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  1. AlbinoRhino

    Bug - Fixed Milestone use causes unnecessary nag at the desert

    Can confirm that Gnasir is the first visit when starting with 2 milestones used. Next adv is Oasis unlock...well, the +10 Ultrahydrated that the unlock?
  2. AlbinoRhino

    r26878 - Track time of last friars NCs by @horrible-litt

    I was just looking at this and it appears that "lastFriarElbowNC", etc. (singular friar in property name) were added to defaults, etc., while "lastFriarsElbowNC" , etc. (plural friars) are being set when the non-combats are encountered.
  3. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Mafia swaps familiar equipment back after changing it in a post adventure script

    Use...cli_execute("checkpoint clear")...after changing the gear to prevent mafia from automatically changing it back.
  4. AlbinoRhino

    New Content crimbo 2022

    Do both accounts need to have a table or paddle or both in order to play? (I haven't even used mine.)
  5. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Fight Loop?

    I am still using this method to disable mafia's adding machine logic while collecting the dictionary each ascension: it still produces the debug log mentioned (and posted) there but it also still allows using your own code...
  6. AlbinoRhino

    r26889 - feat: initial items for cookbookbat by @midgleyc in

    via r26889 -------------------- 10983 Recipe of Before Yore: Pete's wily whey bar 335242148 bbat_recipe.gif usable t,d 100 # Item Recipe of Before Yore: Pete's wily whey bar --------------------
  7. AlbinoRhino

    Feature Track combat loss when adventuring

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think run_combat() contains the last combat text even when called independent of fight.php. ??
  8. AlbinoRhino

    New Content September IOTM - Jurassic Parka

    Ah...makes sense. I hadn't considered the ambiguity there. Well, no worries. I can always add a tweak to my local build if it bothers me enough. Thanks!
  9. AlbinoRhino

    New Content September IOTM - Jurassic Parka

    A command for "noncombat" (nc?), would also be useful I think. At least, I found myself looking for it. I think that one is pterodactyl? (Not sure and am not logged in at the moment to check.)
  10. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Maximizer suggests Clan VIP Furniture I Don't Have Access To

    The last couple of runs I've done with a character who doesn't have FantasyRealm, the maximizer (with 'creatable' enabled) has been suggesting creating and equipping FantasyRealm hats. Even if the character had the IotM, this is a standard run, so it should be doubly eliminated. Adding a...
  11. AlbinoRhino

    Daily Dungeon

    I think you could get 1 per day from FantasyRealm (and PirateRealm) as well...if you wanted to break the magazine monotony. edit: Oops. Looks like PirateRealm actually drops a dungeon key, not a token. I misremembered.
  12. AlbinoRhino

    Daily Dungeon

    GameInformPowerDailyPro magazines can speed up obtaining a cubeling hatchling as well. (Each completed Video game dungeon gives a token.)
  13. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    I have been removing extra choice.php calls that have accumulated in my ASH scripts over the years too. :)
  14. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    Yes. Breakfast is trying to visit the choice a second time after already collecting the sea jelly. We are all getting the message when it does so.
  15. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    This sounds the most reasonable (to me). I don't seem to see a "collect sea jelly" preference in the "Automation" section of the Preferences panel. I suspect there should be one so that the behavior quoted above can be enabled/disabled as the user prefers?
  16. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    I'm also seeing this. During breakfast running. Haven't experimented with it otherwise.
  17. AlbinoRhino

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    I got the same when the maximizer created a burning cape.
  18. AlbinoRhino

    r26606 - feat: mark more monsters as NOCOPY by @midgleyc in

    Monster: "Ice Cube" has multiple values for the "NOCOPY" attribute. It's at line 1005. 'NOCOPY" seems to have been added twice. Thanks for the updates! Edit:
  19. AlbinoRhino

    Bug r26560 error on session initialization - update git scripts on login

    r26584 I tried the git command out today. A 'git' directory was created and the repo files were downloaded to there. However, it doesn't appear that the files made it any further. I was using the ChIT repo and none of the files seems to have been copied to the relay directory. Tried 'sync'...