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    Bug - Not A Bug monsterhpabove ccs predicate issues

    So, a sample of what I'm using here. [ of the woods ] if monsterhpabove 50 skill chop endif skill curdle Mafia's version of the monsterhpabove predicate seems to be borked, or it might just be KoL that's messed up. I have Monster Manuel, so I get exact data, but it seems that the...
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    Feature Have Gear Changer tab also check closet while in aftercore

    I end up using a PvP protection script to have my better stuff generally be safe once I break prism and go into aftercore for extended periods. Problem is I've seen that the Gear Changer tab - my main place where I check/equip things, sometimes the equipment bit in the Item Manager too - doesn't...
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    Feature - Rejected Fold Loathing Legion Knife into tradeable form upon Ascension

    Was helping out a friend of mine by sending them some of my Mr Store items for a softcore ascension he's about to go through. I was going to send my Loathing Legion Knife, but then realised I still had it in helicopter form, and thus couldn't send it to him. It's a small thing, but it could be...
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    autopermit and autoworthless help?

    A friend tells me that build 8759's autopermit and autoworthless make it so that you'll automatically grab any permits and worthless items from the sewer if you have "get hermit clovers" checked now. However, I still don't seem to be getting clovers from the hermit unless I manually do so...