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  1. xKiv

    Bug InvalidClassException for Mafia r20602 and openjdk 14.0.2

    Maybe, but it's not intended to be sensitive to private fields ... It's still a more likely candidate for causing this than an import in a different class file. Imports should be *completely* irrelevant to runtime.
  2. xKiv

    Bug InvalidClassException for Mafia r20602 and openjdk 14.0.2

    Untill RollingLinkedList has an explicit UID, it can be a problem for anyone who uses different builds of mafia at all - for example because they are updating daily to daily builds. Any build is free to just randomly decide to generate a different UID. Please, read the actual error message. It...
  3. xKiv

    Bug InvalidClassException for Mafia r20602 and openjdk 14.0.2

    RollingLinkedList inherits the interface from LinkedList, which explicitly implents it. All subclasses of Serializable classes are Serializable. You said you "only checked it against OpenJDK 15", is that the jdk you use for everything? For some reason I was under the impression that you used a...
  4. xKiv

    Bug InvalidClassException for Mafia r20602 and openjdk 14.0.2

    Yet, that's the class whose serialVersionUID changed. Possibly "since the default serialVersionUID computation is highly sensitive to class details that may vary depending on compiler implementations and can produce different serialVersionUID in different environments." (like a different JDK...
  5. xKiv

    Bug InvalidClassException for Mafia r20602 and openjdk 14.0.2

    The error says RollingLikedList, though: net.sourceforge.kolmafia.utilities.RollingLinkedList; local class incompatible: stream classdesc serialVersionUID = 4326148971984844054, local class serialVersionUID = 372957009574810117 Conjecture: the error went away...
  6. xKiv

    Abandoned Scripts

    Uh ... all of this? > "something went wrong" while updating (merge conflict, network down halfway through download, power failure, ...). You should have as much conflict resolved as possible "somewhere else" where you can restart the update process cleanly without breaking anything that's...
  7. xKiv

    Abandoned Scripts

    If you ignore the part where I explained how your only copy can get clobbered.
  8. xKiv

    Abandoned Scripts

    Not copying has 2 problems: 1) you can still have the same filename in more than one place (directories within one script, or within multiple scripts). What's the rule for resolving such files? From CLI? From within a script that doesn't have that file in its repository? Script that does have...
  9. xKiv

    Feature - Rejected Prevent mixing requests from different characters

    I think that's what head/base@href is for: <head> <base href=""> </head> But it could still break full URLs, and also possibly any kol-side javascript that would want to manipulate/parse URLs directly.
  10. xKiv

    Bug JavaScript bugs

    I thought that you can have multiple copies of relay_X.ash *and* relay_X.js throughout the relay/*/ hierarchy and the dropdown would display all of them (without paths), but only the relay/ directory itself seems to be scanned for that purpose. This means that you are right for the browser...
  11. xKiv

    Bug xpath() does not recognize contains()

    So apparently HtmlCleaner (which is what mafia uses inside ASH's xpath function) doesn't support xpath fully, not even version 1.0: That stackoverflow answer suggests converting HtmlCleaner's output to a...
  12. xKiv

    Upcoming site updates

    1) I see "read" status of messages did not migrate. This is ultraminor issue, especially if it was not supposed to migrate. 2) Are there color schemes? I liked the blue&gold. Now I need a few seconds to realize which site I am looking at >_>
  13. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Army of Toddlers kill weirdness

    Considering how long the place can care for them even when I don't log in at all, I expect that when I ascend they all grow up, become adventurers, and get beaten up by monsters.
  14. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed extra intraneous scrollbar

    If you are changing a .js file, you need to take into account browser caching. And, iirc, javascript files are cached way more aggressively than everything else, to the point that even clearing cache (often?) doesn't remove them from the cache. This is why those files are versioned by changing...
  15. xKiv

    New Content - Implemented April 2020 IOTM: sinistral homunculus

    You can wrap the call in another function whose entire purpose is to return a value that will be captured. That does (or at least should, according to my understanding) the same thing AND you can give it a silly name.
  16. xKiv

    Bug - Waiting for Info Performance issue

    Many years ago, I ran my own profiling and found this too (except it was close to 90% of all runtime; maybe it was ADventureResult.compareTo too). So I went and changed things a bit around so that the next profiling looked much better. Then I realized that my "performance" problems were not CPU...
  17. xKiv

    Can scripts take an optional input?

    I *think* you can have multiple main functions (with different signatures) And then call them likde script # no argument - main() script bla bla bla # one argument main(string) or main(int) or ... script (bla, bla, bla) # three arguments main(string,string,string) or ....; note the space between...
  18. xKiv

    Bug Java 14 no longer compatible with (current) svnkit

    I did NOT get the same error with jdk_1.8.0_131 either, FWIW (on windows). (and then I waited several hours to post this, oops) (but at least it got me to upgrade to jdk 14 and corresponding eclipse, so *something* good happened from it?)
  19. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Java 14 no longer compatible with (current) OSXAdapter

    Well ... yours seems to be doing much larger range than expected ...
  20. xKiv

    Bug - Fixed Java 14 no longer compatible with (current) OSXAdapter

    IIRC it's because new Integer(int) always creates a new object. You are supposed to use Integer.valueOf(int) instead, it will use cached objects for some predetermined range of small ints (-128..127 or something, but any implementation can change this). This can be important for performance (you...