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    Testing map equality

    Is there a simple way to test if two maps are equal? The following command doesn't seem to work how I expected: > ash int[int] a; int[int] b; b[1]=1; print(a==b); true Returned: void I'm dealing with a multidimensional map, and short of checking every dimension recursively I can't really...
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    Bug - Not A Bug Lucky Lindy > 200 indicates semirare

    This is pretty uncommon, but if you drink a Lucky Lindy and burp a number higher than 200, it means that your very next adventure is a semirare. Right now it looks like Mafia just disregards the number if this pops up.
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    "conditions not satisfied after 1 adventure"

    Every now and then, KoLmafia gets into this mode where it auto-adventures one time and then quits. I don't even really know what to ask since I can't really figure out a pattern for when this happens, but does anyone else run into this or can they explain it? I don't think it's a bug, it's more...
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    Bug - Fixed "You challenged null and lost the PvP fight"

    Very minor bug. If you are in HC/ronin and do the CLI command to fight pvp and steal loot you get a message like > pvp loot Use all remaining PVP attacks to steal loot via best stat Attack 1 of 18 You challenged null and lost the PvP fight Attack 2 of 18 You challenged null and lost the PvP...
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    Bug - Not A Bug Modifier maximizer seems to be misbehaving

    I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong or how to get debug logs for the modifier maximizer, but here's my problem. When I type maximize +item -tie into the CLI, it equips the following: Hat: warbear dress helmet Back:  Camp Scout backpack Shirt: Grateful Undead T-shirt Weapon...
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    Stop cooking/cocktailcrafting after chef or bartender explodes?

    I could have sworn mafia has this feature, but I can't seem to find it. If I type "create 10 hot and sour sauce" in the CLI, and the chef-in-the-box explodes, it keeps making stuff anyway, using up my adventures. I think it might be that the "You are about to spend adventures crafting" dialog...
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    Bug - Not A Bug ash "contains" operator does not work for $strings

    > ash ($strings["a", "b c"] contains "a") Returned: false > ash boolean[string] k = $strings["a", "b c"]; (k contains "a") Returned: false doing it the "normal" way: > ash boolean[string] k; k["a"] = true; k["b c"] = true; (k contains "a") Returned: true for comparison: > ash...
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    Bug - Fixed property questF01Primordial is not updated at all

    Hi all, The property questF01Primordial does not ever seem to be updated. I did the entire quest and it still says unstarted, even after logging out and in and checking my quest log. Looks like the same is true of questF02Hyboria and questF03Future, except they show "finished".
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    Relay Task List (Programmable!)

    Relay Task List This is my newest relay override. It shows a task list at the bottom of main.php that shows stuff you still need to do. But unlike some other scripts that might be similar, this one is programmable using ASH. If you don't know anything about ASH programming, that's OK! The task...
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    Bug property "questG04Nemesis" not updated

    I finished a BIG! ascension as a DB and am doing the nemesis quest in aftercore. I've gotten to the island but the questG04Nemesis property is still "started". Apparently it's supposed to be on step3 by now?
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    The Unpermery override

    In case anyone doesn't know, you can unperm skills for the next 29 days in the account menu. I've added an unpermery override to my Modular Choice Override script. I have way too many skills to remember what they all do. It's not the prettiest but it should be helpful. Head over there to download.
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    Feature - Implemented better scripts menu

    My scripts menu is getting really full in mafia. Is there a way to make it multi-column (i.e., like this) or have some way to hide scripts or make a "favorites" list?
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    Improved Guild Trainer

    Well, since we are among a brand new revamp, I'm getting tired of trying to figure out what all these new skills do. I've made a relay override to help at the trainer. You can use it too if you type this into your CLI: svn checkout...
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    Feature - Implemented "planting" not a valid folder for SVN projects

    I'm moving all of my scripts to SVN to take advantage of the awesome new KoLmafia capability. However, my most popular script is auto_mushroom which uses the planting folder. However when I run svn checkout It blocks the...
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    Bug - Fixed api.php?what=status parse error: JSONObject["locked"] is not a Boolean

    I am getting this message in my CLI: api.php?what=status parse error: JSONObject["locked"] is not a Boolean. Then it spits out the JSON object from api.php: {"familiar_wellfed":0, "turnsthisrun":116, "stickers": [ 0, 0, 0 ], "mcd":0, "moxie":66, "mysticality":48, "equipment": {...
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    Bug - Not A Bug questL09Lol property does not reset to "unstarted" upon ascension

    I just ran a BIG! run and didn't do the baron sidequest. After ascending (I started a BM run), get_property("questL09Lol") still returns "step1" instead of "unstarted".
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    Bug - Won't Fix questL13Final property does not change after defeating the Naughty Sorceress

    Right now there is an issue. After beating the NS (on the Big! challenge path if it matters), the questL13Final property still was listed as "step5" until I went back and visited my quest log. is there any way to track when the NS has been defeated (but the king has not been liberated)? Or is...
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    How to tell if character has broken the prism?

    I'm trying to be able to tell if a character is in aftercore or not. I am not getting anywhere. Is there a function or property for this?
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    Feature - Implemented suppress CLI output for set_property() when setting properties names "_tempXXXXX"

    suppress CLI output for set_property() when setting properties names "_tempXXXXX" I know that "quiet mode" when setting KoLmafia properties has been rejected. However, some of my scripts use properties to communicate and it is awfully spammy in the CLI. I was wondering if it would be possible...
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    mafia "fighting" on multiple PCs

    I use mafia at work and at home. but one problem I have is if I accidentally leave Mafia running at work. If I then run it at home, both copies of the program continually try to re-log in, kicking the other offline. So it's impossible to do anything. Is there some sort of setting which tells...