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  1. ckb

    Bug Untracked buffs

    Dirty Pear should work as of Revision 20484 (though I have not tested this)
  2. ckb

    use seal tooth opens window

    When I use a seal tooth, from a CLI command or in a script, it opens a "Bloody Hand" popup from a minibrowser window. I could no find where or why Mafia does this - it seems unnecessary, and it does not do this for any other items I have found. Is there a way to disable this popup?
  3. ckb

    Script Name

    The filename of a script can be accessed with the variable __FILE__ print(__FILE__); will print the filename of the script. Documented in the Wiki here (about halfway down the page) Also, this post.
  4. ckb

    New Content Crimbo 2020

    The new Crimbo summon skills in classskills.txt are listed as type 3 (Noncombat non-shruggable effect) but should be type 1 (Noncombat item summon) 198 Bowl Full of Jelly soupbowl.gif 1 50 0 200 Eye and a Twist eyemartini.gif 1 50 0 202 Chubby and Plump...
  5. ckb

    Feature Treat configurable items like foldable in Maximizer

    The Maximiser will not fold items during maximization if "maximizerFoldables" is false. 'Foldable' items are items that can be 'folded' to create other items with other enchantments. There are a few 'configurable' items that can be 'configured' (with no limits) to create the same item with...
  6. ckb

    Auto-use items

    As a point of reference - I wrote my own after-adventure script that uses (and sometimes autosells) such items. This works well for me and is easy to configure, especially when new paths make changes.
  7. ckb

    Bug Some maximizer combinations fail to respect +equip and min

    It looks like the filter change was "20497: Optional radio-button style functionality to maximizer filter checkboxes" on 2020-11-11. My issue was posted on 2020-06-18. So this was before the filter change.
  8. ckb

    Bug Some maximizer combinations fail to respect +equip and min

    This strangeness with min/max on maximizer strings sounds similar to some issues I have had: maximizer-inconsistency FWIW, I tried your string "maximize hot res, 35 min, 35 max, hp regen, +equip chopsticks" This fails to equip the chopsticks... but "maximize hot res, 15 min, 15 max, hp regen...
  9. ckb

    Feature Patch: write maximizer suggestions to CLI output

    You could use an alias, parsing the long, detailed output of maximize() in ash. That would get you everything that shows up in the window.
  10. ckb

    WTF Relay script collection

    I don't know when it stopped working... some of my other scripts are fine, but this is definitely a thing: string[string, string, string] dattxt; file_to_map("data/familiars.txt",dattxt); string[string, string, string] famtxt; file_to_map("familiars.txt",famtxt)...
  11. ckb

    WTF Relay script collection

    It actually broke from not importing the data file correctly... I think this was a Mafia change a while back that required "data/familiars.txt" instead of just "familiars.txt". I also cleaned up the code a bit and added some special abilities for new fams.
  12. ckb

    Bug CHEAT CODE skills do not multi cast

    For $skill[CHEAT CODE: Invisible Avatar] and $skill[CHEAT CODE: Triple Size], Mafia will not cast multiples. Skill will only be cast once: > cast 3 CHEAT CODE: Triple Size You acquire an effect: Triple-Sized (20) CHEAT CODE: Triple Size was successfully cast. > ash...
  13. ckb

    Feature max cast HP skills

    Feature: use * to max cast skill that use HP instead of MP For most skills, "cast * skill" will use all remaining MP to cast that skill as many times as possible. This does not work for skills that use HP (such as Blood Bond), failing with the error: Not enough mana to cast Blood Bond. It...
  14. ckb

    New Content New IOTM: unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape

    For other conditional skills from equipment, have_skill() returns true when the skill is available, and false when it is not. It would be good for the cap skills to follow the same convention.
  15. ckb

    Bug Maximizer NullPointerException

    I am not sure how to implement this (I am not a programmer and am new the concept of 'catch'). Can you give an example of how I would use this with maximize?
  16. ckb

    Bug Maximizer NullPointerException

    No, this is just the maximize command. mmx is the maximiser string: maximize(mmx,false); @MCroft, CLI from that maximization, no issues: > maximize? 1 hand, -equip red shirt, -equip saucepan, -equip Helps-You-Sleep, -equip HOA zombie eyes, -equip Unkillable Skeleton's shield, -equip Time...
  17. ckb

    Bug Maximizer NullPointerException

    And another one. This time without any folding. :-(
  18. ckb

    Bug Maximizer NullPointerException

    This happened again, and I looked into the script and the maximizer string when it occurred. I captured the output from the CLI and added it to the DEBUG log. One thing I did note, is that my script does cli_execute("fold wad of used tape") before maximization. This happened when I was...
  19. ckb

    Feature Req: More information in Valhalla

    FWIW, I just went through Valhalla, and you cannot access ascensionhistory.php from there.
  20. ckb

    Feature Req: More information in Valhalla

    This thread got me thinking, so I built a proof of concept script to parse the ascension log page 'ascensionhistory.php'. I do not know if this is available in Valhalla, but it might be useful to start a relay script. It will also spit out a data file, so you could call this script from your...