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  1. ereinion

    Bug Exit command has unexpected behaviour

    Mafia does not exit as it would normally do using the "exit" command in the gcli, when not logged in / mafia is left open overnight. Instead I end up with a blank main pane and a chat window where I'm logged in (see screenshot below). I'm a bit uncertain if I was actually logged in to chat, or...
  2. ereinion

    Bug - Fixed The maximizer ignores -tie?

    The maximizer suggests equipment changes, although they do not improve the maximizer score and I have "-tie" included in the maximizer-string. Not a big issue, as I'll have other modifiers included most of the time, but I think this shouldn't happen? I already have equipment in all the slots the...
  3. ereinion

    Mystery message about rollover in chat. What could cause it?

    My chat's been acting a bit weird today. Has anyone got an idea what could be causing this? I'm running a farming script, but haven't made any changes to it in weeks, and it seems to be running fine in the gcli.
  4. ereinion

    Bug Daily special isn't showing up in the consumption manager

    The daily special at Chez Snotée isn't showing up in the consumption manager during my hc run, presumably because it's out of season? I can order it just fine in the browser though.
  5. ereinion

    Bug Error on trying to access the underground firework shop in Kingdom of Exploathing

    Trying to buy fireworks from the underground firework shop during a Kingdom of Exploathing run results in an error, because the shop is not available. Trying to access the shop from the VIP Lounge leads to a page saying "Uh oh! Invalid place". Could a fix be implemented so mafia doesn't try to...
  6. ereinion

    Feature Req: automatical check the "no skills" box in valhalla if there are no skills that could be permed.

    Does anyone know if there's a script out there who automatically checks the box for whether you want to ascend with no skills marked permanent? Or roughly what snippet would need to be included in an existing relay script? [Edit: Moved from Community Support to Feature Request -- MCroft]
  7. ereinion

    Where do I find the latest jar?

    There used to be a link in the top right corner of the forums to where I could go to download it, but it's no longer there. Cursory inspection of the other links in the area does lead to any jar files. Can someone please give me a pointer to where I can find it? - edit - Checked back just now...
  8. ereinion

    Bug - Fixed Revision number does not display at the top of mafia anymore

    As the title indicates, I no longer see the revision number at the top of mafia, only r0.
  9. ereinion

    Bug Unexpected behavior from chat when clicking a person's name

    Clicking a mod's name in chat to send them a blue message opens "mod announcement" instead ( I tried clicking both buffy's and mistress of the obvious's name in the screenshot below, with different results.
  10. ereinion

    Farming FunPoints in PirateRealm (work in progress)

    So I wrote a script to farm fun in PirateRealm, and it seems to be working ok. Haven't tested it too much, but from what I can tell it seems to finish the zone the way I thought it should. It follows the strategy for maximizing FunPoints which is detailed on the wiki. It requires you to have an...
  11. ereinion

    Behavior of break when used in a loop inside a switch

    Say I have some code which looks like this: switch (last_choice()) { case 1000: choices = available_choice_options(); foreach key in choices { if (choices[key].contains_text("Whatever")) { run_choice(key)...
  12. ereinion

    visit_url doesn't seem to return any data when visiting Port Beginning

    I am trying to write a small script to farm FunPoints, and in doing so I want to examine the various choices I get at various point during the journey through PirateRealm. So far I have this snippet, but when I look at the file in my data folder after running it, it is empty although I have...
  13. ereinion

    How do I access the record from the 5-parameter version of maximize()?

    According to the wiki, I can get a record of the maximizer results by using the five parameter version of the function. Trying "ash maximize("fites, -tie, switch tot, switch disembodied", 0, 1, true, true)" in the cli supports this, printing the contents of the record returned. However if...
  14. ereinion

    What do the different settings for "breakableHandling" mean?

    Currently, I am trying to figure out how to not have mafia abort when e.g. my garbage shirt breaks. From searching this forum a bit, it appears that what happens when breakable equipment breaks is determined by the setting "breakableHandling". For some items it is handled by looking at the...
  15. ereinion

    Bug Maximizer excludes some items when checking for price but the field is left blank

    I want to maximize primarily for item-drop, and when maximizing with the option to include pullable / buyable equipment in the check I get a few suggestions for improvements. Now, I want to have an idea of how much meat I'll have to pay to include the suggested improvements in the outfit, so I...
  16. ereinion

    Feature Have again-button point to most recent zone after eldritch attunement fights

    After fighting an eldritch tentacle generated from eldritch attunement in e.g. the hidden bowling alley, the "again" button next to the combat bar leads back to the hidden city instead of to another adventure in the hidden bowling alley. Is there any chance you could make it adventure again in...
  17. ereinion

    Periodic execution of function

    Is there any way to have a chatbot execute a function, say every 5 minutes or so, while also having it monitoring chat and possibly execute other functions based on what's happening there?
  18. ereinion

    Automating god lobster fights

    I have this small script, which is supposed to run my god lobster fights for me: boolean god_lobster_fights(int fights_to_run) { familiar fam = my_familiar(); int i = 0; if (use_familiar($familiar[god lobster])) { while (to_int(get_property("_godLobsterFights")) < 3 &&...
  19. ereinion

    Bug - Waiting for Info Game hangs on trying to enter the Secret Government Laboratory for the first time

    I tried entering the Secret Government Laboratory in order to get the personal ventilation unit for further adventuring there. Upon clicking on its image in the relay browser, I got the loading symbol in the browser, but nothing happened. Logging out of mafia, and trying to enter using vanilla...
  20. ereinion

    Remove security warning when opening kolmafia.jar

    The last couple of days, whenever I try to open a downloaded daily build from the download bar in my browser. I get a security warning: It basically says something like "kolmafia.jar is a program file, and can contain viruses and stuff. Are you sure you want to open it?" Needless to say I do...