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  1. Aenimus

    Bug - Waiting for Info ASH Combat Consult Script fails recognition of new monster through Macrometeorite

    Hello, This is very easy to reproduce: void main(int rnd, monster mob, string pg) { print("Entering main()."); print(`"We are fighting a {mob}."`, "red"); if (use_skill(1, $skill[Macrometeorite])) return; } This causes a 1 round delay to realise what is being fought. This fixes it: void...
  2. Aenimus

    Feature Confirmation for Hot Tub if once/twice/thrice-cursed while Apartment boss up

    Hi, If the Hidden Apartment boss hasn't been killed, could there be a confirmation (like clover and UV compass-protection) for using the Hot Tub when you have the effects once/twice/thrice-cursed? Because the Hot Tub will remove it, and I assume everyone has made this mistake. Thanks!
  3. Aenimus

    Feature Method/option to terminate the current relay browser request

    Hi, I realise the thread title likely makes no sense. Allow me to explain. What I'm asking for is basically a way for an action to be terminated or rejected when not running a script. Basically a "live" abort(). For example, I have a pre-adventure script that checks whether I have a compass...
  4. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Mafia does not recognise what is in my Buddy Bjorn

    Hello, Recently, I have been receiving the following error: You don't have a Misshapen Animal Skeleton for a familiar. The Misshapen Animal Skeleton is constantly in my Buddy Bjorn, but at the start of the day, Mafia doesn't recognise that I have anything in my Buddy Bjorn. I have to remove...
  5. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Mafia is suddenly confused about monsters with the same image

    Hello, Every day, I spend some turns in An Incredibly Strange Place (Great Trip), banishing all monsters except my target, which is the Angels of Avalon. Yesterday, I updated mafia for the first time in a while, so this is the first time I have run the script since I updated Mafia. It seems...
  6. Aenimus

    Bug Hagnk storage and related things don't work on r20109 (pull, storage_amount())

    Hello, I have 18 special edition Batfellow comics in Hagnk's: > pull special edition Batfellow comic [special edition Batfellow comic] requested, but none available. > ash $item[special edition Batfellow comic].storage_amount() Returned: 0...
  7. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed get_player_id() and get_player_name() seem bugged.

    > ash "canart".get_player_id() Returned: canart > ash get_player_id("canart") Returned: canart > ash get_player_name(2273519) Returned: 2273519 But occasionally it works: > ash "aenimus".get_player_id() Returned: 2273519
  8. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Mafia doesn't realise "Breathe Out" ends on rollover

    Hello, Breathe Out, from hot jelly, only lasts until rollover. However, Breathe Out remains in the list provided by banishedMonsters after rollover. Please could that be removed on rollover? Thanks!
  9. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Powdered Madness property is misformatted.

    It is currently formatted as "_powderedMadnessUses 0" with no value or default value. I assume the 0 just wants scooting over? Thanks!
  10. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Mafia tracking errors when funkslinging

    Hello, I apologise if this isn't a bug, and is actually because my function is poorly written. I wrote a function to funksling copying items: void copier_combat_item_run(monster mob, int rnd, int hp_threshold) { item [int] funks; foreach i, c in copier_combat_items(mob) { if...
  11. Aenimus

    Bug - Fixed Property "_blankoutUsed" doesn't ever change

    Hello, _blankoutUsed never changes when using a bottle of Blank-Out. > ash $item[bottle of blank-out].use() Using 1 bottle of Blank-Out... You acquire an item: glob of Blank-Out Finished using 1 bottle of Blank-Out. Returned: true > prefref blank Name Value Default Scope _blankoutUsed...
  12. Aenimus

    Feature - Implemented Choice encounter confusion by non-adv.php and "walkaway" choices

    Hello, EDIT: I think post 3 is most enlightening. I think it's a (partially) known bug that if you don't explicitly visit choice.php after your God Lobster fight, Mafia will get confused and think you are in the last choice encounter script "test.ash"...
  13. Aenimus

    New Content Step right up! Post monster Meat and/or item drop spading here!

    Hello, So I decided I would spend my aftercore turns spading in-run monsters for their exact drop rates with perfectly fair coin and post all my data here. I update the wiki as I go, but hopefully this thread will make it easier for any discoveries to make it to mafia. EDIT: I've decided to...
  14. Aenimus

    New Content NEP monster drop spading

    Hi, I've been doing some spading in NEP, and while I'm not quite finished, most of it is conclusive. Biker seems odd, but I will spade that tomorrow. The monsters each have four drops. I'm going to call two of them "commons" and two of them "uncommons". An example of common drops are the...
  15. Aenimus

    Bug - Not A Bug Autosell bug or possibly just a gift item bug

    EDIT NOT A BUG: I had stuffed hand turkeys in my item manager memento list. No idea how or why. Sorry--didn't even know that was a thing! Hello, So when I attempted to auto sell some stuffies with some code, I noticed I still had a stuffed hand turkey. It autosold everything but one stuffed...
  16. Aenimus

    Bug Breakable equipment (specifically garbage tote items)

    Hi, Whenever the garbage tote items run out of charges and break, mafia stalls/aborts/whatever. I have the setting (adventure > zone > item > breakable) set to something that shouldn't care, but this happens nonetheless. Could a special something be added so that the garbage items also count...
  17. Aenimus

    Feature Requesting in-run protection for desert, lianas, consuming etc.

    Hi, Darzil suggested that I post two separate threads to here, so I apologise if I used the wrong area or format. I wrote a script for my own protection, but it is a terrible workaround (it traps the user in the LOV tunnel choice), since "abort" does not work for manual relay adventuring...
  18. Aenimus

    Feature Request Mafia utilization: Free fights now feature FREEFREEFREE in their HMTL.

    Hi, I apologise if this the wrong place to post, and the wrong format. After wracking my brain to find a way to code a songboom counter (and consequently finding a very brittle and terrible workaround) I asked CDM to incorporate some way for Mafia to know a fight did not take a turn. This has...
  19. Aenimus

    Mafia gets stuck whilst logging in

    Hi, I moved 2 days ago and today I tried to fire up Mafia. It gets stuck on examining my closet (which is empty) every time. Usually when mafia does not work I end the processes through task manager, but that didn't work this time either. I restarted my laptop... same problem. I would like to...