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  1. fronobulax

    gCLI hopping about

    A change several weeks ago made it so that when you ran a script focus shifted to the gCLI window. That change was controversial but it has not been reverted. It is possible that is causing your problem. I have half-heartedly tried to revert that change and failed. maybe I should put more...
  2. fronobulax

    Feature ASH language server features

    The main proponent got mad at one of the devs (who can also moderate here) and disappeared. I never got the prototype to do anything I thought was useful but I understand my opinion of utility is not necessarily shared. @heeheehee seems to be the person likely to have the most informed...
  3. fronobulax

    KolMafia installs to SVN folder and then can't find scripts

    If by deleting and reinstalling mafia you mean making sure all the mafia created and used directories are deleted then OK. But the problem you described is unlikely to go away if C:\Users\Elyse\OneDrive\Desktop\KoLMafia\svn persists and some people say delete and reinstall KoLmafia when all...
  4. fronobulax

    KolMafia installs to SVN folder and then can't find scripts

    Superficially, that says that something on your machine is corrupted and the solution would be to uninstall/delete and reinstall. The nuclear option would be to delete and its contents and then try and update all of the scripts. A more nuanced approach would be to see which script thought it...
  5. fronobulax

    Proposal: Require Java 17 also seems to suggest no objections.
  6. fronobulax

    BatBrain -- a central nervous system for consult scripts

    I'll put this here because it didn't happen yesterday. Running VMF with SimpleSmack handling combat. VMF stops because SS thinks I am on my own. Relay browser at this point does not have option to enable BatManRE and running the combat script does nothing. I attack my way out of it...
  7. fronobulax

    Bug - Fixed Undesirable re-purchase of etched hourglass when not found in inventory

    Using the relay browser initiation of pull all it takes anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes of wall clock time before the relay browser and gCLI indicate to me that they are done. I presume my laptop and/or internet connection are slower than other people's or it may be my speed is dependent upon...
  8. fronobulax

    Bug - Fixed Undesirable re-purchase of etched hourglass when not found in inventory

    My experience with synch problems after pull all seems to be rooted in the fact that something else was being done while the pull all was executing. Thus my hypothesis is that the root cause was that one or more inventory operations was not thread safe. A refresh whatever probably won't hurt...
  9. fronobulax

    Bug - Fixed Evil Eyes Not Being Tracked

    <veer> Might be a worthwhile feature request to ask to include some of the system data (mafia version, Java version, etc.) that is in a debug log header in the session log as well.
  10. fronobulax

    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    It looks to me like it is installed when BatBrain is installed via SVN. You may already have it and just need to change your CCS.
  11. fronobulax

    ZLib -- Zarqon's useful function library

    Just so you don't think you are crazy, a long time ago I had similar behavior. There was an expression, associated with a skill, in a data file and the expression was syntactically incorrect. I would get the error when BatBrain was interested in using the skill but not otherwise. The error...
  12. fronobulax

    r26414 - Enable icon images for windows by @libraryaddict

    And, as you have noticed, I managed to restart the test and it worked to completion.
  13. fronobulax

    r26414 - Enable icon images for windows by @libraryaddict

    Sorry, I delayed pushing it in hopes someone on another OS would comment. FWIW I have never seen the lime glass icon on Windows. Before this I always saw the Java Cup icon. But, yeah, it wasn't expected to change anything on another OS.
  14. fronobulax

    New Content Journeyman path

    That could be trivially done by a user who wants it once there item is defined and there is a daily preference that tells whether it has been used or not.
  15. fronobulax

    New Content Item Manager Interface attempts to queue more items than can be pulled

    I thought some of these had been dealt with but I am not running code to confirm my (faulty?) memory. Superficially some of the things you suggest need to be done only apply to softcore while in ronin. I do know that when I use Storage, while in SC/ronin it does not ask me how many to pull (or...
  16. fronobulax

    Feature - Rejected Get Equipment

    What's your expected use/benefit? You clearly know how to write a script that does the same thing so why should this be a function included in, and supported by KoLmafia, as opposed to something a scripter has included in a library that is maintained by the scripter?
  17. fronobulax

    Upgraded to recent Mafia build, now tab switches to "Graphical CLI" on script run. How to stop?

    Until some of the devs who have been around for a while walk away from KoLmafia, using the word "annoy" (or variations) about a feature of a free program supported by volunteers is a good way to get ignored. That said, I believe the behavior was introduced with PR #751...
  18. fronobulax

    Feature Ctrl+K search pop-up

    Full disclosure. I did not see the MRU sorting issue on two accounts today. I confirmed it is still happening on a third account but yesterday and today there was also a debug log and it is quite possible that the change exposed a bug rather than created one.
  19. fronobulax

    Feature Ctrl+K search pop-up

    Actually the Script MRU is and has been optional since it was first implemented. A user opts in to using the MRU, derived from activity, rather than the standard list derived from the file system, by setting scriptMRULength to a positive value. The ordering and the dynamic nature of the...
  20. fronobulax

    Feature Ctrl+K search pop-up

    I'll report these here. 1) I run a script from the Script menu. Previously doing so had no effect on what mafia windows were displayed. Now running the scrip also shifts focus to the gCLI window. I prefer the old way. 2) I run a script from the Script menu. Then I run it again...