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  1. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed jalapeno saucesphere problem in mana burn

    > burn -0 Could not find a known, usable skill of yours uniquely matching "2 Jalapeño Saucesphere" debug tells me that the UseSkillCommand.cast gets the string in parameters with actual (unicode) character ñ. but then SkillDatabase.getSkillName will try to match against skill name with html...
  2. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed r19368 fails to start

    Caused by: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "runespoon.gif" this line in classskills.txt: 7314 Festoon Buffoon runespoon.gif 5 0 0 There are two tabs after Festoon Buffoon where there should be only one
  3. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed classskills.txt syntax error - paul's song

    Observed: classskills.txt line 494 has a space between skill id and skill name (Paul's Passionate Pop Song). Expected: should be a tabulator instead, like all the other skills around it.
  4. xKiv

    Bug - Waiting for Info "since" with point version fails

    Ezandora's guide has since 17.6; Trying to activate it prints "Unexpected error, debug log printed." in the gCLI. The exception is an outofboundsexception at net.sourceforge.kolmafia.textui.Parser.enforceSince( The line in question: currentVersion =...
  5. xKiv

    Feature Filter food/booze in item manager by size

    Item panels with filter input box can filter by part of name (just enter text), forbidden part of name (!=WhatYouDoNotWantToSeeHere), (possible) quantity (type for example "#>1") and autosellprice ("$<=1000", should also work with any other currency symbol, not just $, at least according to...
  6. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed file_to_map needs https handling?

    In DataFileCache, we have: public static BufferedReader getReader( final String filename ) { if ( filename.startsWith( "http://" ) ) { return DataUtilities.getReader( "", filename ); } byte[] data = DataFileCache.getBytes( filename ); return DataUtilities.getReader( new...
  7. xKiv

    Feature - Implemented Parallelize up-to-dateness check during svn update

    I have posted about this in the past already - when I "svn update", it takes a long time checking each script in turn, because I have many scripts. Often this ends up spending a minute or more just to say "nothing needed to be updated". Updating in parallel would turn this into a few seconds...
  8. xKiv

    New Content - Implemented Detective school - the precint 11 choice adventure can be walked away from

    The choice adventure reached by following place.php?whichplace=town_wrong&action=townwrong_precinct (whichchoice=1193 afaict) can be just walked away from. (I put a hit to the url in my morning script, so I at least never forget to get the 3 base coins, but then the script didn't continue...
  9. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed "You've already explored that spot." when exploring next unexplored square.

    Today I have finally managed to capture this elusive beast (as soon as I put my debugging printouts in mafia code, it stopped happening for several runs). What happens: - I go to tavern cellar - click the first square manually - then go to each new square using mafia's 'explore next unexplored'...
  10. xKiv

    New Content - Implemented Wickerbits

    Apparently nobody reported this yet? pulverize 1 wicker kickers -------------------- 8098 wickerbits 134381888 wickerbits.gif spleen, usable 0 wickerbits 2 12 good 0 0 0 0 Unspaded # Item wickerbits -------------------- You acquire an item: wickerbits
  11. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Training scrolls not findable in mall, because they actually have TWO spaces colon.

    Searching the mall for full names of snojo's training scrolls (according to mafia) doesn't find them. In vanilla kol: Searching for "training scroll:" (without the quotes) finds them. Searching for "shattering punch", "shivering monkey technique" or "snokebomb" finds them. Searching for ": s"...
  12. xKiv

    Bug Invalid setting 6 for choiceAdventure791.

    Every time I start mafia for some time now, I get this printed to stdout (but not cli or session log): [code] Invalid setting 6 for choiceAdventure791. [code] I think it also shows briefly on the status line of login window before the window disappears (which is how I noticed it originally), but...
  13. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Putting on outfit that contains pants equipped on pantsrack fails

    > outfit pvp Removing items from closet... You acquire an item: f3d0r4 Removing items from closet... You acquire X-37 gun (2) Removing items from closet... You acquire an item: Ultracolor™ shirt Stealing 1337 7r0uZ0RZ from Gregless the Fancypants Scarecrow... Unequipping Gregless the Fancypants...
  14. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Ghost dog chow breaks maximizer?

    > maximize -combat rate Maximizing... 240 combinations checked, best score 30.00 Putting on Xiblaxian stealth cowl... Equipment changed. Removing items from closet... You acquire an item: rusted-out shootin' iron Wielding rusted-out shootin' iron... Equipment changed. Removing items from...
  15. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed smooth velvet bra typo in modifiers.txt?

    <Item smooth velvet bra Maximum HP: +20, HP Regen Min: 5, HP Regen Max: 10, Single Equip Is that "<" supposed to be there?
  16. xKiv

    Bug Incorrect total noncombat rate when dancing around the 25% cap

    type source Combat Rate Underwater Combat Rate Item portable cassette player +5.00=*+5.00 Item monster bait +5.00=*+10.00 Effect Hippy Stench +5.00=*+15.00 Effect Musk of the Moose +5.00=*+20.00 Effect Carlweather's Cantata of Confrontation +5.00=*+25.00 Familiar Jumpsuited Hound Dog...
  17. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Mafia does not always logout correctly when quitting.

    When I choose "exit kolmafia" from the menu, often time mafia doesn't perform logout actions correctly (obvious workaround: manual logout before quitting). I noticed this because data in my data/xkiv_turns_spent.ser was obviously wrong (several hundreds of turns lower, or all zeroes). Debugging...
  18. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Rotten Memories data

    I think rotten memories has MP cost and duration switched in classskills.txt: # id Name image Type MP Cost Duration[ Level] .. 133 Rotten Memories dinseybrain.gif 3 10 15 But it's actually 15 MP and 10 turns of duration.
  19. xKiv

    New Content - Implemented Pairs of Sketcherz

    From session log: take from closet: 2 Sketcherz™ Unexpected plural of 'Sketcherz™' found: pairs of Sketcherz™ You acquire Sketcherz™ (2) In chat: /count sketch You have 2 pairs of Sketcherz™. This may be a recent change?
  20. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Mafia miscounts used bowls in bowling alley (in Ed?)

    I have noticed this in several past few ascensions - mafia will tell me that there are N visits left in the bowling alley, where N is too low. So I decided to put a breakpoint to it and ... ... it's increasing hiddenBowlingAlleyProgress when I am fighting a pygmy bowler. I haven't even won the...