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  1. roippi

    xpath primer

    Yep. It's an xpath primer. This is going to be entirely example-driven (because honestly, xpath is completely impenetrable without examples). First, here's some example HTML: <html> <body> <h1>A header</h1> <table> <tr id="first"> <td id="first_cell">Cell 1</td>...
  2. roippi

    the DOM, regex, scalability, and other jargony words

    So, I'm on to the next thing that catches my whimsy, and this one's a doozy. But unlike many other Roippi Projects™, this one I can't do alone - I'm asking for a cultural shift amongst fellow developers, as much as anything else. Executive summary Instead of parsing HTML with regex, we should...
  3. roippi

    continuationState and relay scripts

    Can we reexamine this (perhaps in a new thread (haha))? I feel that ideologically, relay scripts should not be able to interact with KoLMafia.continuationState in any way - whether it's setting things from "okay" to "abort", or vice versa. There is of course a huge gap between ideology and...
  4. roippi

    Feature - Implemented ASH directive to enforce a minimum mafia version

    Pretty straightforward idea. A lot of neophytes have this as their first post on the forums: They of course simply need to update their mafia (and perhaps to be told that there are releases other than point releases). I propose that we add some ability to specify a directive near the top...
  5. roippi

    Script Manager released - bugs and feature requests go here

    Hey. I decided to split this off the script registry discussion thread to 1) gain more visibility for the Script Manager and 2) separate out the concerns - bugs against the Script Manager UI go here, ongoing discussion of what we're doing with the script registry JSON file goes there. You can...
  6. roippi

    Official script registry - discussion

    So. I am beginning work on a GUI frontend for the SVN manager. (calm down, it's still a long ways off.) Still, it is not too soon to bring up the elephant in the corner - how are we going to handle the script registry? There needs to be one file (or I suppose several) that mafia can fetch...
  7. roippi

    Bug - Fixed script namespace uniqueness

    Background: using import (or a number of other CLI/ASH functions) does not require me to fully qualify the path to a script. I can have files nested in subfolders and just say "import myfile.ash" and it will find it. I like this feature. Scenario: I have a file in my scripts/ folder called...
  8. roippi

    quick SVN primer (for scripters)

    With mafia now supporting an internal svn client, some scripters are undoubtedly wondering what "svn" is, how it works, and what it can do. What it is Subversion ("svn") is a centralized version control system. A repository ("repo") exists at a url - this repo contains your project. It not...
  9. roippi

    http keep-alive

    GenericRequest does this while setting up: systemProperties.put( "http.keepAlive", "false" ); If anyone has insight as to why this was done or why this is a good/bad thing to do, I'd like to discuss it.
  10. roippi

    playing around with new maximize()

    So now with the new maximize() signature you can do stuff like price analyses: what are the most meat-effective things for maximizing moxie? > maxtest moxie Maximizing... 5976 combinations checked, best score 2,388.00 serum of sarcasm: 2.141809290953545 Connery's Elixir of Audacity...
  11. roippi

    Feature - Implemented maximize() that returns suggested items, skills, etc

    Discussion split from BCC's thread starting here. After thinking about this for a little bit, I went through and coded up something in an hour or two: > ash maximizeTEST( "mox", true); Maximizing... 15552 combinations checked, best score 2,367.00 Returned: aggregate int [string] ...or acquire...
  12. roippi

    Bug - Not A Bug multiple synergistic maximization (performance)

    I do not encounter this bug on my account. However, someone with a significant amount of synergistic gear does. The "update" button is clicked one time, and the maximizer makes multiple passes to complete the job - taking up to 2 minutes or longer to finish. maximizing meat: Maximizing...
  13. roippi

    first-time-run wizard

    Right now, mafia detects when you are running a new installation. It installs all of the requisite subfolders and, notably, opens the Preferences window so that the user can make appropriate adjustments. I find this latter part dissatisfying for a couple of reasons: 1) New users are going to...
  14. roippi

    Feature remove unnecessary server hits from KoLAdventure.validate()

    Many zones in validate() do not perform a server hit; others only perform a server hit if equipping an item is necessary. Others, though: if ( this.adventureId.equals( AdventurePool.PALINDOME_ID ) ) { AdventureResult talisman = ItemPool.get( ItemPool.TALISMAN, 1 )...
  15. roippi

    Feature - Implemented always update historical price when possible

    When I do ash mall_price($Item), the $Item's historical price gets updated. However, when I search for $Item on the purchases tab, historical price does not get updated (whether it's an exact item search or not). The same happens when doing a "price investigation" in Store Manager, though I'm...
  16. roippi

    regarding Java 7

    A number of users are starting to upgrade to Java 7, as it's the highest version offered by Oracle, and higher numbers always mean better, right? Unfortunately, not in this case. As of this writing, the official recommendation from the developers of KoLMafia is to use Java 6. Users who wish...
  17. roippi

    Bug - Fixed race condition in AutoFilterComboBox

    I believe that's the module, anyway. Maybe AutoFilterTextField, I haven't looked at the code yet. A clannie pointed this one out to me a few weeks ago. Steps to reproduce: -Adventure tab, choose guano junction as the zone. -Enable goals checkbox. Clear the goals field. -A) slowly type "1...
  18. roippi

    Feature rationalize behavior of AdventureSelectPanel "begin" button

    I think it should operate identical to the "adv" CLI command. Notably this would mean that it would allow for enqueueing of subsequent actions in the CLI. Yea/nay? Possible downsides (that I can think of off the top of my head): multiple accidental clicks of the "begin" button would queue up...
  19. roippi

    eclipse setup, tricks, etc

    Doing this thread as a more tutorial-oriented thing than this thread, which may also be useful to nascent mafia devs. The other one was more along the lines of me querying other devs as to their tools; this is a thread on how to use a specific set of tools. Specifically, eclipse. Motivation...
  20. roippi

    native CHIT

    Well, you have my complete support. I have three different machines that I use for mafia, and the only thing keeping me from using CHIT on all of them is version control/updating. It is an objectively superior charpane experience.