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  1. philmasterplus

    BetterTrainer - Empower your guild trainer

    I thought about this over the weekend, but I'm afraid it's far beyond the scope of this project. The guild trainer is where we go to buy our class skills, and this script tries to help with the shopping process. Browsing, organizing, and casting skills is another story, and it wouldn't make...
  2. philmasterplus

    PL-skills.ash - Track your skill perms and decide which to perm next

    I really like this script. It saved me from juggling with google sheets to keep tabs on my perm plan. Feature request: Would it be possible to highlight seasonal (standard restricted) skills? Just having a different bgcolor for out-of-season would be great. A set of color codes based on # of...
  3. philmasterplus

    BetterTrainer - Empower your guild trainer

    Good to know. I tried to make the page as compact as I could, and I'm not sure if the guild trainer page has enough room for casting buttons at this point. Is there a particular feature that the Skills page (from the top menu) is lacking?
  4. philmasterplus

    BetterTrainer - Empower your guild trainer

    BetterTrainer is a relay override script that empowers your guild's skill trainer. It shows skills in a 2-column table and highlights those your already bought and/or permed. If you hover your mouse over a skill, it will show the description as a tooltip. This script was inspired by rlbond86's...
  5. philmasterplus

    ASH writers who use GitHub, what does your workflow/setup look like?

    I think you're looking for the wrong person, I am not "Phill Me (#2393910)" in that server. In fact I only joined a few days ago and don't remember taking part in any discussion yet. Incidentally, I did try symlinking my script but it didn't work for some reason, perhaps b/c I tried to make the...
  6. philmasterplus

    Bug Choice adventure 402 in Haunted Bathroom is retired

    I did consider marking it as New Content, but decided against it because I wasn't sure if a removal of content also counted as one. I'm sorry if it was a mistake. I didn't mean to emburden you or the other devs, and I perfectly understand that it's low priority.
  7. philmasterplus

    Bug Choice adventure 402 in Haunted Bathroom is retired

    According to the Haunted Bathroom page on the wiki, Don't Hold a Grudge (choice adv #402) was retired on 2014. However, KoLmafia still shows a choice adv dropdown for this noncombat: I've adventured >200 times in the Haunted Bathroom during my last ascension, but never encountered it.
  8. philmasterplus

    Bug - Not A Bug [mistake, never mind] xpath() returns an array with incorrect length()

    Example code: string [int] nodes = xpath('<div><p>foo</p><p>bar</p><p>baz</p></div>', '//p'); print(length(nodes)); The following code prints 20, although iterating through nodes with foreach only results in 3 items. Attempting to access an index beyond like this: string value =...
  9. philmasterplus

    Bug xpath() does not recognize contains()

    I tried to do something like this: string page = '<p>foo bar</p>'; for _, node in xpath(string, '//p[contains(text(),"foo")]') { print(node); } But this yields an error message: invalid xpath expression (test.ash, line 34) Possibly related: I noticed a discussion about implementing a...
  10. philmasterplus

    ASH writers who use GitHub, what does your workflow/setup look like?

    I like your GitHub Actions setup. Starred immediately. I also didn't know KoLmafia had a "headless" mode --CLI flag. Might be useful for automating tests. By the way, my local repo is separate from my KoLmafia directory. My current workflow is <commit> → <push to GitHub> → <svn update in...
  11. philmasterplus

    ASH writers who use GitHub, what does your workflow/setup look like?

    Here's what I discovered so far: GitHub provides a bridge for Subversion clients. KoLmafia can checkout a GitHub project as though it was a Subversion repo: svn checkout<your_id>/<project_slug> Your project can and will often contain useful files not related to KoLmafia...
  12. philmasterplus

    ASH writers who use GitHub, what does your workflow/setup look like?

    I want to host and develop my ASH scripts on GitHub. I noticed that several people already do this. If we share how each of us manage our projects, we could collect helpful topics for GitHub users. (Git and GitHub are incredibly popular among developers, so something like this could help more...
  13. philmasterplus

    Feature Support for scripting in JavaScript

    Me sad. Though it's understandable, since importing/exporting modules in JavaScript have been a tricky problem for decades. Still excited to see this happen. Many features we wanted but ASH didn't have could be complemented from numerous JavaScript tools and libraries out there. We could use...
  14. philmasterplus

    Feature Support for scripting in JavaScript

    This is very interesting! The static typing of ASH gave me some trouble before, so I'll gladly welcome any means of dynamism. I assume it supports the CommonJS require()?
  15. philmasterplus

    Feature Add fortune teller to Daily Deeds?

    It would be nice to have access to the VIP Lounge Fortune Teller (the NPC buffs, at least) from the Daily Deeds panel. For clan members, I suppose just displaying the remaining counter would be good enough?
  16. philmasterplus

    Bug Table text alignment with print_html() doesn't work properly

    I've been trying to right-align table cells in the KoLmafia CLI with print_html() but couldn't get it to work properly. print_html('<table style="border-width: 1px;"><tr style="background-color: #CCCCCC;"><th style="border-width: 1px;">Long Column Title</th><th style="border-width...
  17. philmasterplus

    How does everyone clean up inventory these days?

    I'm returning after a very long hiatus. Back when I was playing, I wrote my own ASH scripts for inventory cleanup, but I don't have them anymore. Besides, both the game and kolmafia have evolved a lot, and I forgot everything about ASH. So how does everyone do aftercore inventory cleanup these...
  18. philmasterplus

    Bug - Won't Fix Mafia does not recognize unused item from Funkslinging

    I've noticed this many times while doing fernswarthy's basement. When I funksling any two items (e.g. love songs) and the first kills the monster, the second item is not consumed. However, mafia does not sees this and assumes that both the items are consumed, until I either refresh the inventory...
  19. philmasterplus

    Intriguing Puzzle Box

    According to the KoL wiki's talk page, it is mappable. Which means we can actually automate this. there a script for "mapping" the puzzle box? If not, I am going to whip up one in a few days and post it over at KoL Spading so that people can contribute, similar to how the Louvre was...
  20. philmasterplus

    Bug - Fixed Trading hellseal body parts with Phineas

    It seems that KoLmafia does not recognize spending hellseal body parts (brains, sinews, hides, claws, whiskers) when I make items from them. Specifically, I created ~70-ish seal-brain elixirs, spending all but 1 of my hellseal whiskers. Yet KoLmafia thinks it still has 137 whiskers.