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    Spacegate sounds

    Probably the first one. Second is much longer, and more the sound of an unexpected gate opening, with alarms going off, and we don't get those in KOL, we just open it ourselves.
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    New Content - Implemented Two Crazy Random Summer

    I think it is related to the sender being in 2CRS, as I haven't yet done that path at all, and I get such items sent.
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    Bug - Fixed Runaway causes mafia to report "cannot find monster"

    Are you running any effects or using equipment that can change text?
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    Bug - Fixed use sewing kit tracking issue

    It should be made reusable (as well as adding the tracking), so that it is not removed at all by using it.
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    New Content - Implemented Hewn moon-rune spoon

    We could add a textMangled Boolean that we set when any text mangler is present, and then do it. Big pain first time, but most of the affected stuff is in fight request. Not all of it, though, so the rest would be a bigger pain!
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    New Content - Implemented Hewn moon-rune spoon

    Yeah, use it at your own peril, as with all text manglers.
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    Delay burning across rollovers?

    I have never seen that, but also never had mafia open over rollover (as it is early morning here)
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    Delay burning across rollovers?

    Not exactly, and certainly not if the other days weren't played in Mafia. I haven't ascended recently, but when I did with Guide the issue would come up whenever an item that caused non-combats without spending turns was used, as Guide would not handle that elegantly. Ideally Guide would...
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    Bug - Fixed KoL "Auto-Attack" vs Mafia

    If autoattack kills, is current round not 1 ? // First round quest update if ( FightRequest.currentRound == 1 ) { QuestManager.updateQuestFightStarted( responseText, monsterName ); }
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    Bug - Not A Bug maximizer and ML

    If wanted you can choose whether to always consider non equipment creations as on hand, for precisely this reason, in Preferences -> General -> Maximizer. It was done this way as there were conflicting user desires regarding it, so the status quo was made default, but the option was added...
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    Bug - Not A Bug maximizer and ML

    The second I would expect, as Maximizer doesn't suggest changing any of the +ML devices. Does Mafia think you don't have access to Dinseylandfill? (ie what is value of preferences stenchAirportAlways and _stenchAirportToday ?
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    New Content - Implemented 2019 IOTM Fourth of May Cosplay Saber

    r19411 - tested this time!
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    Bug - Fixed mumming trunk modifiers are no longer counted in stats

    You assume wrongly:
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    New Content - Implemented July 2019 IotM - Beach Comb

    r19398 - When equipping and unequipping Beach Comb or hewn moon-rune spoon, add or remove appropriate skills.
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    New Content - Implemented Spittoon Monsoon skill isn't recognized until first manual use

    r19398 - When equipping and unequipping Beach Comb or hewn moon-rune spoon, add or remove appropriate skills.
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    Return Times A Monster Was Fought That Day

    Mafia doesn’t count (generically) monsters encountered during the day, just since mafia was logged into on the current character
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    Bug - Fixed Expert Corner-Cutting only works if you have adventures left?

    It is the only one like this I believe. I was hoping it'd get fixed to be with the others and reported it months ago.