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    Character Info Toolbox

    Character Info Toolbox CHIT is a charpane relay override that allows you to customize the layout and content displayed in your character pane. It also adds some extra functionality, like the ability to quickly change your familiar equipment. And progress bars. Lots and lots of progress bars...
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    Custom images for scripts

    If I use custom (non-KoL, non-mafia) images in a relay override script, where's the best place to put them? /images ? /relay ? Somewhere else ? Thanks Chez
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    Feature - Implemented Visit Hermit Link when buying permits

    Is it possible to get a "Visit Hermit" link when manually buying a hermit permit from the market? Similar to the link we get when acquiring a worthless item.
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    Charpane relay override

    I've been playing around with a charpane.ash relay override script, and noticed that the script doesn't always trigger when the character pane is refreshed. As examples, it seems to work just fine: At the beginning of combat During combat After manually refreshing the charpane (clicking on...
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    Bug - Fixed Friar's blessing not correctly tracked when done via relay browser

    I'm reporting this as a bug, although it may very well be a setting or something that I missed. If that's the case, my apologies. When I get my daily Friar's blessing via the relay browser, the buttons on the Daily Deeds tab in the mafia window are not disabled. Obtaining the blessing either...