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    Bug lastTrainsetConfiguration incorrectly reset during initialization

    I don't think so. I have a script that kills Java many hours after my script runs. But it's possible that this is a part of the problem. But I feel like I regularly see this kind of behaviour, where KoLmafia changes the lastTrainsetPosition preference to 40 less than trainsetPosition when it is...
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    Bug lastTrainsetConfiguration incorrectly reset during initialization

    In unrestricted aftercore (after a grey you run), I configured my trainset at 623, ran 34 combats so that trainsetPosition was at 657, then my script aborted, I killed Java and then restarted mafia. Upon initialization of the session, mafia unhelpfully set lastTrainsetConfiguration from 623 to...
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    CONSUME.ash - A diet handler script

    I think that falls outside of the scope of CONSUME. Its intent is to find you the best diet at your VoA, and you're suggesting using items that too expensive for your VoA. Your best bet may be to find a script to put your Special Seasonings (and probably other items that you create during your...
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    BeachComber - fast and efficient beach combing

    You might add an option to set what % of combs should be used for spading, so that users can choose to spend a portion of their turns collecting data for this community project, without totally ruining their chances of hitting the jackpot. I would also suggest setting something like 10% spading...
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    [SOLVED, use alias] Custom daily deed not working - issue with commas that get piped

    It looks like it's inserting a `|` character after each comma in your command. I'm not familiar with setting up daily deeds, but I think you might be able to go into the file where these are saved, and delete the `|` characters that don't belong?
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    Bug - Not A Bug [NOT A BUG/SOLUTION: use chat panel in relay window, not gcli] Writing /go in CLI does not reflect the action in relay window

    It should work from the chat pane in your browser side-pane, though. If that's also not working, then it could be that your session timed out, and when mafia automatically logged in for you again, only your main pane updated with the new session, and your chatpane still has data from the...
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    Bug Maximizer Bug

    I wonder if it comes from the +familiar experience being above the maximum threshold sometimes, and maximizer stops valuing it for some reason? Do you limit the number of combinations that maximizer can try? Do you have the checkbox to "always consider equipped items, even outside of HC/ronin"?
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    Bug Maximizer quirks - "-combat" and melee vs ranged.

    I think it may be that it is assuming you will also be using the effects suggested further down in the list, and hitting the -combat cap.
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    Feature Change item string fuzzy matching to prefer owned items

    Agreed. Mostly. As discussed in the original post, some maximizer strings must use fuzzy matching, or they break the maximize command. But otherwise, this request is about manual GCLI input. I agree that for buying items, it's less clear what it should do. But I also think that it's unclear to...
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    Feature Change item string fuzzy matching to prefer owned items

    The CLI commands `use`, `drink`, `equip`, `maximize`, and others, all use fuzzy matching for items when an exact match of an item name is not provided. If multiple items match the string that you submit, mafia chooses 1 of them for you. This can result in unexpected behaviour, especially when...
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    A Multi-Armed Bandit PVP Script

    Yeah, sorry. I goofed up updating to the latest version. The latest version is very nice. Thanks for the continued updates!
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    Bug - Fixed getPermedSkills() not correctly showing all skills in avatar path

    Sorry for not responding earlier. The use case was for my script planning which class to switch to when breaking the prism after a grey you run, in order to be able to perm a high-value skill that you didn't know yet. You have to make the choice as you break the prism, which is before entering...
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    CONSUME.ash - A diet handler script

    Are there any plans to add cookbookbat foods to CONSUME?
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    A Multi-Armed Bandit PVP Script

    It looks like there's an error in the Scurvy contest. It lists the name of the player who LOSES the scurvy contest, but PVP_MAB seems to think the player's name showing up means that they've won.
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    New Content 2023 <s>Nerf</s> Improvements Day

    The cyrpt issue I mentioned above is still a real problem. Should that discussion happen here, or should I open a new issue for it specifically?
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    New Content 2023 <s>Nerf</s> Improvements Day

    There's a new issue caused by this change: With the threshold for finding the boss down at 13, it's now regularly possible that adventurers will get evil in the Defiled Cranny down to 0 before fighting the boss (ghuol swarm with 144 ml, slay the dead and gravy boat clears 14 evil). When this...
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    My personal Meat farming script

    I think to maximize space blanket acquisition, you would save up some # of mayday packages, then start opening 1 per day until you hit a space blanket, then open your whole stash. Assuming that you hit a space blanket 20% of the time, this would make you miss a space blanket only 4 times on...
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    Combat Locket - What monsters do you lack?

    Mafia's locket tracking checks the locket reminisce interface, which isn't available after you've used all your daily uses.
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    Bug - Fixed Sweatpants don't need to be equipped to cast sweat NC skills

    If you are wearing equipment you don't meet the requirements for, you get all the normal benefits of that equipment. You just can't put them back on if you take them off.
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    Bug - Fixed Sweatpants don't need to be equipped to cast sweat NC skills

    Mafia is changing my pants when I cast Sweat Out Some Booze, where it can be cast just fine without switching pants. This is bad, because sometimes I am wearing pants that I cannot re-equip. (e.g. You can equip gear before breaking the prism after a Grey You run, whereupon you will be reduced to...