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    Feature - Rejected Add fallback choice support

    In the adventure tab, under the "Choice Advs" tab, under "Zone" or "Item" there is the option to select a choice from a dropdown, taking the value of the preference as the index. How would you handle a comma separated list of values here?
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    Feature - Implemented Zap Returns Item Created

    Implemented in r26657. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    Feature - Implemented Zap Returns Item Created

    I think this is reasonable, if non-trivial. ZapRequest is currently not aware of the newly created item (presumably "You acquire an X" is parsed by the generic handler), so it would have to parse the resulting page. Some HTML (e.g. from a debug log) would be helpful.
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    New Content - Implemented The Big Book of Every Skill

    Yes, updated. Sometimes I don't see the skill in the CLI, but mostly I do. Perhaps there's a regex issue.
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    Can't Open Mafia Anymore

    Can you open a terminal (e.g. powershell, cmd), navigate to the directory where the Mafia jar is, then run java -jar .\KoLmafia_REPLACE_ME.jar replacing which the real name of the jar Then copy any error message you get / write what happens?
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    Recent problems with batfellow.ash

    In r26613, code was added to abort if a script tries to run a choice without actually being in a choice adventure. Either we need to figure out what the script is doing and allow that case, or stop aborting on this error. Maybe with a preference.
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    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    It's kind of not a drink in that ode / shotglass don't work on it. Rather than more spaghetti I'd rather just have a "stillsuit drink" command. Can it be consumed in places you can't normally drink (e.g. Oxygenarian / Dark Gyffte)?
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    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    can_adv came in two flavours: boolean can_adv(location) and boolean can_adv(location, true). The former told you whether you could adventure in a given location. The latter did the same, but would also put on relevant outfits, use relevant items, etc. The former was more popular, I think.
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    New Content - Implemented The Big Book of Every Skill

    We know about the item itself, but there are a few things to add: it can be used once per day (daily pref) it is not consumed on use (don't know how we mark that) it grants a skill, and it would be nice if that skill appeared in the CLI It might be nice to have this in the optional breakfast...
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    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    FarFuture.ash has the following: //Are we in a game? string page_text = visit_url("choice.php"); if (!page_text.contains_text("Starship ") && !page_text.contains_text("blue><b>The Far Future")) { [...] That one should be easy enough to fix: allow accessing choice.php...
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    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    Additionally, from breakfast: Visiting the Swimmy Little Fishes and Such Encounter: Approach the Jellyfish You acquire an item: sea jelly Whoops! You're not actually in a choice adventure Harvesting batteries...
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    Bug Error message for unobtainable ingredients could be improved

    > acquire imbued seal The average amount of meat spent on components (9,223,372,036,854,776,000) for one imbued seal-blubber candle exceeds autoBuyPriceLimit (50,000) You need 1 more imbued seal-blubber candle to continue. An imbued seal-blubber candle requires powdered sealbone...
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    Feature Further git installation features

    Now that I've satisfied my initial goal of being able to install ChIT and have it update reliably I'm less motivated to get things out, but there are still some things remaining I'd like to work on: showing commit messages on update adding an option, like svn, to not install dependencies...
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    You can now install scripts using git instead of svn

    Using scripts hosted on GitHub could be a poor experience as updates would fail due to GitHub's imperfect SVN support. To help with this, scripts can now be downloaded using git instead. Where you would have previously installed a script with svn checkout...
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    Feature - Implemented retrieve_price is too noisy

    Yes. I think most people complaining about this aren't authors of the scripts in question, and don't have the ability to change the script in the first place. And based on the discussion in this thread, there was thought that retrieve_price maintained its own internal cache, which was...
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    Bug - Fixed Found unknown equipped item: "ittah bittah hookah" descid = 279445768

    I called out this change at the time, but I thought it wasn't relevant (the contains method always returned true for any id between the first known equipment and the last known equipment). Clearly it /was/ relevant after all.
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    Bug - Fixed Found unknown equipped item: "ittah bittah hookah" descid = 279445768

    Recently, in my session logs: Found unknown equipped item: "ittah bittah hookah" descid = 279445768 I don't know why we've started not recognising the hookah (and apparently only the hookah).
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    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    Do combats that you lost update the tracking? Do combats that would have been free, but that you lost (and therefore cost a turn) update the tracking?
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    Bug r26560 error on session initialization - update git scripts on login

    Git only syncs folders in the permissible list: scripts, data, images, relay, ccs, planting. ChIT has a "src" directory that contains these folders, instead of having them in the root. This is currently not supported by the Git client, but I am working on it. Under SVN, there were two main ways...
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    Feature - Rejected current_pvp_stances().count() == 0

    A real script is a script you've actually written, and are experiencing problems with. A theoretic script is a script you haven't written, but think that somebody might theoretically write in the future, so you're spitballing potential solutions to a problem you don't actually have. I prefer to...