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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    I'm headed back to the haunted kitchen for drop mechanic spading, but if you let me know which ones you're missing I can set my script to hit up some specific zones when I'm overdrunk.
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    I am fairly confident the choice options are always 1; I'll be sending a big batch of debug and session logs shortly
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    Much like with the bowling ball, we can track it with other properties; for the ball, we can look at `bowlingBallReturnCombats`; for the autumn-aton, we can look at whatever property will track when we expect it to return as well.
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    I personally prefer the single CSV preference, because it feels a little less clunky, and it's not to hard to do a `.includes` or `.split(",")` or whatever. That being said, libram's get will autofill property names, but won't make me instantly remember whether it's "leftArm", "Left Arm"...
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    Can confirm it keys off of turns spent--free fights don't increment it, although they can be used to seed a zone or to collect it if you passed your turn threshold on a noncombat.
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    New Content October IOTM - Autumn-aton

    I've sent some debug logs over to gausie, but I'd also like to post some code snippets I've been using for this, in case they end up being helpful at all in development. This xpath can retrieve the available locations for the autumn-otan. It appears to be based on the locations you've been to...
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    Bug - Fixed Pref photocopyMonster Not Updating Upon Receiving Fax

    I believe this is also related to the action-preaction issue: mafia does not appear to be updating asdon fuel quantities upon running an `asdonmartin drive X`. Or at least it's not taking a failure and turning that into a new fuel amount. I wish I could provide more details, but I can't at...
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    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    It looks like that PR was correct with the exception of using the ghost of a necklace instead of the spookyraven necklace.
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    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    I'm getting an error where mafia is errantly reporting that I can adventure in The Haunted Bedroom in CS aftercore when I'm unable to. It looks like the code in question is here: (KoLCharacter.getLevel() >= neededLevel && (InventoryManager.hasItem(SPOOKYRAVEN_NECKLACE)...
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    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    Getting a null pointer exception when I pass $location[none] to can_adventure.
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    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    In the immortal words of that song from groundhog day, I got you babe
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    Bug - Fixed _saberForceUses is being set to exactly incorrect values

    That's a snippet from a recent session log. At first I assumed the issue was Monsieur Baguelle being uncopyable, but upon review of the most recent merged PR, it looks like the issue is here: COMBAT_SKILL Use the Force Use the Force, [\w ]+! \((\d+) uses? left\) _saberForceUses=$1 kol...
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    Bug Sometimes script execution hangs until I visit a page using the Relay browser

    This also happens to me. So it's not just you!
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    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    It looks like the packaged and unpackaged versions of the item are already in! Here's what we know so far: - Having the stillsuit equipped in combat (including freeruns) allows you to accumulate sweat. This sweat is different from designer sweatpants sweat. - Sweat is measured in "drams". You...
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    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    Since the recent update involving aborting in response to choice adventures, my CS script has been running into some issues. I assume these pertained to my use of the force, which is a notoriously fiddly mechanic. Turns out, it wasn't! I ran into issues with the meteorite guard as well.
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    New Content Miniature Crystal Ball tracking post January 10th 2022 changes

    My understanding of toastergazing (visiting The Shore) is that the only thing it actually enables is resetting your orb predictions with zoneless encounters that otherwise wouldn't do so.
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    Feature Further git installation features

    In this particular case, I'm assuming it has to do with the fact that autoscend no longer has a master branch, it now has a main branch
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    Feature - Implemented retrieve_price is too noisy

    I think a setting is just fine; I would prefer not to have to cache the results of this script-side if only for its inconsistency with retrieve_price
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    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    We'll want to use a symbol other than X for underwater encounters just so that we don't confuse them with an unfull queue
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    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    How does this mechanic interact with: - Backing up, macrometeor, CLEESH, and other monster replacers - Lecture on Relativity - Fights that are free for weird reasons - Using the Force to end a combat ? It would be nice to get some more spading in for how this interacts with zoneless...