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  1. Landamus

    Bug - Fixed Spoilers for Choice 1428 is Your Neck of the Woods Swapped

    The spoilers for this choice adventure are swapped around. Choice 1 gives 1000 meat and 2 advances the quest.
  2. Landamus

    New Content - Implemented September IotM - bagged Cargo Cultist Shorts

    I encountered this item and didn't notice acquiring it at the time. I'm not even sure I acquired it from the combat, maybe it was somewhere else, or some other method. My session log follows if it helps. I don't see anything on the wiki, or a cursory search of the KoL forums. Has anyone else...
  3. Landamus

    Bug - Fixed Missing UnusualConstructManager in r20247

    I tried to compile the lastest revision and it failed to compile. I checked the latest source and is not included in the source files. version: [echo] Current revision: 20247 compile: [javac] Compiling 944 source files to ***\kolmafia-code\build...