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    Bug r27121 - Broke prism, talked to Old Man, got debug log

    Edit: This was in the relay browser. No scripts involved.
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    My personal Meat farming script

    It's not a priority by any means but would you consider adding the following to VMF if Oliver's Place is available: Run the three free combats in "An Unusually Quiet Barroom Brawl" Visit "A Pool Table" Use a government-per-diem if there is one in inventory
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    Bug Maximizer drop-down resets to mainstat after updating results

    Resetting the maximizerMRUList did the trick. Thank you. Why it was necessary to do so is a whole 'nother question. Edit: I ran autoscend today and checked after the day's turns had run and the issue has returned. At least now we can point to the source of the problem if not exactly why. Is...
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    Bug Maximizer drop-down resets to mainstat after updating results

    I'm using the relay browser to play turns manually. I was trying to maximize things to get the familiar in the revamped 8-bit Realm.
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    Bug Maximizer drop-down resets to mainstat after updating results

    With r27110 I noticed that the following: Open the Maximizer window Choose anything from the drop-down (or type anything free-hand) Click on the "Update" button Results are generated The drop-down resets to "mainstat" and any custom Maximizer strings are lost and no longer appear in the...
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    New Content 2023 <s>Nerf</s> Improvements Day

    Here's Manuel's take on the new monsters:
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    Bug NPE and debug log when loading chit in relay browser with r27062.

    With r27062 when I open the relay browser Chit tries to load and fails with a NPE. The error does not occur with r27061. Here's what is in the gCLI: And here's the debug.log:
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    My personal Meat farming script

    Would you be willing to entertain a modification to VMF? Something along the lines of handing it an argument that would: Eat, drink, and spleen using vcon Run through everything else configured (Spacegate, Gingerbread City, Beachcombing, etc..) up to the point where VMF spends the remaining...
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    Unable to start program

    If you are running Windows 10, and Java is properly installed, you should able to open a command prompt and type If you get back something like the following: Then you should be good to go. I normally run the .jar file directly from the Windows "Run" command.
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    Invisible intrinsic teleportitis?

    Echoing Veracity's question: "Does this happen in vanilla KoL?" If so does it happen when the character has nothing equipped?
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    Invisible intrinsic teleportitis?

    Have you tried adventuring, manually, via the relay browser? If so do you see the same behavoir?
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    New Content deed to Oliver's Place

    Trivial update:
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    New Content deed to Oliver's Place

    Correct. The message is:
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    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    I'm not sure why but Batbrain, via Simplesmack, is failing every time against "an undercover prohibition agent" one of the new monsters in "Oliver's Place":
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    New Content November IOTM - Cookbookbat

    As luck would have it I just got the recipie and I can confirm what matt.chugg reported for the St. Pete's sneaky smoothie: Cooking it, via the relay browser, with St. Sneaky Pete's Whey and a strawberry worked.
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    New Content deed to Oliver's Place

    Would automatically using a government per-diem, in inventory, as part of breakfast be a "good thing"?
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    New Content deed to Oliver's Place

    All of the monsters in "An Unusually Quiet Barroom Brawl" have factoids and are capturable by the combat lovers locket.
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    Combat Locket - What monsters do you lack?

    At the time I had used none of my daily uses. It was puzzling but since it "recovered" after rollover I wasn't overly concerned.
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    Automating choiceAdventure1060

    I have choiceAdventure1060 set to a value of 2 and yet every single time the character hits that choiceAdventure, via automated adventuring from the Adventure tab, automation stops. I've also tried setting the choice to 3 but it still stops automation. Does anyone have any thoughts on what...