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    sorority house ghosts

    I am currently drunk in game, so I cannot test this boolean [element] weak_elements; switch (monster_element()) { case $element[cold]: weak_elements = $elements[spooky, hot]; break; case $element[spooky]: weak_elements = $elements[hot, stench]; break; case $element[hot]...
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    What are you worth? networth.ash will tell you.

    Begin index 14357 greater than end index -1 (networth.ash, line 52) :( no fair! I wanted to find out my worth!
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    What's in your login/logout scripts?

    *BASIC SCRIPT I WROTE AGES AGO WARNING* buy 4 milk of m use 4 milk of m cheapest +hot hi mein; buy 3 it; eat 3 it uneffect Ur-Kel's Aria of Annoyance wait 5 csend 1 meat to sevenlances_com csend 6 meat to sevenlances_com csend 7 meat to sevenlances_com csend 8 meat to sevenlances_com...
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    i made a mall price checker how do i...

    void cheapest_first (item [int] commodity) { int [item] price; foreach key in commodity if(historical_age(commodity[key]) >0.5) price[ commodity[key] ] = mall_price(commodity[key]); else price[ commodity[key] ] = historical_price(commodity[key]); sort commodity by price[value]; }...
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    Automated BHH Script

    This is one that bale edited to make useful for castle farming, it will automaticly pick a castle bounty, or the lowest bounty The between battle script there is to auto fight your puttied monsters
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    Between battle: any reason this shouldent work

    .... *FACEPALM* Stupid math.... Thanks for your help guys, im really surprised that it wasn't something overly complicated that i was doing wrong
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    Between battle: any reason this shouldent work

    cli_execute("if spooky putty monster > 1; use 1 spooky putty monster"); From my (very limited) understanding of ash scripting, i believe that this sort of thing should work for automaticly using putty'd monsters. (my best guess is possibly a return to fight command) Is there a more complicated...
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    I figured it out. It is meant to be mallsell (item) (number) E.g mallsell your-soul * If anyone finds out how to mall-sell an item at a particular price, i would be incredibly grateful
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    Path to \scripts ?

    Make sure that you search in grotfang,not in ki77bot OTherwise you will be sending all your information to bale
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    After writing the script, i encountered a problem with my CLI selling part mallsell * prismatic wad mallsell * twinkly wad 800 mallsell * little paper umbrella mallsell * magical ice cubes mallsell * disassembled clover mallsell 2 cocktail onion autosell * thin black candle autosell * heavy...
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    cli_execute("equip filthy knitted dread sack"); cli_execute("use "DRINK ME" potion"); visit_url("rabbithole.php?action=teaparty "); visit_url("choice.php?pwd&whichchoice=441&option=1&choiceform1=Try+to+get+a+seat "); print("Thanks Slyz", "black") Win
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    Hey, the visit url was the part i was lacking Now, to commit diabolical scripting with that knowlege
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    I have two issues in my script. 1. I think there my be a more efficent way to do this I use a stocking mimic, so i get lots of mp, that i vent to clannies/self The efficeny problem: adventure 3 castle outfit cast cast 40 jingle bells outfit meat I am using this, copy pasted 100 times...
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    Ascend.ash: hands-off ascension script

    Who was that for?
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    Ascend.ash: hands-off ascension script

    call scripts\Ascend.ash Script parsing error (Ascend.ash, line 10) Latest daily build. latest version of ascend.ash with no changes
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    Ascend.ash: hands-off ascension script

    Function 'explore_entire_city( )' undefined (Ascend.ash, line 1214) Newest version and older version
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    Making mafia (.jar) auto run not working

    Does anyone know how to do this in windows 7, when i try to automate it at a certain time it tells me "could not find main class" "C:\users\me\desktop\newfolder\Kolmafia-8026.jar." is the location of the file