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    Feature Some tabs moved to the bottom of the interface

    Not sure if I should mark this as a bug, but after a recent change, I think r26267, the tabs on panels for e.g. store manager have moved to the bottom of the interface. They show up on the top if I have it as a standalone window. The ergonomics of this change are ... not good. On the...
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    Bug encountersUntilNEPChoice set to 6, not 7 after NEP choice

    encountersUntilNEPChoice is set to 7 when hitting the NEP choice adventure, but then decremented to 6 when doing anything in there. As a result, it miscounts by one when the next encounter is (reaches 0, then another encounter, then NEP choice).
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    Bug - Fixed Optimizing to a slot fails with debug log since build 19966

    Using e.g. the maximizer string "HP, hat" results in the attached debug log.
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    Bug - Fixed Monsters with variable names no longer identified

    Last couple of days I've noticed that e.g. the sloppy seconds diner monsters aren't translated to Sloppy Seconds Burger/Cocktail/Sundae, so my CCS can't find the right section and there's no decoration in the relay browser. I tried reverting to a version I was sure it had worked in, based on the...
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia shows too large +item% for stinky fannypack (r19344)

    In most zones it currently shows +400% item, where it should be +0%. In vacation zones it shows +280%, where it should be +40%. It uses the zone() function in modifiers.txt, which I think was recently changed.
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    Bug "validate scriptname" on a non .ash script actually executes script

    Not sure this classifies as a bug as such, though I consider it at least unexpected behavior to actually execute a script one calls with "validate" or "check". I can understand that syntax checking .txt scripts would be a considerable thing to add, but at least either failing the command with an...
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    Bug - Fixed Some monsters no longer have relay browser decoration

    Since r18835, some monsters aren't getting elemental alignment coloring and stat listings in the relay browser. Seems to be when the monster has a capital letter in the name.
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    Bug - Fixed Maximizer bjonifies wrong familiar for MP with moxie magnet

    When maximizing for MP and the moxie magnet is selected, the maximizer will still bjornify the mayo wasp (+15% myst), instead of e.g. the nosy nose (+15% moxie), which would give a higher score. If I manually swap them out and try maximizing again, it will show only a bjorn familiar swap with a...
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    Bug - Fixed New-You quest parameters not set for some monsters

    The NEW_YOU_QUEST_PATTERN in src/net/sourceforge/kolmafia/persistence/ only matches on "encounters with a ", while some monsters (e.g. undead elbow macaroni) will have "encounters with an ".
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    Bug - Fixed Eagle's milk gives 3-4 adventures

    src/data/fullness.txt currently lists it as 4 adventures.
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia doesn't remember I ice housed something

    For a long time, the monster in the ice house remained in banishedMonsters across rollover and ascension. Recently I've noticed this was cleared every rollover, so I have to go look at the ice house for mafia to pick it up again.
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    Bug Nemesis assassin timer not working for b?arnaise zombie

    I've noticed that the nemesis assassin window timers didn't get set when encountering the b?arnaise zombie. It looks like the code tries to match on "béarnaise zombie", but é isn't in the UFT-8 encoded HTML: <td valign=center>You're fighting <span id='monname'>a b?arnaise zombie</span>
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    Bug Relay CLI commands URL decoded twice

    In line 2829, commands submitted from e.g. cli.html are URL decoded. However, the command is already URL decoded in line 763. The most visible result is that expressions involving + can't be used in the relay browser CLI.
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    New Content - Implemented Changed button text in Lights Out in the Library

    The button text in Lights Out in the Library has changed from "Go to the Childrens' Section" to "Go to the Children's Section", so mafia doesn't pick that choice when automating the Lights Out quest.
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    Bug - Fixed equip_all_familiars() does not respect "autoSatisfyWithCloset"

    I generally use my closet to store things I want mafia to ignore, so I have autoSatisfyWithCloset set to false. But today I noticed that equip_all_familiars() will take familiar equipment from the closet despite this.
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    Bug - Fixed Unable to tell how many obsolete free pull items I have in storage, while in run

    storage_amount lists all free pulls as 0, but will show them in available_amount. I am not sure what the reasoning behind that is, but I can for the most part work around it for the needs I have. The problem is that if the path is Standard-restricted, available_amount also says 0 items when...
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    Bug - Fixed Use link missing on acquiring tomb ratchets

    Recently, the use link with wheel+ratchet counts has gone missing on the "You acquire an item: tomb ratchet" message. The wheels still show the count on acquisition. I've seen this reported in clan chat, the game forum, and I just encountered it myself again today.
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    Feature "breakfast" doesn't visit all of the clan rumpus room

    In ClanRumpusRequest.getBreakfast, the list of rumpus room equipment is iterated through and the requests prepared, but never run. So e.g. the meat equipment isn't harvested.
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    Bug - Fixed Restorer proxy fields incorrectly 0 on some items

    While scripting I discovered that many restoring items had 0 in minhp/maxhp/minmp/maxmp despite being defined in restores.txt. It appears that this happens for every item that has a capital letter in its name.
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    Bug - Fixed Mafia thinks all my stuff is still in storage after pulling all

    I'm getting gateway timeouts when pulling all, which is probably the root cause for me (I'm guessing a moved-to-the-butt issue). However, the actual bug is that "refresh storage" doesn't update things, because api.php returns [] for empty storage, which causes StorageRequest to get passed a null...