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    New Content unoccupied sheep suit

    When I tried to make a nice warm beer, KoLmafia bought an ice-cold Willer as ingredient and then failed to make it. Normally, recipes that use ice-cold beer work with either Willer or Sir Schlitz, but this is an exception that only works with the latter.
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    Dwarf Digit Code

    It's also been years since I've done that content, but I think the "factory" CLI command may be relevant?
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    LTF: old IOTM zone scripts:

    This thread reminds me that I'm still missing some trophies and factoids from spelunking, but I don't think there's a script for that.
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    Clear choiceAdventure Setting

    You can set the appropriate choiceAdventure property to 0 to indicate that you want manual input each time. But in general, if you want to reset a property to its default (or remove it if there is none), you can use the remove_property ASH function.
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    Invisible intrinsic teleportitis?

    A shot in the dark, but when you checked your effects and found nothing, does that just mean no Teleportitis, or also no Funday! and no Feeling Lost? (It's happened to me before that I cast Feel Lost from the maximizer because I didn't read the fine print.)
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    Bug Server issue: error 431

    I looked into it further and apparently this sort of thing is a known issue (though also a fixed one, so *shrug*). I checked my headers and did see what looked like numerous redundant session cookies, so I deleted all my cookies for the site and haven't encountered the 431 since. I guess that...
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    Bug Server issue: error 431

    I'll explain further. I normally use Firefox on my Windows machine to access and download the jar there. Recently, I got the error on clicking the download link, but refreshing fixed it. Today, I was stuck with the error...
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    Bug Server issue: error 431

    When I try to access anything on, I get this error message:
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    New Content November IOTM - Cookbookbat

    Trying to use a recipe that already known gives a "You already know how to craft that item!" message. KoLmafia incorrectly decreases item count when that happens.
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    Bug CLI Command "Undercut" Not Working?

    By default, if the lowest price for an item is mall minimum, the undercut command will leave it alone. If you don't like this and want to affect even those, you'll need to use "undercut true". This behavior is explained if you use the help command: > help undercut undercut [min] - price all...
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    New Content deed to Oliver's Place

    The adventuring zone was originally marked outdoors. However, after I reported this as a KoL bug, it was changed to indoors.
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    How do I use .ash files?

    The normal way to use them is to put them in the scripts subdirectory of your KoLmafia installation. Then you can start them from the scripts menu or by entering the filename into the CLI. You shouldn't be copy-and-pasting entire scripts into the CLI. In order to execute any ASH command in the...
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    Try sticking it in the bbb function. Or, you could just add this as an unconditional mood trigger: ash if (item_amount($item[autumn-aton]) > 0) cli_execute("autumnaton send X"); (Replace X with the location you want to send it to.)
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    I'm not interested in the script, but I decided to look at its code. One thing you'd definitely want to change (or remove) is the handling of Knob Goblin pet-buffing spray and Knob Goblin nasal spray, since they're now spleen items instead of normal potions.
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    With the support the item now has, automating it to always go to location X should be as simple as: if (item_amount($item[autumn-aton]) > 0) { cli_execute("autumnaton send X"); }
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    Bug - Fixed Invalid adventure area: "The Barrel Full of Barrels"

    Just keep it commented out. The bug in question was that some things still considered the Barrel full of Barrels to be a zone, when it isn't one. So if a script still refers to it as a zone, that's also a bug in the script, and commenting out the line is probably the appropriate fix.
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    It's the turn number during which the quest will be completed. For turns remaining, you'd take that and subtract total_turns_played(). However, that doesn't explain why it changed after that adventure.
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    New Content Fall 2022 Challenge Path - Fall of the Dinosaurs

    According to the wiki, there's a difference in questL12War finished message depending on what side you fought for: "man destroys hippies" vs "man destroys frat boys".
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    Bug Melvign quest not detected from relay browser

    If you use the KoLmafia interface to use the Letter for Melvign the Gnome, it'll set the questM22Shirt to started. If you use the letter in the relay browser, this doesn't happen.
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    New Content Fall 2022 Challenge Path - Fall of the Dinosaurs

    I believe my ranged attack (accordion) also failed against a high-altitude pterodactyl. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the immunity may be to attacks in general, not just melee.