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    ? I fixed that four months ago, on release. Running "svn update" in the graphical CLI should provide the update.
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    Update released. Kind of incomplete, but has a new resource bar and show/hide buttons.
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    Crimbo 2020

    Balance voting is now disabled by default, as cheer has been dethroned of its day-one lazy votes. Script will pick a random choice at startup unless specified otherwise. Old option available under “balance”. Run "set chatbotScript=Crimbo2020CrateChatbot.ash" in the graphical CLI. It will...
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    Crimbo 2020

    Gain is another script I wrote that the farming script uses if you have it installed. I think it's in dependencies.txt now, but it's not critical to functioning - you can ignore that error. Just be sure to buff up yourself.
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    New Content Crimbo 2020

    Choice adventure 1439 (Spread Crimbo Spirit) can be walked away from, it doesn't trap you in choice.php.
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    Crimbo 2020

    Set of scripts for this crimbo. Run this installation command in the graphical CLI: svn checkout Scripts included: sendcrate - sends all three crates to target player, if we have any. Crimbo2020SendBackCrates - sends back crates to all...
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    Add that and more effects. I thought about testing against the nohookah attribute effects have, but there is an inconsistency; I believe "nohookah" and "wishable" may be two different things. These are effects that Mafia believes are nohookah, but are wishable with the genie, as of r20527:
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    20523: This patch should handle relay scripts correctly, both override scripts and those from the...

    Hmm. Perhaps I should rename relay_Guide.js to Guide.js, due to this ambiguity. (at the moment it shows up in the menu, as it should under this new paradigm) Does that cause a user-side pop-up to appear, when you add a new file? I can't remember. If I do that, you might want to consider...
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    New Content - Implemented Standard 2020

    Zone numbers have changed for The Copse of the Deep Fat Friars, as part of the mini revamp there. The Dark Elbow of the Woods is now adventure.php?snarfblat=539 The Dark Heart of the Woods is now adventure.php?snarfblat=540 The Dark Neck of the Woods is now adventure.php?snarfblat=541
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    Bug - Fixed Recognize that we've left the Council in KoE

    This also happened to me; the cause was the hosts override I posted about a few months ago. If you're using that, remove it and you should be able to log in again? It might not be necessary anymore.
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    Delay burning across rollovers?

    Are you on a Mac? Try typing "quit" into the Graphical CLI, versus the menu item. I suspect something changed with java or mac APIs, that KoLmafia menu>Quit no longer executes mafia's teardown code, and turns_spent is only written to disk then. You can test this: > ash $location[noob...
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    Lag issues and timeouts

    Oh, I've been studying this; I used to have these issues until I engineered a fix for my end. What I've noticed: It seems to happen in batches; when running turns on two mafia instances at once, they both lag at the same time. Inside of mafia, you can replicate the issue by...
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    Bug - Fixed Runaway causes mafia to report "cannot find monster"

    I also have some fight html that ends early, from a multi. Testing it with your method: > test load badfight1.txt Read 12,899 bytes into a 12,899 character string > test fight 1 Round 1: Ezandora casts SUMMON LOVE MOSQUITO! Round 2: Ed the Undying (7) takes 10 damage. Seems to stop...
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    Bug - Fixed Runaway causes mafia to report "cannot find monster"

    I personally see this often during the seventh ed the undying fight: [346] The Lower Chambers Encounter: Ed the Undying Round 0: Ezandora wins initiative! run_combat() Weapon damage: 27.5 (109.1), Elemental bonus weapon damage: 65.0, Hit rate: 0.16, Using stat for attack: 151, Chance of...
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    Bug - Fixed use sewing kit tracking issue

    restores.txt should change the sewing kit entry to: sewing kit item 1000 1000 0 0 0 [1-pref(_sewingKitUsed)]
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    When I wrote it, I didn't notice that part of the wiki, and picked islands that looked okay. I thought about changing it, but, that means I'd have to run the numbers myself on how optimal everything is.
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    Yes. It also handles combat, so long as you have stuffed mortar shell, saucegeyser, weapon of the pastalord, or saucestorm. It... already does this? > piraterealm any PirateRealm v1.0.1 You'll need forty adventures to start.
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    New Content - Implemented July 2019 IotM - Beach Comb

    Could add a _property for tracking free minutes used, and a _property for knowing which head buffs we've used today. (you can only pick each one once/day)
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    PirateRealm Farms fun points in PirateRealm. Installation Run this command in the graphical CLI: svn checkout Commands any: default, which is key key / isla gublar / signal/tiki island keyonly: only collect the daily dungeon key...
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    New Content - Implemented July 2019 IotM - Beach Comb

    All of the beach head effects: -------------------- 2477 Hot-Headed beachface1.gif af5a99b27a8c15613c6bcc38df7ce1b7 Effect Hot-Headed Hot Resistance: +3, Hot Damage: +15, Hot Spell Damage: +15 -------------------- -------------------- 2480 Does It Have a Skull In There?? beachface4.gif...