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    Bug Mafia appears not to be tracking _spaceJellyfishDrops when I autoattack with a macro (r26881)

    Here's a combat where I submitted a combat macro to the fight, rather than using an autoattack: And here's one where I did the same thing but didn't come up with a jelly: One thing to note here: I'm getting a failure message--"it doesn't seem like any jelly is forthcoming." Here's a combat...
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    Bug - Fixed _saberForceUses is being set to exactly incorrect values

    That's a snippet from a recent session log. At first I assumed the issue was Monsieur Baguelle being uncopyable, but upon review of the most recent merged PR, it looks like the issue is here: COMBAT_SKILL Use the Force Use the Force, [\w ]+! \((\d+) uses? left\) _saberForceUses=$1 kol...
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    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    It looks like the packaged and unpackaged versions of the item are already in! Here's what we know so far: - Having the stillsuit equipped in combat (including freeruns) allows you to accumulate sweat. This sweat is different from designer sweatpants sweat. - Sweat is measured in "drams". You...
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    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    Since the recent update involving aborting in response to choice adventures, my CS script has been running into some issues. I assume these pertained to my use of the force, which is a notoriously fiddly mechanic. Turns out, it wasn't! I ran into issues with the meteorite guard as well.
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    Bug - Fixed Powerful Glove tracking for noncombats appears to have ceased

    Going through today's session log, every time I cast CHEAT CODE: REPLACE ENEMY, _powerfulGloveBatteryPowerUsed successfully increased, but this seems to have stopped happening for CHEAT CODE: INVISIBLE AVATAR and CHEAT CODE: TRIPLE SIZE One small segment of my log, as an example, looks like...
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    Bug Maximizer is prioritizing completing costumes for enchantments over fulfilling maximizer predicates

    When I try to maximize "club, monster level", I get the following output: equip hat mutant crown (+15) equip weapon mutant arm (+5) equip off-hand carnivorous potted plant (+25) equip back kelp-holly drape (+15) equip shirt LOV Eardigan (+25) equip pants mutant legs (+10) backupcamera ml (+45)...
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    Feature - Implemented Request: Monster.article proxy record

    Different monsters have different articles used to address them in-game--the main ones I've seen are "the", "a", "an", "some", and not having one at all (as is the case for The Man, whose The is part of the monster name.) This recently came up when we had some buggy parsing of text from the...
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    Bug - Fixed Java Bug: On some versions of Java, weird things happen to strings with special characters

    Recently, when using OpenJDK 17.0.3, I ran into the following error: That code was compiled from this Typescript code, which previously ran without incident. The line in question is here, which runs as part of the main function located here. Rolling my java back to JDK 17+35 seems to have...
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    Feature - Implemented retrieve_price is too noisy

    I'm not sure if this is a bug per se, but: When calling retrieve_price (or retrievePrice) for an item that can be created, it'll print the "Using cached search results" message every time. This message appears to be coming from MallPriceManager.searchMall. That does not appear to happen for...
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia appears to no longer refresh stash information on its own

    Manually visiting clan_stash.php will let it update information about the stash, but without that, it seems to not have the ability to tell what's going on in the stash. This is based on using the CLI command. It also appears not to be checking the state of the stash upon login.
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia tries to buy brogurt from coinmaster when unable

    > acquire broberry brogurt Verifying ingredients for broberry brogurt (1)... Purchasing broberry brogurt (1 @ 10 Beach Bucks)... Visiting the The Frozen Brogurt Stand... The Frozen Brogurt Stand successfully looted! Creation failed, no results detected.
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    Bug - Fixed Irregular +/- combat rate modifiers interact poorly with the soft cap

    Just as a note first, I unfortunately don't know exactly how these modifiers interact with the soft cap in the real world. But, A user with this modtrace is getting a 1-turn CS -combat test rather than a 3-turn one. I've looked at (most) other possibilities, and it feels like the most likely...
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    Feature - Implemented get_permed_skills ASH function

    This feature request comes free with a PR! I've been automating my ascensions and gash-hopping process lately, and I'd like to add support to Mafia for the tracking of permed skills. Mafia appears to already track some of this information in KoLConstants.permedSkills, so it feels like this...
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    Bug - Fixed r26329: camelSpit not updating at end of combat

    From the end of a recent combat, in my log After Battle: You hear a loud schlurrrrrk! noise, and turn to see Nebraska at low weight sucking the liquid out of a bottle of Haterade he found somewhere. (3% full) You acquire an item: psychokinetic energy blob (5) You acquire an item: frigid...
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    New Content April 2022 IotM: Unbreakable Umbrella

    Unwraps into unbreakable umbrella can fold into one of six forms by visiting inventory.php?action=useumbrella, and then going through the choice adventure that follows. Form 1 is the Broken version, which gives +25% Monster Level. That's right, +25%. Form 2 is the Forward-oriented version...
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    Bug use() returning incorrect values for Clara's Bell

    According to the wiki, use() should return false for items it fails to use.
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    Bug - Fixed assigning the buddy bjorn a bonus while using -buddy-bjorn results in failure

    A fix for a related (but not identical) issue was implemented here (thanks, Fronobulax and Midgley). A similar issue persists when dealing with the bonus keyword, instead of the equip keyword. When I maximize with -buddy-bjorn, the bjorn slot empty, and a bonus attached to the bjorn, the...
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    Bug "swim sprints" sometimes fails to update _olympicSwimmingPool

    I'm not able to find rhyme or reason to when this happens for me. It appears to not happen in my CS ascensions, but does appear to happen in my casuals. Both use cliExecute("swim sprints") to swim sprints. Looking through the mafia source code, this could be related to the fact that most of...
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    Bug - Fixed Steely-Eyed Squint is being counted twice for +item, causing infinite bloat

    r26198; I've had at least two other users report this issue to me. I have to attach some images; my mafia became more or less unusable: After restarting mafia, another modtrace gave me: Across all of these, I'm seeing the commonality of Squint appearing twice and giving insane quantities...
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    Bug spookyPuttyMonster is getting set to something totally unrecognizable prematurely

    This is a somewhat recent development, but without owning a spooky putty sheet, and fresh after an ascension, I'm getting something totally unrecognizable as the value of spookyPuttyMonster. Prior to ascending, it was set to an empty string, and prior to that, it was an Embezzler. Going...