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  1. xKiv

    Accessing hosted webpage on another device

    I don't think mafia by default allows connections from other computers, just localhost. If there isn't a preference to set somewhere and you are not comfortable/profficient enough to change it in sourece code, you are looking at either 1) setting up some kind of proxy on the ocmputer running...
  2. xKiv

    Bug Git scripts don't handle updating with local changes under some conditions (conflicts?)

    Part of it is probably that "pull" is kind of a shorthand for first doing "fetch" (which, among other things, is what updates origin/master, and possibly also references), and merge or rebase (mafia uses rebase), which is where the "resetting head" comes from (and (silently?) fails because there...
  3. xKiv

    Chromebook Linux problem

    It does not have to be a successfull launch though (iirc it works even if the configured "browser" does not exist at all, at least running headfull). You can go to the browser afterwards and manually open
  4. xKiv

    Daily Dungeon

    As far as I can tell ... - civic center/set the clock - get at least 50 sprinkles somewhere in the next 3 turns - (turn 4) industrial zone/noon - buy a crowbar (50 sprinkles) - 9 turns anywhere in the GB city - (turn 14) rain station/midnight - break into the currency exchange - get fat loot...
  5. xKiv

    Bug Maximizer can trigger aliases when not intended

    This is byproduct of how aliases work. Either use a cli script file (caleld tape or tape.txt) ... ... or use a "start of line" alias only: alias tape => .... %% (%% is a placeholder for whatever you have in your command line after the alias, but it also has the sideeffect that this alias is only...
  6. xKiv

    Bug Using drinksilent breaks protectAgainstOverdrink

    FWIWI, this proposed behavior is what I would expect.
  7. xKiv

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    I suspect it will return a lot more false positives on accounts that have empty accessible inventory. And even validate2 will then disagree with canadv, because canadv asks "do we have the items that need to be used/equipped to go there (and optionally actually use+equip then)", but (if I...
  8. xKiv

    CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location

    I looked up an old backup # cd ~/.kolmafia/svn/therazekolmafia-canadv/ # svn info | grep URL URL: svn:// so it was installed from there, but no longer present. Also, looking up canadv brings up...
  9. xKiv

    Bug - Not A Bug r26560 - Scripts menu missing user scripts

    As far as I can see, kolmafia is already using a json library ... why not encode to a (stringified) json array? That should automagically take care of escaping any special characters, in a standard way. If I am googling correctly (best intro I found is
  10. xKiv

    Mafia not 'looking' for files in the right place?

    > For example, I'm trying to use Numberology but it's saying I already calculated the universe today (I have not); But isn't the default for numberology "not used today yet"? (or is this also the message for a character with the default number od daily numberologies available, which is zero of...
  11. xKiv

    Feature Add keyword to limit a modifier in maximizer

    I *did* see a line that basically says "if this item would have a negative score all by itself, skip it". Somewhere among the other rules (definitely after considering synergies).
  12. xKiv

    Feature Add keyword to limit a modifier in maximizer

    AFAIK, that's not what "max" does. When you add "max" to a score component, it simply does not count any score higher than that. From maximizer-help.html: But, the only uses I see in the code for non-global max are really just capping that particular component's contribution. Nothing that...
  13. xKiv

    Feature Add keyword to limit a modifier in maximizer

    AFIUI, excluding equipment is an optimization the maximizer knows it can do, because it knows something with strictly higher numbers (after weighting) is always at least as good (as long as the lower-numbered equipment is not part of any synergy). If you implement hard caps (on either total...
  14. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed ASH does not create final slice in multi-maps

    Huh, weird that kolmafia is doing perl's autovivification now differently from perl ;-) One point of tangentially related note that I just read about - what about deleting an element from a nonexistent intermediate slice? IOW int[int][int] map; delete map[0][0]; # is this an error? was it an...
  15. xKiv

    idk how this website works but i need help with something with the combat scripting in kolmafia

    That looks like incorrect mixing of CCS and BALLS. I don't believe CCS has "if" and "endif". I *think* there are two approaches to make this work: 1) put the if and endif lines inside "qoutes" too, so that mafia will just send all 3 as a native macro (my knowledge of CCS makes me about 40%...
  16. xKiv

    Feature Automatically update PRs before running checks

    Hmm .. guess I have never tried rebasing something that hasn't been pushed yet, then. (my experience is doing/committing some work locally, failing a push, failing a pull --ff-only, then pull --rebase ; I don't wan't to create "merge origin/abc into abc" commits on something that nobody else has...
  17. xKiv

    Feature Automatically update PRs before running checks

    That points more to "do rebases" instead of "don't make sure that the PR is against current code", no?
  18. xKiv

    Feature Automatically update PRs before running checks

    In a git world, aren't you *supposed* to merge [1] your upstream into your feature branch before you you make a PR? (in a more centralized environment, I am still responsible for pushing only completely resolved merges) [1] or rebase, depending on the project's culture, your sensibilities, how...
  19. xKiv

    Java 11 now required for KoLmafia, Java 17 recommended

    For now, I have zulu12, and successfully managed a build from commandline. But I would like to have a way to automatically switch before I try it out. I can guesstimate as to what lines there should be in that file (based on the other .jinfo files I already have), I know what the paths will be...
  20. xKiv

    Java 11 now required for KoLmafia, Java 17 recommended

    Does anyone have a working .jinfo file for adoptium that I could use for update-java-alternatives? (this is a very un-updated system, I am too scared of breaking things to do a full reinstall, and incremental updates are even worse proposition by this point)