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  1. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    Identified a fix for this and will merge it when the tests pass in CI
  2. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    Yeah I also find the term spaghetti annoying. Mafia is hard to write and has been around for a long time. And we all put a lot of work into adding new code and improving old. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. I can do it but if you would be up for starting with a model implementation I could...
  3. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    I'd like to add it to the Booze ItemPanel so you can preview the adventure gain and (eventually) the effect details fluently in the GUI. I think doing that means we need a drink or at least create command for it. I know it can't be consumed in Grey You. I imagine oxy doesn't work because you...
  4. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    Ok I've also looked into adding it as a Concoction but it's not clear how I do it. @Veracity what do you think? I can make it sort of like sushi in that it is a pseudo item but with no ingredients. I can make it sort of like VIP hot dogs in that it is a weird ad-hoc concoction I could do it...
  5. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    Ah it's more complicated, the next effect and the current effect are different. Hmm. I suppose we can (for now, at least) have a pref like nextStillSuitEffect as a modifier list string. Thoughts?
  6. gausie

    New Content Tiny Stillsuit

    For further support I am thinking familiarSweat pref for tracking drams of familiar sweat Some sort of preference or set of preference that tracks the afore-mentioned subpoints. This could verbosely be stillSuitMuscleExp, stillSuitMystExp, stillSuitItemDrop etc etc. That probably works better...
  7. gausie

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    The problem here is that scripts wouldn't get an opportunity to evaluate whether they want to "spend" the item before doing so. In particular, day passes can vary wildly in cost. Maybe we want to change validate2 to do a *right now* check, and spin out a new function that suits up and/or uses...
  8. gausie

    Feature ASH location_accessible function.

    Thank you Veracity! This is great, exposing this to scripters will both help them and help us when they point out areas that it is missing. I think that the most use for scripts is going to be from validate2 (and validate1? I haven't read to see if you need to run both. Also maybe we should...
  9. gausie

    Feature Tracking zone types for the Cold Medicine Cabinet

    I had to read this quite a few times to understand it but are you saying that the environments stop being checked after the last consult? If so that's annoying because I've probably named this pref too widely. Noncombats are not tracked by design. The cellar is an odd one - what should it be...
  10. gausie

    CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location

    I think we could consider providing similar functionality in core mafia
  11. gausie

    Feature Add option to log CLI output to file

    The change can be applied to mirror, it's not really a defined interface that we need to not change at all
  12. gausie

    Bug Certain foldables triggering choice adventure abort

    Thanks V. We could consider changing the MafiaState.ABORT to MafiaState.ERROR but I'm also heartened somewhat that the change surfaced some actual bugs that we didn't know about and has lead to them being fixed.
  13. gausie

    Bug - Not A Bug _saberForceUses increment when visit_url is called

    I think may help with this one a little bit.
  14. gausie

    Bug Items registered as consumed upon funkslinging when it shouldn't

    Thanks pya. It would help me get to fixing it if you could you drop a DEBUG log for this happening?
  15. gausie

    Bug Updating .EXE causes all prefs to be lost

    I defer triage to a Windows user :)
  16. gausie

    Bug - Fixed Decorating Crimbo Shrub is marked as successful when it shouldn't be
  17. gausie

    Bug - Fixed Decorating Crimbo Shrub is marked as successful when it shouldn't be

    I will fix this but I must say that not checking you have an item before using it and then not checking you're in a choice before attempting to choose that choice is silly.
  18. gausie

    Bug - Fixed NPC store purchase with unequipable designer sweatpants
  19. gausie

    Feature Add option to log CLI output to file

    But why do you need html for that
  20. gausie

    Feature Add option to log CLI output to file

    I'm fine with changing mirror to more exactly copy the GCLI output but I must ask why on earth you want it