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  1. Crowther

    Bug lastTrainsetConfiguration incorrectly reset during initialization

    I automatically kill KoLmafia with a script before rollover. I use "kill -HUP" instead of just "kill" and that lets mafia save its preference file before quitting.
  2. Crowther

    New Content A Shrunken Adventurer Am I

    Unsurprisingly, the maximizer now works fine on this path with the latest release. Thanks, Everyone! An oddity that I don't care if anyone fixes. When I free the king, my char pane goes from 2/1 full/drunk, to 20/10 full/drunk, but mafia says 2/10 until I refresh it. Not mafia's fault, but...
  3. Crowther

    New Content A Shrunken Adventurer Am I

    Yes, I too failed to realize what was in the data files. Once I saw what was there it was obvious why things worked like they did.
  4. Crowther

    New Content A Shrunken Adventurer Am I

  5. Crowther

    New Content A Shrunken Adventurer Am I

    After this update (27586) the maximizer no longer works correctly for stats in Shrunken. It is recommending +% increaseser, which don't do anything in Shrunk. Changing "Am" back to "am" fixes the current revision, but I have no clue what the consequences of that are.
  6. Crowther

    New Content - Implemented Gingerbread City

    I see a _chocolateSculpturesUsed preference.
  7. Crowther

    r27554 - revert untested breaking parser change by @Veracity0

    Interestingly all my code for the day run just fine, except this line: matcher m = create_matcher("Clan: <b><a class=nounder href=\"showclan.php\\?whichclan=([0-9]+)\">(.+?)<", page); The parser was expecting a '{' instead of the final ')'.
  8. Crowther

    New Content A Shrunken Adventurer Am I

    Mafia can see your true stats using api.php. If I click the Refresh Status button, mafia will display my level correctly. It is the character pane that confuses mafia. You can equip items and eat food where you don't meet the requirements. I'm not sure your wording was clear enough. The...
  9. Crowther

    Bug faxbot command stopped working

    I don't see anything unusual in Easyfax's logs (except "fax ungulith" failing). It looks like an ungulith was delivered to your clan every time you asked for one.
  10. Crowther

    Fork²~ UberPvPOptimizer - an updated PVPBestGear

    I think this is what you are looking for.
  11. Crowther

    A Multi-Armed Bandit PVP Script

    That's why that started happening! I thought it was a new mafia feature.
  12. Crowther

    modifier is now a reserved word in ASH scripts

    I didn't want to spend my weekend fixing scripts, so I just reverted the change and went about my day. Using a massive "grep" command I discovered which scripts had modifier used as a variable. Ignoring the ones related to Gelatinous Noob and Crimbo 2014, I came up with just these...
  13. Crowther

    modifier is now a reserved word in ASH scripts

    This broke a bunch of my scripts.
  14. Crowther

    Bug semi-colons in maximizer strings

    That's why I've been having such trouble with that item. It seemed to work correctly with "Kramco Sausage-o-Matic™". It didn't help that the maximizer doesn't tell me why it failed, but that code is pretty complex.
  15. Crowther

    New Content - Implemented Shadow Rifts no longer accessible to accounts without the closed-circuit pay phone

    The announcement was in the description of the closed-circuit pay phone.
  16. Crowther

    Winterbay's Helpful Automatic Monsterbasher (WHAM)

    WHAM thinking it can 1-round kill and then doing only 1 damage means something is not right. I've seen this too, but haven't bothered to track down what went wrong. It could even need an update to batfactors. If you want WHAM to kill faster, then set WHAM_roundcost_aftercore and/or...
  17. Crowther

    Winterbay's Helpful Automatic Monsterbasher (WHAM)

    Due to a recent KoLmafia update, I had to change line 473 in WHAM from int[item] drops = item_drops(m); to float[item] drops = item_drops(m);
  18. Crowther

    Feature Track whether a familiar has yet to have been fed by the shorter-order cook

    I think this might also be an issue when the cook goes out of standard.
  19. Crowther

    How to find various usables...

    The chocolate covered ping-pong ball is consumed on use. I think what you want is "$item[chocolate covered ping-pong ball].reusable".
  20. Crowther

    Guano Junction goal to break rocks

    You can use can_adventure() on the bat hole locations to see how many sonars and screambats have been used. Still requires a custom script, but not an overly complex one.