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    Between battle: any reason this shouldent work

    cli_execute("if spooky putty monster > 1; use 1 spooky putty monster"); From my (very limited) understanding of ash scripting, i believe that this sort of thing should work for automaticly using putty'd monsters. (my best guess is possibly a return to fight command) Is there a more complicated...
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    More efficent way of doing this /Betterway of doing this /Getting hat buff

    I have two issues in my script. 1. I think there my be a more efficent way to do this I use a stocking mimic, so i get lots of mp, that i vent to clannies/self The efficeny problem: adventure 3 castle outfit cast cast 40 jingle bells outfit meat I am using this, copy pasted 100 times...
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    "feature" -Tiny house not campground

    Not to self, use the search function first, instead of scanning the first page I forgot to use the search function, sorry guys, please delete this thread
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    Ash functions

    1.Does anyone know any good places to learn ash, is there a Wiki for it or something 2. How do you set something like "if completed arena in war hippy fatigues then do _____", and "if found summoning name summon _____"
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    Does mafia have support to make a mallbot, or would i have to find other programs to use I just found out that people might get confused I meant a buybot not a mallbot sorry all
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    What have i done wrong this time

    As part of my breakfast script, i was planning to ask chatbot for a few things daily. as we all know, chatbot won't work with kmails, so i was hoping to get this working in chat. basicly saved as a .ash this is what i use to send the message chat_private( chatbot , booze ) gives me the error of...
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    This effect gives 40% meat for 20 adventures it is given from the mysterious island arena does anyone know how to script this effect in? also while i'm asking what are the url's for McMillicancuddy's Farmhouse and the lighthouse keeper e.g visit_url("store.php?whichstore=h"); i am in...
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    My Autoadventure/breakfast script

    To run put all these in your scripts folder, and run autoadventure You WILL require Zlib canadv and, for auto fighting puttied monsters BestBetweenBattleScript PUT ALL OF THESE FILES IN YOUR SCRIPTS FOLDER!!! This is a personal script. Edit out the parts that don't suit you 1.It assumes you...
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    Priority in bounty.ash

    Hey all: I was wondering Is it possible to assign either 1. priorities or 2. go choose this, if it doesn't exist, then choose this and so on for the use in bounty hunting (e.g castle in the clouds as first, if that isnt available, choose something with the least amount of items needed (i'm a...
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    i made a simple eatscript, however, whenever i run it i am told "you can't equip a tree eating kite running latest build (the one compiled on sunday) heres the script (told you it was simple) Equip eat use milk of magnesium Drink 4 rockin' wagon eat 1 olive lo mein eat 3 knoll lo mein eat...
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    Quick question= inv. mall management

    Is there a way to send all your items in you inv. into the mall at a price of 9999999999? i know there is a automatic everything at a 1 meat lower than competitor price. is this possible, or will i have to spend hours on this manually