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    Bug "Comparison method violates its general contract!"

    Not *entirely* sure of what is happening here, but I think nameArray is a cached array version of nameList (as it is not referenced anywhere else), but was not made thread-safe (there are currently multiple scripts being parsed at once, with maybe two at once accessing this method), so one...
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    Feature - Rejected ResponseMakingUtilities

    I'm currently in the process of trying to find uses for RequestTestBase ( (while waiting for progress on the language server side). One thing that I'm realizing is that it was probably a bad idea to simply have *respondIf* take a mere String as the...
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    Feature new utility: RequestInterrupter (for tests only)

    Tests-wise, there's currently no way to debug outgoing GenericRequests. Any method that ends with / has logic that centers around a call to RequestThread.postRequest is therefore pretty much un-testable. So, I was wondering if there would be any demand for something which would try to help with...
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    Feature - Implemented Reducing number of raw types: InputFieldUtilities

    @heeheehee this patch only changes/adds generics.
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    Bug - Fixed Syntax error in modifiers.txt

    Expression syntax errors for 'Ensorcel:slime': Expected end, found )
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    Bug _prToday updated even if you don't have access

    "_prToday" shouldn't be updated if the response text of trying to visit a PR zone is "That isn't anywhere."
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    Feature Use Preferences.resetToDefault( String ) in ValhallaManager.resetPerAscensionCounters()

    We should take a habit of using Preferences.resetToDefault( String ), rather than manually setting every preference to a set value, in ValhallaManager.resetPerAscensionCounters() I did the transition myself, and am ready to submit a patch, but while doing it, I found four discrepancies. Two of...
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    Bug - Fixed Missing default properties

    here are a few choice adventure properties that were missing from default.txt, as can be seen by opening mafia in a pristine folder, and see these properties being immediately added to <user>_prefs.txt
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    Bug Ensure buffer of 3 unknown paths

    per the Path enum in needs a constant buffer of 3 unknown paths, otherwise, mafia would become unusable in new paths.
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    Feature - Implemented build.xml: have "daily" call "jar", and add a note about new JARs

    Context: <target name="jar" depends="compile"> <jar destfile="${jarfile}" basedir="${build}" update="true" index="true" compress="true"> <manifest> <attribute name="Main-Class" value="${main}"...
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    Bug bug + feature: adding a way to assert that a path starts with ROOT_LOCATION

    Suppose you have two files. <root>/scripts/my_script.ash <root>/scripts/a_folder/however_many_layers_you_want/scripts.ash It is currently impossible to point to the former without using an absolute path, as submitting "scripts/my_script.ash" to KoLmafiaCLI.findScriptFile( string ) will always...
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    Bug Directives are allowed at the start of any block (ASH)

    On top of being allowed at the start of files, directives (script, notify, since, import) are currently allowed at the start of any "block" (something that starts with a { and ends with a }, other than array literals). I believe this to be a bug/unintended behaviour, and here's why: script &...
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    Bug - Fixed Proxy records values return native java objects in javascript doesn't support return values that are neither Java classes, nor proxy records. There are currently two of those: stat and slot (and no proxy record currently returns a slot, and only 1 returns a stat, which is why this bug seems obscure) This causes...
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    Bug - Fixed Imported files added to Parser.imports too late

    In order to prevent infinite loops in case of mutual imports, they need to be added BEFORE the parsing begins. Tested.
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    Bug bug? pre-script statements available at start of any block

    Branching off of
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    Feature ASH language server features

    MCroft, BigD and I are planning to try to add Language Server features to mafia, so that making scripts is easier. This would be done using Language Server Protocol for (4) Java. We're starting with ASH (we'll have to see how adding the javascript part goes afterwards). The first problems...
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    Bug - Fixed game.php requests are non-interrupting

    self-explanatory. game.php requests always return a frameset, never altering your state. edit: same thing with chatlaunch.php, topmenu.php and awesomemenu.php all of them will be seen when refreshing the page.
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    Feature ChoiceManager refactor

    I think ChoiceManager needs a refactoring. Currently, it's a huuuge mess: half a dozen switch statements so big you don't even know which one you're in, which led to a lot of the handling being placed in the wrong one (e.g. preChoice or postChoice0) Moreover, the locations' noncombat_queue is...
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    Feature - Implemented Reducing number of warnings: Raw Types (ShowDataCommand)

    adds Generics to ShowDataCommand, and tweaks the "skills" part a bit so that it doesn't require an unchecked conversion for each filter tested.
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    Feature - Implemented Spring cleaning: DebugModifiers

    That "allModifiers" method was... *shiver* Tested.