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    Bug - Fixed Issue with Hard Drinker in recent Daily Builds

    Since updating to the current daily build yesterday, the Avatar of Sneaky Pete skill "Hard Drinker" has not been registering properly. Mafia now believes me to have only 25 max drunkenness, despite me being above it and adventuring fine. Also, when I type "Skills" into the CLI, it also lists the...
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    Powercut causing preferences to be reset

    When something causes my computer to shut down (e.g. powercut, blown fuse...) while Mafia is running, it resets all of my preferences and settings. After the most recent time, I've finally committed to keeping a backup of the pref file. Aside from that, is there anything I can do to prevent...
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    Can you include "or" in a condition?

    Is it possible to set the auto-halt condition to be when X or Y is found? It's for the Dolphin Orphans, to track when I've fought 3 of them in a zone, so I can move on. Thanks.
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    Action bar not wrapping any more

    That thing, I'm not sure of it's actual name. It used to wrap around, so that all the buttons were visible. In the last week or so it stopped doing that. Does anyone know why, and/or what I can do to fix it? Thanks.