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  1. Rinn

    charsheet.php - Group Skills by Character Class

    I've moved this to it's own repo so git checkout works, please see the first post.
  2. Rinn

    FamiliarDrops - Get profitable drops from familiars

    Moved to it's on repo so git checkout works.
  3. Rinn

    acquireBuff - Get a buff from a buffbot

    Migrated this to it's own git repo so git install works, url is updated in the first post.
  4. Rinn

    Accessing hosted webpage on another device

    You need to: set relayAllowRemoteAccess to true run the cli command 'relay nobrowser' once per session to initialize the relay brower. After which you should be able to access the relay browser if the host & port is reachable.
  5. Rinn

    Bug incorrect appearance_rates tracking

    I'm going to work through more appearance_rates that are inaccurate for conditional monsters. I'll update here as I find them so I can keep track of what needs to be addressed. Pirates of the Garbage Barges flashy pirate: requires maintenance tunnel adjustment The SMOOCH Army HQ SMOOCH...
  6. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed appearance_rates not accurate for Agua De Vida zones
  7. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed appearance_rates not accurate for Agua De Vida zones

    I found where to support this, working on a PR now
  8. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed appearance_rates not accurate for Agua De Vida zones

    These are both from the wiki and I have not verified them yet cyborg policeman: only appears if you have bought a multi-pass, then stops appearing when questF03Future=finished obese tourist & terrifying robot: only appears after encountering A Winning Pass during the Future quest. Quest...
  9. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed appearance_rates not accurate for Agua De Vida zones

    Looks like there are also conditional monsters in Seaside Megalopolis, i'll grab the quest state for those too
  10. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    Looks like can_adventure is returning true for the agua de vida zones when you have bottles in your closet but not in inventory, I expect it needs to retrieve one before trying to adventure so it can access the gaze link. > ash can_adventure($location[jungles of ancient loathing]) Changing...
  11. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed appearance_rates not accurate for Agua De Vida zones

    appearance_rates is returning in that the evil cultist is available for my character, but it doesn't show up until in the jungle until questF01Primordial=finished > set questF01Primordial step1 > ash appearance_rates($location[jungles of ancient loathing]) Changing "jungles of ancient...
  12. Rinn

    Bug - Fixed Encounter Listing Double Counting

    This feels similar to, where refreshing the page is incrementing a different counter.
  13. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""></head><body><center><table width=95% cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0><tr><td style="color: white;" align=center bgcolor=blue><b>Uh Oh!</b></td></tr><tr><td style="padding: 5px; border: 1px...
  14. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    i'll grab it in a few hours after work
  15. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    Okay it looks like it's related to acquiring a scroll of ancient forbidden unspeakable evil or attempting to summon a demon when the summoning chamber is unavailable maybe: Use 1 disintegrating quill pen + 1 inkwell + 1 tattered scrap of paper You acquire an item: scroll of ancient forbidden...
  16. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    hm questL11Manor is step1 for me, questM17Babies is unstarted. I'll search my logs and see when it was set to step1, because that's not correct for after cs
  17. Rinn

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    I think it's probably related to work going on here for can_adventure, I've been having questM20Necklace and questM21Dance get set to finished when refreshing quests in day 2 in post community service aftercore (looks like after logging out and back in) so mafia is returning I can adventure in...
  18. Rinn

    CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location

    Is there still any significant difference in canadv that can_adventure \ pre_validate_adventure \ prepare_for_adventure don't cover? Maybe it's about time to deprecate it?
  19. Rinn

    Feature - Implemented Hide [buy] from relay mall search if the store is in forbiddenStores

    Can you also hide the links for the stores that you've already hit the limit for as well, since those buy links won't be able to make a transaction?
  20. Rinn

    Feature - Implemented retrieve_price is too noisy

    look idk what to tell you I didn't write this script, honestly I wish I hadn't brought this up at all