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    PL-arview - /games Utility for making AntiRaffle hosting easier

    PL-arview is a relay override script for your mall store sales screen. It adds an option to turn on "AR View" which will separate your sales by KoL day per-item, assume they are all AntiRaffle (AR) tickets, and number them in the order people bought them. Also, if you click on the ticket number...
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    Bug - Fixed MMG - Taking Bets Issue

    Sorry guys, I know KoL hates the MMG... But... For years, the MMG code has been broken and unable to find bets to take. This is because several years ago, Jick (I assume) changed the text at the top of the page from "Last 20 Bets" to "Last 20 Fools and their Money." The result is that ASH...
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    PL-skills.ash - Track your skill perms and decide which to perm next

    For about a decade, I've maintained a skill tracker website where you can enter your KoL user name or paste in your skills list from your profile to compare your list of skills to the KoL Wiki's Hardcore Skills Analysis page. As most of us know, that page has fallen pretty badly out of date, so...
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    PL-iotms.ash - IOTM/UR Finder

    I kept losing my IotM's. Sometimes they were in my closet, display case, mall store, inventory. I couldn't get a handle on where they all were. I actually bought a second Lil' Geneticist kit by mistake because I forgot to empty Hagnk's after an ascension and mine was sitting in there. So I...