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  1. StDoodle

    Omnibus Threads (New Content Handling)

    On more than one occasion, the "New Content" threads have gotten out of hand. Once upon a time, before the major revamps to quests / locations and holey-crappery complicated new items, this was so rarely an issue as to be unworthy of notice. That is no longer the case. Now, let me preface this...
  2. StDoodle

    urls & relays & make_url(), oh my!

    I'm stumped; I have two scripts, one a "regular" script and one a relay script, for sending kmails / gifts (with functions borrowed and trimmed from zlib, natch). The regular script operates perfectly, and sends things to people as expected. The relay script, however, seems to bork the form...
  3. StDoodle

    New Content - Implemented Recognize twisting horns on Boris's Helm from inventory

    The ability to twist or untwist horns while wearing the hat has been added; here are two HTML files with the visit_url() results from going each way, which hopefully will help. As of now, refreshing mafia is required after askewing or unaskewing from inventory (as one would likely expect). Edit...
  4. StDoodle

    Feature - Implemented CCS Display

    Please allow me to see more of the text of a CCS. To explain: I've been troubled by this for a while, but until recently I've been too lazy about CCS setup to really care; when I'm not in "edit" mode, and I am in the default "view" mode, only the first 17 characters (preceded by line number...
  5. StDoodle

    Simple link in charpane for Laugh It Off casting

    Completely revamped! Open up the file to change whatever settings you'd like; it's pretty simple stuff to edit. Each of the following is enabled by default, but easy to set as ignored: 1) Adds another "refresh" link at the top. I like it, so it's there. But now it's easy to get rid of. 2) If...
  6. StDoodle

    Relay Script Complications

    Ok folks, I'll admit my scripts are a bit "weird" in their architecture. I have a set of clan management scripts that start off with the relay script that is basically just a template, and clicking various tab links from it calls other (non-relay) scripts that are in charge of the rest of the...
  7. StDoodle

    Bug - Fixed Charpane in r10530

    There is additional text present in my relay browser: right after the mood link on the charpane, I have an extraneous "dding=1 cellspacing=0>". For reference: Character Pane Options: [X] Use Compact Character Pane [X] Show Outfit on Character Pane(?) [ ] Display Familiar Below Effects [X]...
  8. StDoodle

    Bug - Fixed black_market_available()

    This function is returning true for a level 5 character in Hardcore using r10474. Occurred in earlier build as well (unsure which at this point); logged out, got latest daily, logged back in and still seeing this behavior.
  9. StDoodle

    StDoodle's Clan Plugins

    General Info Clan Plugins are scripts that are designed to be called as tabs from StDoodle's Clan Management. These scripts extend the informational / management abilities of that core script. This isn't to say you couldn't find a way to make use of them on your own, but doing so won't be...
  10. StDoodle

    StDoodle's Dungeon Parser

    StDoodle's Dungeon Parser v1.6 Requires KoLmafia r11552 Who's it For? This script is primarily for those in charge of distributing basement loot for their clan. It can also be used in a similar manner to the raid log manager, but much slower to parse and without as many nifty features. Note...
  11. StDoodle

    New Content - Implemented January Stuff

    The libram is the January IotM, the other two are the new yearly familiars. Unknown item found: Libram of Resolutions (5463, 889610035) -------------------- 5463 Libram of Resolutions usable all 0 5463 889610035 book5.gif Libram of Resolutions Libram of Resolutions Free Pull...
  12. StDoodle

    Bug - Not A Bug my_name() adds a space

    Using r10165 on Windows 7, the ash function my_name() returns "StDoodle " for my character (extra 3 spaces on the end).
  13. StDoodle

    Feature - Implemented time_to_string() with parameter

    I would like to request that an overloaded version of time_to_string() be added that accepts a SimpleDateFormat string parameter, much like now_to_string() currently allows. This would allow creative scripters to do all sorts of time / date math, simply by passing the appropriate parameter...
  14. StDoodle

    Don't ignore me! (attn: script authors)

    Yes, this is a deliberate play on the wording of my other version-checking-related post. ;)For those who don't know, I'm working on an overhaul of sorts to version checking. It will at least be implemented in std_lib.ash, and of course zarqon is welcome to put it in zlib.ash instead if he...
  15. StDoodle

    Bug - Fixed Escaping numbers in strings

    When attempting to make use of strings that included escaped digits (eg "\1"), an unexpected error / debug log is triggered. While I initially ran into this while trying to make use of regexp backreferences, it appears to happen in other uses as well. My memory is somewhat rusty on the subject...
  16. StDoodle

    Ignore me (Testing version checking)

    Tab Test v0.1 [requires revision 9999] This is a test, this is only a test. I'm working on modifications to my / perhaps eventually zarqon's version of check_version()... that's why the thread is here. Please ignore me.No really, move along, move along. ;) Testers, please see post XXX (will be...
  17. StDoodle

    GoogleDocs interaction in KoLmafia

    For better or worse, my clan (Hardcore Nation) is rather wedded to using GoogleDocs for tracking several types of information on our clan and its members. This is quite the unusual request, but does anyone know of any effort that's been made by anyone to read / write to GoogleDocs from a mafia...
  18. StDoodle

    Bug - Fixed Setting CCS on gCLI & naming clashes

    Tested using latest daily as of post (r9973) on Windows XP. If you have two CCS's set up, and one begins with the name of the other, setting the CCS on the gCLI may choose the incorrect CCS. For example, I have a CCS entitled "slime" as well as a CCS entitled "Slime_Testing." Typing "ccs...
  19. StDoodle

    StDoodle's Haunted Sorority Distro

    StDoodle's Haunted Sorority Distro v1.5 Requires KoLmafia r9875 News! Yay, it now automatically starts at the page you really want (current dungeon status) and and and! I've added raid log manager-like summarization. Nifty! Still need to add said features to the final table; someday, someday...
  20. StDoodle

    St. Doodle's Clan Management

    StDoodle's Clan Management v1.1 Requires KoLmafia r9875 Who's it For? Right now, this script is "optimized" for Hardcore Nation admins; that is to say, I've only "finished" (used loosely) work on the parts this particular clan cares about. However, my goal is that this script will eventually...