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    Automating choiceAdventure1060

    I have choiceAdventure1060 set to a value of 2 and yet every single time the character hits that choiceAdventure, via automated adventuring from the Adventure tab, automation stops. I've also tried setting the choice to 3 but it still stops automation. Does anyone have any thoughts on what...
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    Bug r26878 - debug log generated with loading relay browser

    I logged in, started the relay browser, and got the following in the gCLI: Everything seemed to work properly after the log was generated.
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    Bug - Fixed Unable to cast Ode to Booze more than once from the Item Manager pane

    This is with r26661 and I haven't checked to see when the change was introduced. If I cast Ode to Booze using the "cast ode" button on the Item Manager pane I can only cast it once as that "greys out" the button and I get a tool tip that states "You can't remember any more songs". The same...
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    CCS not using any actions other than those under [ default ]

    This is with r26660. I decided to try the new Fall of the Dinosaurs path and what follows may be related to the new path but I'm not sure. I'm playing in the relay browser and using the "script" button, in the relay browser, to run my CCS. I've spent a lot of time in aftercore recently...
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    New Content Fall 2022 Challenge Path - Fall of the Dinosaurs

    With a sparkle of light and a sort of poip! noise, you appear back in the Kingdom. At first glance, everything appears normal, except -- wait a minute -- is that a huge winged dinosaur flying by? And look over there! A bunch of those massive long-necked dinosaurs chomping on the tops of the...
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    Bug r26560 error on session initialization - update git scripts on login

    So I decided to take this new git support out for a spin and checked the new preference to update any git scripts during login. What I got was "error on session initialization". I turned on debug logging and tried again. The log is attached. This happens reliably if I enable the new...
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    New Content MayDay Contract - May 2022 IoTM

    After using the contract you get the following delivered after a combat. Opening the package yielded The package contents, based on posting in the KoL forum, are not the same for every delivery.
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    Bug Debug log generated after purchasing raffle tickets

    With r26349 I logged in, did the following:
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    Link to KoLmafia Github repository missing from forum

    Is the link, in the upper right corner of the forum visible to anyone? Not sure what happened but it was there yesterday. And's back. :unsure:
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    New Content March 2022 IoTM - Grey Gosling

    After putting the Grey Gosling in the terrarium it turns into a Grey Goose and after the character took it from the terrarium it gained weight. On the first encounter with the Grey Goose equipped there were new skills On using Convert Matter to Pomade the character got +16 moxie and all of the...
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    Bug Debug log, and general issues with r26279

    With r26279 I tried to log in three times and each time it failed. Tried logging in directly to KoL from the browser and was able to do so. Reverted to r26278 and was able to log in immediately. Enabled debug mode and tried again with r26279. I then disabled debug mode and tried again...
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    New Content Grey You Challenge Path

    Here are a couple of the things that happened in the new path: At the start of day two of a HC Grey You run I logged in with KoLmafia r26249 and it had the character at level one with all the stats as if this were turn zero of day one. I tried hitting the resync button but but that did...
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    Bug - Fixed r25726 crashes on launch due to unchecked use of new Taskbar APIs

    Sorry I can't provide any more detail. On a Windows 10 computer with Java 1.8.0_301 installed r25726 crashes on launch. I see it start in task manager and then it dies. r25718 works as expected.
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    Feature - Implemented Request for a better SVN error message

    With r25711, and presumably earlier builds, I got an error this morning with I entered the following command in the gCLI: After polling all installed scripts this happened: Is there any, reasonable, way to display a more helpful error? Could it include the name of the repo or the script name...
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    Bug Build number no longer included with information on Jenkins page

    I'm sure that this is a side-effect of the transition to Git, and the new build process, but it was really handy on the "old" version of both the Jenkins page and the, now renamed "Legacy SVN Changes" page,to be able to match the Kolmafia build numbers with the commit. Is that something that...
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    New Content Packaged Industrial Fire Extinguisher - Sept 21 IoTM

    After unpacking and equipping the fire extinguisher it grants skills usable in combat: Using Blast the Area in combat yielded one turn of: Using Foam Yourself in combat yielded one turn of: Using Polar Vortex blasted loose one of the items from the monster that didn't burn up in a max...
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    New Content Wildfire - Fall 2021 challenge path

    On ascending I got: When visiting the FDKOL in Seaside Town: Water is a necessary thing to track in this path.
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    Text reversed in combat pane of relay browser

    This just started happening and I have no idea why. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this? Outside of a fight text displays correctly. Edit: Nevermind. It's the backup camera. First time I've had it equipped.
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    questL12War steps?

    Hello, Somehow KoLmafia got out of sync with where the character is in the war. KoL native "knows" that all, as a Frat Warrior the character has completed the Lighthouse, Mysterious Island Arena, and The Junkyard but KoLmafia does not agree. I've logged out and shut down KoLmafia, visited the...