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    New Content Dark Gyffte

    Have started working on basic support, so other Devs don't.
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    Feature - Implemented Optionally don't stop for Counters

    There have been repeated occasional requests not to stop automation for counters. From r18975 you can set preference "dontStopForCounters" to true in order to stop stopping for all counters during automation. If you want to make choices about which ones to stop for during automation, use a...
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    New Content - Implemented Voter Registration Form

    I am working on this !
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    Bug - Fixed Matters arising from Monster Name Case Sensitivity

    From GD: I get spammed with msgs to change the name of knob goblin embezzler to Knob Goblin Embezzler and other mobs and I cant fix it because mafia custom combat editor forces text to lowercase. (and by spammed i mean the msg pops up like 15 times in a single combat) It doesnt break anything...
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    Feature Need something less general than forceContinue

    I'm looking to quash some of the weird edge cases where people do stuff with unexpected results. We use forceContinue all over the place. It has two effects. It sets MafiaState.CONTINUE, and it set StaticEntity.userAborted to false. Most of those appear in one of two roles: Before running a...
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    New Content - Implemented Disguises Delimit

    Stuff to implement: Recognise monsters wearing masks (so it doesn't break monster tracking) Log monsters wearing masks Log masks traded Maybe once spaded change from recognising modifiers to recognising masks ? Some effects from combats.
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    Feature - Implemented Stooper Warning for Overdrink

    Feature request: If you have Stooper, but haven't used Stooper's one point of drunk, warn when overdrinking that you haven't yet used it.
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    New Content - Implemented FantasyRealm (Apr 2018 IotM)

    For some reason (maybe Sourceforge, maybe my dodgy upload speed), I'm struggling to add this patch. We'll want Coinmaster, doubtless loads of tracking, maybe daily progress, and a new modifier for "rubee drop" I think, from a first day's look. So if someone gets there before me:
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    New Content - Implemented Pokefam

    -------------------- The Pokémporium buy 5 bronze ROW994 -------------------- -------------------- 9750 bronze 769239668 pokepills3.gif none t,d 0 # Item bronze: Give a Pokefamiliar Armor -------------------- -------------------- The Pokémporium buy 5 ginseng ROW997 --------------------...
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    A Spading Appeal for those with Mumming Trunk

    There is ongoing spading of the Mumming Trunk to determine the bonuses it gives for different familiars. Please contribute in filling in gaps, as it appears that only Yendor is doing so at present. Together we can complete it quickly so Mafia can complete support...
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    New Content - Implemented Garbage Fire

    Unknown item found: kerosene-soaked skip (9679, 134037759) -------------------- 9679 kerosene-soaked skip 134037759 dumpsternofire.gif grow t 0 # Item kerosene-soaked skip -------------------- New familiar: "Garbage Fire" (214) @ dumpsterfire.gif Item Drop, HP and MP after fights, and sometimes...
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    Feature - Implemented Maximizer should prefer item droppers

    Feature Request : Add an "Item Dropper" flag to Modifiers. Add it to any equipment piece that causes items to drop. Use it before tiebreaker to determine which equipment to equip when using Maximizer. Thoughts ?
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    Bug - Waiting for Info Lovebug Evilometer progress

    Mainly placeholder for me (or other) to look at once ascension season starts again. Evilometer doesn't seem to get incremented by lovebugs for me.
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    New Content - Implemented LI-11 Motor Pool voucher

    Am working on it.
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    Bug - Fixed Nuclear Autumn Campground issues

    We may have an issue with Valhalla not resetting campground, because in Nuclear Autumn we don't visit it to reset it. This means oddities like Daily Deeds including Tea Tree and Witchess on day one after ascension. In addition, we need to visit kitchen after rescuing the king, as currently we...
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    Bug - Fixed Maximizer slow after r17231

    Reported at, with great detail given by Ryo_Sangnoir here Tested to replicate Ryo's findings, on a fairly slow computer: r17230 maximize mp...
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    Bug - Fixed Debug log when swapping characters

    I've had this for ages, when swapping from Darzil to an alt, Astilbe. Don't often play her, but when I swap to her I always get this session initialisation error. Never have been able to isolate exact cause (doesn't happen if I run in Eclipse to debug). Any ideas ?
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    New Content - Implemented Nuclear Autumn

    Am currently working on the skills. Note - Am going on holiday soon, so not planning to ascend, so won't be able to test changes.
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    New Content - Implemented Protonic Accelerator

    Two new skills : <option value="7279" picurl="protonpack" >Shoot Ghost (0 Mana Points)</option> <option value="7280" picurl="ghosttrap" >Trap Ghost (0 Mana Points)</option> Message where to find the named ghosts : <table><tr><td align=center valign=center><img...