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  1. gausie

    New Content Feb 2022 IotM: Combat lover's locket

    I can't work on it right now but we'll need Items A pref for the monsters you've fought via the locket today (you can only fight each monster once, and only three total). Probably comma separated monster ids. Do we have a second pref for number of fights done? Or do we just split by comma and...
  2. gausie

    Proposal: Remove "decorated" tabs

    Hi folks, We're discussing removing the "decoration" feature for tabs in the GUI. The dependency supporting them is large in size, outdated and unsupported (indeed, the code only exists in our repository as source, and Googling for the package shows KoLmafia's repositories as the first results)...
  3. gausie

    Since r25998: `crystalBallMonster` and `crystalBallLocation` retired, please use `crystalBallPredictions`

    The initial implementation of the crystal ball assumed you only got a single prediction per player at any given time. This new implementation reflects more accurately that you get a single prediction per zone. The new preference is formed of a | separated list of...
  4. gausie

    The official class name for Ed the Undying has changed from $class[Ed] to $class[Ed the Undying]

    To match with the data we actually get from KoL, the class has now been renamed. This shouldn't affect 99% of scripts beyond a warning to rename your class, but the unlikely situation that you are doing my_class().to_string() == "Ed" (instead of some_class_string.to_class() == $class[Ed]) you...
  5. gausie

    boolean pref _universalSeasoningUsed deprecated, int pref _universalSeasoningsUsed added!

    Since universal seasoning can be used more than once a day, the previous preference didn't make sense anymore. Note that the new one is plural!
  6. gausie

    r25720: You can no longer set a preferred browser for your relay browser - this is intentional

    This change allows us to remove an outdated and unmaintained external library for a feature that has been built into java since 1.9 (i.e. launching your system's default web browser) Make sure your desktop's default browser is set appropriately and you should be fine.
  7. gausie

    We're moving from SourceForge to GitHub!

    After over 15 years developing KoLmafia using SVN and hosting it on SourceForge, the developer team has decided to move the source code and development to git and host it on GitHub. You can already find us over at (with the main repository located at...
  8. gausie

    Bug - Fixed r20911 causes jar size regression

    This change seems to have brought the bundle size from 17MB to 46MB See:
  9. gausie

    Feature Upgrade Java version from 1.8 for building / running Mafia

    I was going to bring this up separately, but I think we could afford to upgrade the required Java version this month. The 17 (LTS) comes out this month. I really would like to move towards keeping us pinned to the latest LTS, but as a stop gap we could upgrade to the previous LTS, which would be 11.
  10. gausie

    "feelNostalgicMonster" pref renamed to "lastCopyableMonster"

    This change happened in r20752 For compatibility reasons we don't usually change prefs but this pref isn't in a point release yet. However, I thought that I should make an announcement so people who are using commit releases (which is probably most people) know to update their scripts.
  11. gausie

    Feature [ASH] "in" operator (and expanding "contains")

    I wrote quick support for an "in" operator, as well as some improvement to "contains". Thus this has two new features: "in" as the inverse of "contains" (i.e haystack contains needle is equivalent to needle in haystack) "contains" can now be applied to two strings for what is essentially a...
  12. gausie

    Feature - Implemented Rewriting KoL's seeded random functions in Java for mafia!

    Occasionally people spade the underlying code for seeded random things in KoL. I recently did it for Voting Booth initiatives and it's previously been done for TCRS equipment enchantments. I'd like to add support for forecasting these sorts of things to mafia and ash! I've written an equivalent...
  13. gausie

    Bug - Fixed I broke the unusual construct relay helper when I made the UnusualConstructManager

    Apparently I broke it (according to someone in the discord) I need to fix it but I'm on holiday now so I don't have access to programming stuff.
  14. gausie

    New Content - Implemented Translate from text-altering equipment/effects

    The italics on the rune spoon now (or did they always) have the real word as hovertext in combat. I saw a patch note about this in chat but didn't realise it was in combat as well. We could make a combat output cleaner for our text matchers.
  15. gausie

    Excavator - gausie's spading script

    Excavator I recently added a new type of script to KoLmafia - spadingScript. At certain points in the game, a spadingScript will be triggered with the name of the event, the contents of the page, and any other important information. I've now written a script that can use that new functionality...
  16. gausie

    Bug - Fixed requireSerwerTestItems not working as intended

    if ( KoLCharacter.hasEquipped( ItemPool.get( ItemPool.GATORSKIN_UMBRELLA, 1 ) ) && KoLCharacter.hasEquipped( ItemPool.get( ItemPool.HOBO_CODE_BINDER, 1 ) ) && InventoryManager.retrieveItem( ItemPool.SEWER_WAD ) && InventoryManager.retrieveItem( ItemPool.OOZE_O ) &&...
  17. gausie

    Feature - Implemented Template strings in ash!

    I've been recovering from what was hopefully not coronavirus and wanting to do some programming without actually returning to my day job just yet, so here I am. Like python's f strings and JavaScript's template strings, I wrote some changes to to achieve the same thing for ASH. If...
  18. gausie

    Feature - Implemented Just an idea - spadingScript?

    The new choiceAdventureScript got me thinking, we could start to classify some of the session log output as information that might be useful to spading efforts, and then send it to a spading script that could work as follows: void main(string topic, string log) { string me = my_name() if...
  19. gausie

    Feature - Implemented Working on a somewhat large change for tracking attributes and quality of effects

    I'd like to be able to know if KoL considers an effect good, neutral or bad, and know flags like not pvp decrementing, no hookah, no remove etc etc. I've coded some preliminary support for this along with spaded data (thanks to Aenimus, The Dictator etc and others in the spading channel on the...
  20. gausie

    Feature - Implemented Adding some overloads that will benefit users of the method chaining form

    At the moment if you like to use the method chaining form: variable.function(); //instead of function(variable); there are some methods that could use taking arguments in a different order. For example, it's silly to do 1.use($skill[The Ode to Booze]) compared to $skill[The Ode to...