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  1. Winterbay

    Community Service relay script

    Does anyone have a relay override for the Community Service council page that lists what the items you get actually do? I keep forgetting and having that on the page would be awesome :) (extra bonus would be if it also contained the formula for the lowering of the turns, but that is less important)
  2. Winterbay

    A request for contributors

    I have come to the conclusion that I currently do not have the time to play nor support my scripts. I really wish that this would change, but it is unlikely to happen before at least new year. Work is getting increasingly busy and it won't get less anytime soon and that is where I've done most...
  3. Winterbay

    Feature - Implemented Don't manaburn on Brood as AoSP

    I'd like to request that Brood is removed from the list of possible mana burning skills since it is a -combat modifier which you generally don't want to prolong just like that.
  4. Winterbay

    Bug - Cannot Reproduce Headlight not visible in side pane for Sneaky Pete

    My bike is currently equipped with the blacklight bulb as indicated by the peteMotorbikeHeadlight preference: > get peteMotorbikeHeadlight Blacklight Bulb However when right-clicking on the motorcycle in the side pane of Mafia that line is blank while all the others show their...
  5. Winterbay

    Bug oilPeakProgess preference gettign out of bounds

    I've seen this a few times but have no real idea on what is causing it. I do most of my adventuring via BumCheekAscend but I doubt that has actually created this problem. The oilPeakProgress gets set to absurd values. Today after finishing the quest it is at...
  6. Winterbay

    Feature - Implemented Add AT nemesis accordions to the "accordions" command

    Would it be possible to add the AT nemesis accordions to the "accordions" command? I know that they technically do not have the same role and acquiring method, but when looking for what accordion my AT is to equip it'd be great if I could use that command to compare all of the ones I have. The...
  7. Winterbay

    New Content - Implemented Changed name for Freddy Krueggerand

    Today I noticed something I've not noticed before, and that is that I have two types of Krueggerands in my inventory. > inv freddy Freddy Kruegerands (11) Freddy Krueggerand (627) For some reason 11 of them are missing a g. I guess these 11 correspond to the ones I got from choice...
  8. Winterbay

    Bug - Fixed Problem when turning a chibibuddy on

    When using your ChibiBuddy from the relay browser to turn it on Mafia correctly removes the ChibiBuddy (off) from the inventory but does not add the ChibiBuddy (on) back. It would be great if you didn't have to refresh the inventory after having used it in order for it to show up.
  9. Winterbay

    Error with SVN sync

    When I do "svn sync" in Mafia I currently get the following: > svn sync Checking for working copy modifications... M D:\Dropbox Data\Peter\Dropbox\Mafia\svn\almighty-saplings-ash-trunk-raidlogs\relay\clan_raidlogs.ash M D:\Dropbox...
  10. Winterbay

    Mall store value

    With the recent change to the mall layout the part of farm.ash (and also my private login and logout scripts) that parse mallstores and sum up the total value of things in it stopped working since the things it parses are no longer there in the same way. Is there a good way with common...
  11. Winterbay

    Bug - Fixed Debuglog generated from session initialization error

    I decided today that I should test if KoL was still blocked at work and the URL still is (games), but the IP is allowed again (was classified as porn earlier). However when I try to log in after setting up Mafia to use IP-address and configure the proxy settings I don't get very far. The CLI has...
  12. Winterbay

    Sourceforge access wierdness - need help

    So, I posted this in the WHAM thread but feel that it might get a better chance of a solution in its own thread. I have, for a while, my be around 2 weeks now, been unable to access Sourceforge with TortoiseSVN to commit changes. MAfia has no trouble downloading updates others do and I can...
  13. Winterbay

    Bug - Fixed Unable to eat Bento Boxes

    The item manager currently shows that I can create a Bento Box (a tempura broccoli bento box with inky squid sauce) to be exact but I cannot seem to create it with any kind of CLI commands (I've tried with create, make and eat). Discovered this when sushi.ash suddenly decided that bento boxes...
  14. Winterbay

    Feature - Implemented Don't switch to underwater familiar equipment when $effect[wet willied] > 0

    Currently when maximizing for the sea Mafia will put the active familiar into an underwater adventure gear (as well as the adventurer itself). Mafia does not equip any underwater breathing apparatus if the character has any kind of effect active that lets the character breathe under water, but...
  15. Winterbay

    Feature - Implemented Don't show demon summings in the maximizer if we don't know the demon name

    As the topic suggests when doing a maximization (say "HP"), Mafia suggests a lot of great things. Among these are effects from demon names even if the corresponding preference is blank leading to failure if attempting to summon it. In a highly automated script like autoBasement the abort that...
  16. Winterbay

    Bug - Fixed The FDKOL-tent is not working since the Shop Revamp

    Given that the new content in this thread is marked as implemented and the FDKOL-tent was mentioned in there, I thought I'd make a new bug-thread for it rather than continuing in the old thread. // FDKOL Requisitions Tent // inv_use.php?which=3&whichitem=5707 3 FDKOL tattoo 4 fireman's helmet...
  17. Winterbay

    New Content - Implemented Default values for coiceadventures in Mer-kin Elementary School

    There are a number of choice adventures in the Mer-kin Elementary School that are currently not in Mafia: 396: default 3 (opens choiceadv 399, other options loses HP) 397: default 2 (opens choiceadv 400, other options loses HP) 398: default 1 (opens choiceadv 401, other options loses HP) 399...
  18. Winterbay

    Feature - Implemented Track GameInformerPro dungeon boss special power

    The end boss in the GameInformer dungeon has a special power hinted at in the walkthrough. The wikil lists it as the following: It would be great if Mafia tracked this in a preference so that combat scripts can access the information and do the right thing (i.e. not throw items that gets...
  19. Winterbay

    New Content - Implemented Missing effect in the sea

    Using comb jelly (1 of 2)... You acquire an effect: Jelly Combed (duration: 20 Adventures) -------------------- 1237 Jelly Combed combjelly.gif 3a4cd090a1a0fec11fa6672c8b47e9d3 # Jelly Combed: Makes you harder to hit (when underwater)
  20. Winterbay

    New Content - Implemented Missing skill from the Mark V Steam-Hat

    The highest level of Steam-Hat grants the user the skill "Fire Death Ray", a 0 MP Combat Skill with skill-ID 7150, doing 20-30 damage and stunning the monster for 1 round. This skill appears to be missing from Mafia (indicated by the CLI stating that I performed the wonderful skill "CHANCE" when...