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  1. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed typing login in gcli always performs a "logout" followed by error

    you can type "logout" in gcli to just quit back to the launcher login window. which works fine you can also type "login" in gcli which will perform a logout as above, then give an error saying it failed to login. and it always gives that error instead of successfully login.
  2. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed After ascension kol thinks you are an astral spirit until restart.

    > ash my_class() Returned: Astral Spirit primestat => Muscle this happens on all my account after ascending in r20482. Tested in both greygoo and kolhs paths. `refresh all` does not fix this visiting the char sheet does not fix this restarting mafia does fix it. closing mafia (to get...
  3. taltamir

    Bug minor issue. yearbookCameraTarget not reset on prism break

    property "yearbookCameraTarget" not reset to "" on prism break This is a fairly minor issue. but the property "yearbookCameraTarget" needs to be reset to a value of "" when you break the prism Also the variable "yearbookCameraPending" should be reset to "false" (unlike the other variable, I had...
  4. taltamir

    Bug Evoke Eldritch Horror disappearing enemy

    When I click on the button for evoke eldritch horror, it will load up the battle, then it will clear the page, then it will show the syntax checker box that says "No errors found (KoLmafia syntax checker v1.4)" That box is the only thing being shown on screen in the main page (it still shows the...
  5. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed Timeout in valhalla tries to run login scripts

    When you timeout in valhalla (such as due to minimizing the page for half an hour because the preascension script takes 5 minutes to do everything you want it to do). when you come back it performs a login, after which it determines that you are in a new ascension so it runs the post ascension...
  6. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed adv1 refuses to do tunnel of love when overdrunk

    You can do tunnel of love and its fights even when overdrunk. but adv1 refuses to let you saying that you are overdrunk When not drunk > ash adv1($location[The Tunnel of L.O.V.E.], -1, "") Visit to Town: The Tunnel of L.O.V.E. in progress... [739] The Tunnel of L.O.V.E. Encounter: The...
  7. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed Adventurous Spelunker record indicates it deals no physical damage

    > ash $familiar[Adventurous Spelunker].physical_damage Returned: false should be returning true. as it can attack and deal physical damage There is a deafening CRACK as Minnesota Olsen whips your foe for 11 damage.
  8. taltamir

    Bug When a standard ascension is finished update state of some things

    Various IOTM related things have their state tracking broken by ascending into a standard run or any other path that forbids their use, and then breaking the prism. When you start a standard ascension your ice house status is set no monster trapped, because ice house is an old IOTM derivative...
  9. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed java.lang.NullPointerException error

    I am getting a pretty weird error. debug log The CLI message is Current settings for greygoo: greygoo_guildUnlock = true ^unlock your class guild greygoo_bakeryHardcoreUnlock = true ^unlock madness bakery if in hardcore greygoo_bakerySoftcoreUnlock = true ^unlock madness bakery...
  10. taltamir

    New Content Track progress of The Wizard of Ego side quest

    Would be great if mafia tracked the progress of the wizard of ego side quest. I just did it in aftercore as a pastamancer with set logPreferenceChange = true and noticed there was not any tracking of its progress
  11. taltamir

    Bug - Not A Bug smithness items HP tracking issues

    There is an issue with mafia's HP tracking involving hand in glove and the other smithness items. Wearing the outfit: hairpiece on fire misty robe denim jacket sticky hand whip half a purse vicar's tutu plaid pocket square hand in glove ratskin belt I have a max HP of 271 CLI command unequip...
  12. taltamir

    Feature - Rejected mafia pinky ring auto use when you do not have one

    The preference "autoPinkyRing" does not account for the possibility that it is true and that you do not have a pinky ring. specifically if you do not have it, it should: 1. do not include it in adv gain calculation 2. do not try to equip it before drinking as it is, it just results in an error...
  13. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed Dependence day not detected on IRL date 0704

    Holidays can occur either due to IRL holidays or due to kol internal calendar. holiday() function does not detect dependence day when IRL date ends in 0704 aka 4th of july I can try to make a script recognize it via checking the date with today_to_string().substring(4, 8) == "0704" but even if...
  14. taltamir

    Bug crowd of adventurer bosses are not marked as bosses

    At the crowd of adventurers during the tower tests the bosses of each test are not recognized as bosses by mafia. They are: $monsters[Tasmanian Dervish, Mr. Loathing, The Mastermind, Seannery the Conman, The Lavalier...
  15. taltamir

    New Content - Implemented regression in questL10Garbage tracking in ed

    Previously this was fixed in But either it has regressed in a recent mafia build. Or mafia no longer auto corrects it when you click on the stalk in ed and it has been unlocked already [/COLOR]
  16. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed Clover tracking broken

    r20208 (and some versions before too) clover tracking is not working correctly anymore. acquire 1 ten-leaf clover adventure in haunted ballroom then CLI > use ten-leaf clover Using 1 ten-leaf clover... Updating inventory... KoL says don't have that item, but KoLMafia thinks you do, so...
  17. taltamir

    Bug - Not A Bug is_unrestricted() incorrectly thinks grimstone mask is unrestricted in ed

    In path "Actually Ed the Undying" the command > ash print(is_unrestricted($item[grimstone mask])); true This should return false not true Checking all paths in the wiki, Actually Ed the Undying is the only path with an explicit exception that forbids him from using the grimstone mask...
  18. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed Snojo images disappeared by mafia in disguise delimit path

    In disguise delimit path mafia disappears the snojo images. which makes it difficult to identify what mask the enemy is wearing.
  19. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed abort does not work in combat

    string test_combatHandler(int round, monster enemy, string text) { abort("test"); return "attack with weapon"; } run_combat("test_combatHandler"); this results in: 1. test_combatHandler will hit abort("test") and print a stack trace. it will stop running and will not do attack with...
  20. taltamir

    Bug - Fixed in actually ed mafia thinks we liberated the king when we just killed the enemy

    Happened on 3 accounts now mafia incorrectly thought i had liberated the king in Actually Ed The Undying path when I just defeated myself [811] Noob Cave Encounter: taltamir_no_MrStore the Adventurer Preference _lastCombatStarted changed from 20200609041611 to 20200609041612 Round...