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  1. Pazleysox

    Question about custom combat script / banishing

    Ran into this today while working with my free fights script: [17077] The Hidden Bowling Alley Encounter: pygmy janitor Round 0: pazsox wins initiative! KoLmafia thinks it is round 2 but KoL thinks it is round 1 Round 1: pazsox casts REFLEX HAMMER! pygmy janitor banished by Reflex Hammer. This...
  2. Pazleysox

    Never seen this before

    I haven't ascended in a few months, so I haven't seen this. Maybe it's been there for a while, and I just haven't paid attention, but because the steel margarita isn't available anymore, should it still be on there?
  3. Pazleysox

    Cagebot / Scripting question.

    I found this thread, started by Alhifar about a Cagebot. It was very useful to start my own script. It was obviously out of date, having not been updated in probably 10 years. I already have a bot that can switch clans, and I've making a new chatbot was simple enough for me to do. Here's...
  4. Pazleysox

    Feature - Rejected LavaCo Lamp

    Is it possible to have mafia equip the lamp that is best suited for your class? I have all 3 colors, and it looks like Mafia always equips the green one. I'm typically a muscle class, and would benefit from the red one. I don't always remember to switch it, and I know a script could be easily...
  5. Pazleysox


    ash who_clan() returns this: PazSox => true Ruby => true Skf => true Doing /who clan, returns (virtually) the same on the events tab. When I open a relay browser, open chat, and do /who, it shows me that Ruby, and Skf are away from chat. I've tried this in 2 separate clans. I"m using build...
  6. Pazleysox


    foreach it in $items[] { int nt = to_int(numeric_modifier(it,"Adventures")); if ( nt > 0 && can_equip(it) && is_unrestricted(it) ) { if (available_amount(it)>0) My standard rollover bonus uses that code. The script looks at ALL items, and spits out ALL items...
  7. Pazleysox

    map_to_file ...Error?

    I've been using this code for many months for my chatbot to help people in dreadsylvania with element, and monster banishing. I only just found out today that if a user has a space in their name, the script aborts. I did not write this, it was written for me. record note {...
  8. Pazleysox

    Bug - Not A Bug Mallmode error?

    I was scripting some turns, and this happened: In mallmode, couldn't find a best restorative. Huh? Please report this error on the forums! Not sure how much info to include, so I'll give you what I can. I was running my 'Rollover Management' script, which I've been running for a...
  9. Pazleysox

    Feature - Rejected Option to re-equip item

    I got my "I Voted!" Sticker today, and had the option to equip it right away in the accessory slot of my choice. I chose #1, which un-equipped my bejeweled pledge pin. I needed my pin equipped to finish the level 12 quest. My request is when an item is equipped, can we have the option to...
  10. Pazleysox

    Watching a script run

    Is there a setting so I can watch what a script does? I have a script that's getting hung up, and I don't know on what line. I wanted to know if I can see the code as the script is being run?
  11. Pazleysox

    Bug There is no swimming pool in this clan... But there is!

    Here's what my CLI said when I logged in today. It's likely said this for a while, I just never noticed it before. I'm running build 19077. I looked at my session logs, and it doesn't say anything about no swimming pool on any day, including current session, on which this happened. I did not...
  12. Pazleysox


    I've been looking around for an ash command that will return what time rollover happens. MrEdge73's script has "MinutesToRollover()", but I know that command doesn't work anymore. He also has the command "WaitMinutes()", and I know that doesn't work either. I can type /rollover into the...
  13. Pazleysox

    matcher issue

    Why does this fail: void main() { string thesea = visit_url("main.php"); matcher need = create_matcher( "title=\"(\w+) (\w+)" , thesea ); { need.find(); string group1= 1 ); { print(group1); } } } and this works: string CheckGrinderNext= visit_url(...
  14. Pazleysox

    Chat Time Out

    Is there a way to prevent chat from "timing out"? I have a chatbot that I'm trying to keep active, even when chat is not. It's not a monitored account, so if I have to spam the account with private messages, that's ok. I tried this, but it didn't fire off often enough. int timetoroll =...
  15. Pazleysox

    Kramco Sausage Maker

    I got tired of clicking a bunch of times to make my sausage every day. This script will make sausage for you, assuming you have enough "units of filling". v1.0 It will first check to see if you have any sausage casings, stopping if none. Then it checks to see if you have enough "units of...
  16. Pazleysox

    Searching map_to_file

    Is it possible to search for a specific word, or set of words inside a map?
  17. Pazleysox

    get_property question

    if ($item[Thor's Pliers].available_amount() >= 1 && get_property("_thorsPliersCrafting") == 0) { bat_jacket = bat_jacket + 10; } if ($item[Thor's Pliers].available_amount() >= 1 && get_property("_thorsPliersCrafting") == 1) { bat_jacket = bat_jacket + 9; } if ($item[Thor's...
  18. Pazleysox


    I'm running free turns with Eldritch Attunement active, so I can max out my free fights. { if (have_familiar($familiar[machine elf])) { cli_execute("familiar machine elf"); } { while (to_int(get_property("_machineTunnelsAdv")) < 5 ) adv1($location[The Deep Machine...
  19. Pazleysox

    Equipping specific wapon type

    Equipping specific weapon type Is there a way to have mafia search/equip for a specific weapon type? I'm working on a script that will run all free fights, and if the character is a Seal Clubber, then they will need a club to fight infernal seals. I don't want to assume people have a specific...
  20. Pazleysox

    Bug Experience Safari

    Casting Experience Safari 2 times... You acquire an effect: On Safari (10) Experience Safari was successfully cast I was trying to cast this on a clan member through Mafia's skill tab. It not only didn't cast it on them, but it didn't cast it twice (which I can certainly do)