drops from specific...
  13. Erosion

    Bug - Fixed Unable to parse housing!

    Attempting to /cast libram skills seems to trigger an error message and abort. Happens through both gcli and in relay chat. Does not happen when casting in gcli without a / Casting Summon Taffy. You acquire an item: pulled orange taffy You acquire an item: pulled blue taffy You acquire...
  14. Erosion

    New Content November IOTM - Cookbookbat

    I was doing a run today and found out that there were no prefs for cookbookbat combat tracking. May want some of these: cookbatQuestMonster: will declare a monster to gather ingredients from. CBB will declare a zone, but that doesn't really matter*. cookbatQuestTimer: after every 5 combats...
  15. Erosion

    Autumn-aton Override

    If you know what zone you want you can just type in the bar to seek the right zone. However, a potentially better way to handle this override would be to let the user filter between all choices (as you can in the base version), and choice types (high indoor, low outdoor, etc), while still...
  16. Erosion

    Feature Track when next adventure will be an NC

    4) stench jelly, technically daily limited but also not really If you adventure in a zone with no NCs, the charge is not eaten. Shadow Rift gets a special shout because the bosses are treated as NCs and can be force encountered.
  17. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented IOTM - May 2021 - Shortest-Order Cook

    _shortOrderCookCharge seems to be incorrect. The pref resets to 0 when you receive any drop, rather than cycling through its 5 drops. I don't think this is relevant for ascension anymore, but there will likely be A Guy who will want to track the drop cycle. Additionally, the charge does not get...
  18. Erosion

    New Content New Shadow Rift NCs, buffs, and buff extension

    I notice that while you're in a rift, your item% is divided by 5. Can there be an asterisk when drop rates are modified by zone, such as rifts / underwater pressure? (Normally Item: +2000%, rift modified could say Item: +400%*)
  19. Erosion

    New Content Jan 2023 IotM: Rock Garden Guide

    I've noticed that garden pick seems to trigger multiple picking attempts based on the number of expected garden growth yields, even though you harvest everything all at once. This results in up to 14 empty pick attempts when harvesting full cornucopias. Not the end of the world, but unintended...
  20. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented Guzzlr tablet - May Item of the month

    Bug: guzzlrDeliveryProgress isn't reset to 0 when abandoning your previous client. Causes issues for tracking the next day.