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  1. five35

    Tattoo picker

    (Note to self: forum is bad at emailing me when I get replies.) Thanks for the feedback! This is definitely something I considered, but haven't yet coded up because (1) I figured cc_snapshot already had that covered and (2) it would mean either that the "Still Need" category would be...
  2. five35

    Tattoo picker

    About This script replaces the default tatto selection page with something a little more full-featured. single-click tattoo selection displays tattoo source (e.g. outfit, item, ascension, …) sources linked to relevant pages on TheKolWiki filter based on source or "sigil" name (e.g. "Crimbo...
  3. five35

    Does ASH have a way of testing value inclusion in ordered collections?

    Interesting! I had no idea plural typed constants could be used that way. I'll dig into them and see if I can come up with something that's easier to read than what I have now. Thanks!
  4. five35

    Does ASH have a way of testing value inclusion in ordered collections?

    I need to create a collection which I can iterate over in a specific order as well as test for inclusion. Because maps always sort by key and can't be tested for value inclusion (that I know of; I'm very new to ASH scripting), I haven't been able to implement this as a single data structure...
  5. five35

    Feature - Implemented Add sounds to barrel smashing! (patch included)

    It does play a a slightly random pitch if the browser supports it. More distinct sounds (and per-barrel-type sounds) would be cool, but I didn't want to push it too much for (I think?) the very first sounds Mafia introduces. ;-)
  6. five35

    Feature - Implemented Add sounds to barrel smashing! (patch included)

    This patch adds a satisfying, woody "crunch" sound to smashing barrels during smash parties or while in the Barrel full of Barrels. Mechanically, this works by attaching the sound to the same events which trigger the explosion of barrel particles. The sound used was dedicated to the public...
  7. five35

    Feature Add Ed restorers (from EUTW) to HP/MP restorer lists

    The values used for wrappings are based on the in-game tooltips, even though those values are reported to be wrong, because insufficient information exists on their actual values. Index: src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/moods/
  8. five35

    Feature - Implemented Add mall/wiki search links to item right-click menu

    The wiki didn't specify where in the forum to post contributed code, and I didn't see anywhere obvious, but hopefully I've at least chosen somewhere sane. :) This patch adds a new browser script to the relay browser, which extends KoL's pop-up item right-click menu ("ircm"). On pages which...
  9. five35

    Best Between Battle Script Ever -- formerly AutoMCD

    Updated dropfam() function For anyone who might find it useful, an updated dropfam() function which includes recent IotM/Ys. Galloping Grill (untested) Fist Turkey Adventurous Spelunker Golden Monkey familiar dropfam() { if (my_location().zone == "The Sea" || $locations[none, the slime...