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  1. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented September 2018 IotM - The Neverending Party

    It appears that either something changed maybe a month ago. When you use the NEP noncom to trigger a fight, and then run away from it, Mafia will think that takes a charge when it doesn't. ----------------- more info: it seems to only happen when you run mafia turns in the zone and get...
  2. Erosion

    Feature - Implemented [glitch season reward name] issues

    The glitch monster has two daily flags: implementing (use) and fighting (eat). Mafia currently looks at _glitchItemImplemented T/F for both, and /use glitch will prevent you from typing eat glitch in the gcli to trigger the fight. _glitchMonsterFights already exists, so the eat>fight gcli...
  3. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented October ItoM : latte lovers member's mug

    Is there a one-step way to have latte refill with the current ingredients? If not, can there be? latte unlocks | unlocked | refill ingredient1 ingredient2 ingredient2 - Shows unlocks, unlocked items, or refills latte I usually keep it on the same setting based on what was unlocked during the...
  4. Erosion

    Bug - Fixed Sweatpants don't need to be equipped to cast sweat NC skills

    Finishing a Grey You sets your base stats to 1, which people get around by putting things on prior to prism break. If designer sweatpants get equipped, that locks them out of those other pants. It's degenerate farm looping nonsense. The usual. ;)
  5. Erosion

    New Content Fall 2022 Challenge Path - Fall of the Dinosaurs

    I see that mafia now has a link for you to visit the thing if you have the beep message. Doing it this way ends up wasting a few beeps (potentially costing turnsaves) It's completely insane, I know. But it is what it is for hyper dickstabbing.
  6. Erosion

    New Content - Implemented Miniature Crystal Ball tracking post January 10th 2022 changes

    There seems to be a new issue with the mafia queue tracking. The more times you visit [ponder], the more times mafia thinks your zone queue gets filled with the predicted monster. > queue the haunted bedroom Returned: Wardröb nightstand; Wardröb nightstand; Wardröb nightstand; animated...
  7. Erosion

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    I see. I didn't think about it too hard and thought it simply meant "did you accept a quest today?" No problem. It removes itself from inventory when the quest is completed or abandoned, and does persist across rollovers until completed/abandoned/ascension.
  8. Erosion

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    Permanent access > get _telegraphOfficeToday false both in standard and aftercore even after session refresh, while having a plaintive telegram in my inventory > get telegraphOfficeAvailable true both in standard and aftercore lttQuestDifficulty; lttQuestName; lttQuestStageCount, all three of...
  9. Erosion

    New Content Fall 2022 Challenge Path - Fall of the Dinosaurs

    Additional prefs suggested: _dinoDroppingsToday, for how many dino poop quests you've completed dinoDroppingsZone, for the zone in which the creepy old man tells you to get dino poop dinoDroppingsProgress, for progress to the dino poop NC in the chosen zone, starts at 5 (receive on 6th...
  10. Erosion

    Bug - Not A Bug Slimy Shoulders reported as 40 init instead of 20

    I set the skill level, and it's reporting correctly now. Wonder how that happened.
  11. Erosion

    Bug - Not A Bug Slimy Shoulders reported as 40 init instead of 20

    Failed the Twin Peak init test today, was wondering why. Talking spade reports this is 20%, init, and wiki corroborates that fully charged Slimy Shoulders should be +20%, not +40%. Not sure when this started happening...
  12. Erosion

    New Content September IOTM - Jurassic Parka

    Parka also needs daily prefs for ultra-attractive mode (one per type), as according to the wiki, which force that type for your next three combats (may also need a pref for that, _parkaForceMonsterCount): _parkaForceKachungasaur _parkaForceDilophosaur _parkaForceSpikolodon...
  13. Erosion

    New Content September IOTM - Jurassic Parka

    Parka currently has these options: parka [kachungasaur | cold | hp | meat | dilophosaur | stench | acid | ghostasaurus | spooky | mp | dr | spikolodon | sleaze | ml | spikes | pterodactyl | hot | init] - pull a dino tab on your Jurassic Parka Can parka yr and parka spit be added, both...
  14. Erosion

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    There appears to have been a change a few days ago that inconsistently causes LT&T to appears as "this zone is unavailable", despite updating the telegram progress prefs when checking with prefref. I suspect the cause is related to changes made regarding location_accessible? This seems to happen...
  15. Erosion

    Bug Maximizer can trigger aliases when not intended

    I have an alias called tape, which folds garbage tote into a wad of used tape and equips it. While I can work around this, when maximizer uses, for example, gaffer's tape, the word triggers the alias even though it probably shouldn't be interacting with aliases. Is this intentional design, or a...
  16. Erosion

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    26632 doesn't seem to be incrementing familiarSweat after combats regardless of whether it's equipped to your current fam or an inactive fam. familiarSweat updates properly when visiting action=distill.
  17. Erosion

    Bug Weird tracking issue with Prof Lecture vs Meteor Showered

    If you use a combat macro that casts Meteor Shower + Lecture and then ends the combat, Mafia tracking will fail to report that another lecture has been cast. I suspect this happens because Mafia doesn't "see" you cast Meteor Shower and update your current famwt, and so because you're at say...
  18. Erosion

    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    1 - CMC environment tracking "freezes" after your 5th consult, the pill available during the new rollover will be the same as the previous rollover, regardless of however many advcombats were done in between those things. CMC does not have to be active to track environments -- swapping workshed...
  19. Erosion

    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    CMC zone progress is only tracked for turn-taking advs. I would assume that unfishy free runs used underwater count as 1x underwater and underwater (2) adventures count as 2x underwater, both of which would be counting for Fleshazole.
  20. Erosion

    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    I would like for the pref to update from the right side, for consistency with all other queue-ish prefs in mafia (combat queue, cleaver queue, etc) XXXXXXXXXXXXXIIIIIUU instead of UUIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This is untrue, CMC will track zones even when it is not your active workshed. If you're...