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    auto_mushroom: the perfect mushroom-growing script

    I believe it needs to go in the planting folder for it to run automatically each day.
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    Testing map equality

    Is there a simple way to test if two maps are equal? The following command doesn't seem to work how I expected: > ash int[int] a; int[int] b; b[1]=1; print(a==b); true Returned: void I'm dealing with a multidimensional map, and short of checking every dimension recursively I can't really...
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    Bug - Not A Bug Lucky Lindy > 200 indicates semirare

    This is pretty uncommon, but if you drink a Lucky Lindy and burp a number higher than 200, it means that your very next adventure is a semirare. Right now it looks like Mafia just disregards the number if this pops up.
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    Bug - Not A Bug Tables in the gCLI mutliplying

    Java support has really gone downhill since Oracle bought Sun. It's really a shame but there is literally nothing that can be done by the KoLmafia team.
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    Official script registry - discussion

    I am perhaps a bit late to this discussion. I just found out about the script manager. It is pretty awesome! But I was wondering, how do I change the description of my scripts.
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    "conditions not satisfied after 1 adventure"

    I've noticed that, but I was automating 60 adventures when I had >100 left :/
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    "conditions not satisfied after 1 adventure"

    Every now and then, KoLmafia gets into this mode where it auto-adventures one time and then quits. I don't even really know what to ask since I can't really figure out a pattern for when this happens, but does anyone else run into this or can they explain it? I don't think it's a bug, it's more...
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    auto_mushroom: the perfect mushroom-growing script

    I guess it does. Theraze's explanation sounds pretty plausible to me. Anyway, I'm glad you noticed and got it working again. Sorry you missed a few cycles there.
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    Any chance of including The Sea in the list of optional quests?
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    Enhanced Inventory Spoilers

    I kinda forgot about this. It's fixed now. As a bonus, the gradient for elemental resistance / prismatic damage looks better in IE10.
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    Bounty Hunter Helper

    Yeah, this script is going to need some reworking. I've made lists of all the bounties i've seen from day to day and hopefully can figure out some of the more "exotic" math in the upcoming week or so when I get the chance.
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    This is quite thorough. Thanks!
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    Bug - Fixed "You challenged null and lost the PvP fight"

    Very minor bug. If you are in HC/ronin and do the CLI command to fight pvp and steal loot you get a message like > pvp loot Use all remaining PVP attacks to steal loot via best stat Attack 1 of 18 You challenged null and lost the PvP fight Attack 2 of 18 You challenged null and lost the PvP...
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    Character Info Toolbox

    Awesome, looks great!
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    Stop cooking/cocktailcrafting after chef or bartender explodes?

    Great idea for an alias, guys, it works perfectly! Thanks. Aliases are one feature of KoLmafia I always seem to forget about.
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    Character Info Toolbox

    I have a suggestion that might be neat. You know how you can click on an effect duration to use a SGEEA (if it's unshruggable)? It would be pretty neat if ChIT showed how many SGEEAs you had remaining before shrugging. Maybe in the tooltip or something?
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    Stop cooking/cocktailcrafting after chef or bartender explodes?

    Well I was trying to make peppermint drinks when I got some booze on day 1. Had to open the food dialog and uncheck the box that way. No big deal I guess but I wondered if there was something like "create! 2 crimbojito".
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    Stop cooking/cocktailcrafting after chef or bartender explodes?

    Ok another question! If I check that box, is there a way to tell the create command to override for a particular item? Or do I have to go in, uncheck the box, make my item and recheck the box? Thanks
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    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    Actual Zlib question! Is the function updatevars() an offically-supported function? It's not in the wiki, is it subject to change or are we safe to use it.