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    Adding items to mall store defaults to adding all

    I just re-tested it on version 13.2 of Kolmafia, and It does not generate an error for me. Did you place it in the relay subfolder of your Kolmafia folder, and visit managestore.php in your relay browser, or did you try to run the script manually? Sorry I didn't reply sooner, Just been taking...
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    Help Ultra Rare bug?!?!

    The line before the line you are focusing on is where it's at. It says "insufficient health..." which triggered a restoration. In the process of restoration, kolmafia needed an item, and did a mall search for it. in the mall search Kolmafia encountered the store name and mis-took it for the...
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    Help, Mafia quit on me.

    The debug log should be right there in the same folder with kolmafia. Have you tried a completely new folder for Kolmafia to reside in yet? Be sure Kolmafia has read/write access to the folder it resides in also.
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    Java error

    You want someone to answer? OK, I don't know how helpful you will find this, but here it is: Sun may have removed a function from their pool of functions, or maybe they moved it to another file which is not currently imported by the file where the error came up. That answer may not be right...
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    Building from the SVN?

    Just a off the wall thought, you might have another version of java with settings interfering with the version you manually installed. If you think this might be the case: 1: uninstall all versions of java 2: restart, and check for lingering versions If there are any, return to step 1 3: start...
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    A couple of ASH questions

    I hate it when that happens. I especially hate it when what's made real obvious in the quote happens to me!!! Here's a thread that might be of interest:,528.0.html I looked at that code 3 times myself and missed that one.
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    Work in progress relay over-ride questions

    base.html goes in the scripts folder, the rest go in the relay folder. When you visit managecollection.php, 2 links are added to the top, and 2 more files are created in the scripts folder containing item lists. Those files can be deleted when not in use. The "Add multiple items" page is...
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    Not! Solved: cursor skipping around in mall search

    Re: cursor skipping around in mall search a second look revealed "Java Update was last run at 7:18 PM on 4/6/07" So I thought maybe that was the problem. updated Java to version 6 Update 5 (build 1.6.0_05-b13) Problem remains, but kolmafia runs a little faster. Edit: Problem persists in...
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    Not! Solved: cursor skipping around in mall search

    I'm looking for other users to join me with their computer info to hopefully get this resolved. In the mall search pane type in hot wad, then try to change it to cold wad by highlighting only the word hot and typing in cold. you will find yourself with "c wadold" unless you type very fast...
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    Items in lists appear twice

    looks like it's fixed:
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    idea for mementos

    I'm trying to make more use of the kolmafia UI interfaces, and reduce my dependence on scripts that "Mimic" kolmafia UI features. I have a script written as most of you know that handles inventory, and moves stuff where I want it to be, but I am wanting to start using kolmafia's mementos...
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    help a new guy get started

    One of this site's reason for being here is for people to learn about scripting. I learn new stuff all the time, and I try to help others when I can. Later Tebee, when you are typing up a new script the things I pointed out might just save you some typing. That's where it's at. Thank you...
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    help a new guy get started

    I can see some ways that script could be simplified reducing that 933 line count down. Maybe this info will make your future script writing easier # This returns the primary statistic for your character's class stat my_stat() { stat st; st = class_to_stat(my_class()); return st; } stat...
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    help a new guy get started

    import statements cannot be on line 512 of the file...unless there are 512 files being imported.
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    a note to forum admins

    I thought the badges had been done away with since I don't have it, but I do have the Moderator links. Since I see that other badges are re-appearing well...ya forgot one.
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    help a new guy get started

    Might snag the code here:,1473.0.html or it may be the inspiration for your own.
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    help a new guy get started

    OK, start by creating a new folder for kolmafia to reside in. This will minimize the "junk". Put kolmafia in the folder. write the script, look into turn burning scripts for a place to start doing what you are wanting. also visit the wiki to learn about functions in kolmafia ash scripting. The...
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    help a new guy get started

    You would do better to find someone to monitor it. Though Kolmafia is a really great program there is always the element of Jick making changes server side which break Kolmafia. Kolmafia was never intended to completely run a characters life, though I have in the past used it to do so. Even the...
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    Additional input and inventory management

    I looked over your code, and saw an issue (well it's something that would bug me). Depending on what you do in game that day you could be hitting the server 110 times for every 10 times you should be. I studied your code, and tried to come up with a way to use the server friendlier code above...
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    Additional input and inventory management

    Contains is a common operator in other programming languages, I figure by "equivalent" what was mean was "equal to contains in other languages".