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  1. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Mafia automation goof in palindome

    Using build r26298. I managed to get and use "I Love Me, Vol I" and use it before automating the search for the palindome quest items. Mafia obtained the pictures as normal, but failed to recognize that Dr Awkward's office was open, and thus that I had already gotten the book, and proceeded to...
  2. VladYvhuce

    Not sure where else to put this info, move if needed.

    I've had some craptacular luck last night doing the boss bat quest. I had to fight 8 bodyguards to get to him. Looking through the wiki and its discussion pages, this seems to be a new (or previously unreported) high number. I'm posting this topic in this section of the forums, as it isn't...
  3. VladYvhuce

    Bug Single-use skills "stick" in skill casting tab after use, have to backspace to cast other skills.

    For quite some time, I've been having an issue with casting single-use spells from Mafia's Skills tab. Tonight, I finally got around to running a debug log during the process, and taking screenshots showing what is going on. When cast, the spell disappears from the "data field", and instead of...
  4. VladYvhuce

    Warn if item creation costs adventures?

    I've noticed recently that in the item manager tab, when I go to craft some advanced foods/drinks, mafia is no longer warning that this action is going to cost adventures, and simply goes ahead and creates them. I suspect that I might have accidentally disabled this warning somehow, but haven't...
  5. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Mafia has broken something Post r25995

    Hello. I just downloaded r26001, as my previous up-to-date was r25995. With r26001, I'm unable to see any of my active effects in the charpane. Reverting back to 25995 fixed this for me. I'll have to try with other updates bewteen the two to see if I can narrow it down.
  6. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Fixed Relay browser has a broken combat action bar.

    Something has broken. Previously, this had not happened to me using r25946, but started with r25953, and now is also affecting r25946 and r25945 as well. It works fine if not using Mafia, so it's probably not something in KOL being broken. Attempted to include a debug log, but it's too big.
  7. VladYvhuce

    daily deed for getaway campsite

    I'm guessing this might be the place to post it, if not let me know. I don't think it's a big thing, but I've been wrong before... If I wanted to make a custom daily deed to gaze at the stars at the getaway campsite, how exactly would I go about that? I'm still very much a novice when it comes...
  8. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug exception: org.tmatesoft.svn.core.SVNException: svn: E175002: connection refused by the server

    So, a routine "svn update" command resulted in a number of things returning this message. Debug log included.
  9. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Fixed [NPE introduced in r25754, fixed in r25757] net.sourceforge.kolmafia.swingui.ItemManageFrame could not be loaded

    This showed up in CLI soon after loggin in: Debug log included.
  10. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Mafia thinks I need Ouija Board, Ouija Board to cast Spiky Shell, but I don't.

    I ran into this error today, using v20.7 r20866. I was max casting Spiky Shell from the mafia Skill Casting tab. It happens every time I do this, so I was able to produce a debug log with it happening. For whatever reason, mafia thinks I need the Ouija Board, Ouija Board, but casts the spell...
  11. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Unaffected Bruised Jaw, but had said it couldn't.

    So, I got Bruised Jaw from a Quantum Terrarium doppleshifter impersonating a snow hitman. I clicked on the adventue number, as is normal for removing bad effects. CLI said this: > uneffect Bruised Jaw Bruised Jaw cannot be removed with an available item or skill... Using soft green...
  12. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Mafia doesn't think I have Map The Monsters skill

    As of the past couple of days, I've been unable to cast Map The Monsters, either from mafia or manually. I keep getting told I don't have the skill. I am using r20750. I have created a debug log (see attached file).
  13. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Cannot Reproduce r20731 forgot all of my settings

    Hello. Just downloaded and started up r20731. And it forgot my password and 99% of my preferences. I had to re-build them all.
  14. VladYvhuce

    Something seems to be wrong with Mafia/SVN tonight.

    For some reason, the on-startup svn update checker seems to have gone screwy. It's given me errors on various different scripts, one of which has reported the second and third attempts at login to be up to date. Main problem is that it's never actually gotten past the update phase, and just...
  15. VladYvhuce

    New setup, everything broken.

    Ok. It seems like nothing wants to work with this new update, due to lots of stuff being dependent on Zlib... CHIT is also broken for me, possibly due to Zlib being broken for me. Mafia didn't auto-generate a debug log with these errors, so I had to manually make one after logging in. Debug log...
  16. VladYvhuce

    Feature - Rejected Reflect lowest Mall Price in item manager

    I've discussed this before with Bale's OCD inventory control script. The problem with the way Mafia displays the prices is that they are sometimes WAY off from the actual lowest mall prices. This often gives me a false sense of "I could make money if I sell this thing I bought a long time ago"...
  17. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Fixed Carton of snake milk considered neither Usable, nor Multi-Usable.

    Mafia throws a hissy-fit when you try to create globs of cream cheese in the item manager. Despite the error messages, it will actually keep producing them, however. It printed out a debug log. Here's one of the error sections:
  18. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug Chateau MP restore infinite loop.

    I've noticed a problem with the past several versions of Mafia. When I click on the MP bar in the relay browser, instead of just restoring my MP like it used to, Mafia enters an infinite loop that tries to eat all of my adventures, so I have to hit the "Stop Now" button. Here's the CLI output...
  19. VladYvhuce

    Feature - Rejected Track Hobopolis Hobos killed

    I've just recently gained access to a clan and clan basement dungeons. Also, I was unable to find a request with this sort of name. Sorry if it was addressed in some other topic that I didn't happen to find. The Suggestion: Make Mafia track how many hobos have been killed in Hobopolis and how...
  20. VladYvhuce

    Bug - Not A Bug r16958 - No Item, Skill, Store managers

    Problem: Attempting to access the Item manager, Skills Manager, and Store Manager doesn't work with this version. It gives the following error messages in the CLI: My personal solution: Revert back to using r16957. This does not produce any of the errors.