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    Bug is_npc_item() returns false for mystic/star chart despite those both being shop.php

    As stated in the title both the mystic shop and the star chart are shop.php but their items dont show up as true for is_npc_item(). This is relevant because pizza cube wont let you use as an ingredient anything that comes from shop.php, which in this case would include white pixels, star hats...
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    Feature Comprehensive Cartographic Compendium choice adventure spoilers

    In honor of me screwing up and selecting the wrong choice adventure in The Dark Neck of the Woods I propose adding choice adventure spoilers to the Map encounters. This should provide helpful spoilers to : Choice 1427 is The Hidden Junction Choice 1428 is Your Neck of the Woods Choice 1429 is...
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    Feature - Implemented Muffin Tin reminder for Valhalla

    I was thinking it would be a cool idea to have a reminder in ValhallaDecorator to remember to request your muffin so you get your tin in your next life. I tried making a patch here but I have run into some issues. My first issue was that upon requesting the muffin...
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    Feature - Implemented 2CRS seed updates

    Hi all, So as some may know I recently setup some spading multis so I can easily spade the 2CRS seed changes when effects get reshuffled which seems to happen when buffs get reclassified as nohookah or move in and out of the positive/negative buffs pool. I have a process which then runs and...