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  1. ckb

    use seal tooth opens window

    When I use a seal tooth, from a CLI command or in a script, it opens a "Bloody Hand" popup from a minibrowser window. I could no find where or why Mafia does this - it seems unnecessary, and it does not do this for any other items I have found. Is there a way to disable this popup?
  2. ckb

    Feature Treat configurable items like foldable in Maximizer

    The Maximiser will not fold items during maximization if "maximizerFoldables" is false. 'Foldable' items are items that can be 'folded' to create other items with other enchantments. There are a few 'configurable' items that can be 'configured' (with no limits) to create the same item with...
  3. ckb

    Bug CHEAT CODE skills do not multi cast

    For $skill[CHEAT CODE: Invisible Avatar] and $skill[CHEAT CODE: Triple Size], Mafia will not cast multiples. Skill will only be cast once: > cast 3 CHEAT CODE: Triple Size You acquire an effect: Triple-Sized (20) CHEAT CODE: Triple Size was successfully cast. > ash...
  4. ckb

    Feature max cast HP skills

    Feature: use * to max cast skill that use HP instead of MP For most skills, "cast * skill" will use all remaining MP to cast that skill as many times as possible. This does not work for skills that use HP (such as Blood Bond), failing with the error: Not enough mana to cast Blood Bond. It...
  5. ckb

    Bug Maximizer NullPointerException

    I seem to [sometimes] get a NullPointerException during Maximize in one of my scripts. Re-running the script after this happens continues as normal. Not sure what/why. DEBUG log attached.
  6. ckb

    Feature - Implemented Add [turn] to Dr. Awkward fight log

    Most all things that take turns or involve combat add a turn [number] to the Mafia session longs, but the Dr. Awkward fight does not: Visiting Dr. Awkward's office Encounter: Dr. Awkward Took choice 131/1: War, sir, is raw! choice.php?whichchoice=131&option=1&pwd Encounter: Dr. Awkward Round 0...
  7. ckb

    maximizer inconsistency

    Working with the maximizer to set Drip equipment. I want to specify max muscle, with at least / at most 1 each elemental damage, and equip Drip items. If I do that, I can succeed with this: Maximizer: 0.1 mus, Never Fumble, -familiar, min 1.0 cold damage, min 1.0 hot damage, min 1.0 sleaze...
  8. ckb

    Feature Steal Kramco Sausage-o-Matic from Left-Hand Man

    If you have a Kramco Sausage-o-Matic, but it is equipped on your Left-Hand Man, Mafia believes "You do not have a Kramco Sausage-o-Matic", so you cannot make new magical sausages. It would be nice if Mafia would steal this from the familiar equipment if/when necessary.
  9. ckb

    Bug - Fixed $skill[CHEAT CODE: Triple Size] not recognized after freeking

    This is hard to verify and reproduce - not difficult hard, just really time consuming hard. Have a Powerful Glove, be in a Plumber run Free the King, choose a new class, become born back into the Kingdom Aftercore Mafia does not recognize that you have $skill[CHEAT CODE: Triple Size], even if...
  10. ckb

    Bug - Fixed comments in plural typed strings

    Not sure if this is truly a bug or just a way strings work, but you cannot add in-line comments to plural typed strings in the same way you can with other data types. Easy to work around, but it makes me sad when I cannot add comments to make things pretty. This code: foreach it in $items[...
  11. ckb

    Bug - Won't Fix tracking with Use the Force

    Occasionally, I have noticed some of my tracking properties have gotten out of sync. I believe this happens when a tracked skill is used, then combat ends by later using "Use the Force" Example: I execute an attack macro "abort hppercentbelow 20; abort pastround 25; skill Offer Latte to...
  12. ckb

    Bug java.lang.NullPointerException during maximize

    Script execution aborted (java.lang.NullPointerException) This happened during a maximize. Re-running the script was successful, so I could not replicate it, though it has happened before. Posting debug log. Sorry there is not more info, but this is all I know.
  13. ckb

    Bug - Waiting for Info _universeCalculated not incremented

    If you Calculate the Universe with numberology 51 to fight War Frat 151st Infantryman with a Saber and Use the Force, then the "fight" never actually happens. I believe Mafia increments "_universeCalculated" only after the fight, but because the fight never happens, I don't think it is...
  14. ckb

    Bug - Fixed _sausageFights incremented for copied Sausage Goblins

    AFAIK "_sausageFights" should track the number of encountered Sausage Goblins from the semi-random encounters when wearing the Kramco Sausage-o-Matic. If you copy a sausage goblin into the future (using Digitize or Romantic arrow or Wink-At or maybe LOV Enamorang or others), when you encounter...
  15. ckb

    Feature - Implemented allow property choiceAdventureXXX=URL

    Most choiceAdventures are a single choice option, so setting choiceAdventureXXX=N works fine. However, some choiceAdventures take multiple arguments and therefor are not handled by a single int. Could we allow some property choiceAdventureXXX=URL, so if the property is set to something that is...
  16. ckb

    Bug - Won't Fix Stack overflow

    I am not sure if this is really a bug or more of a "don't do that" moment, but writing a function that references itself creates a Stack overflow. (I did this recently by mistake, code verified with the script below.) Stack overflow during ASH script: (001-ashtest.ash, line 1) void SayHi() {...
  17. ckb

    Feature - Implemented Add active effects to potions panel

    The potions panel is great - especially in TCRS. It would be extra useful if for every potion / effect it also displayed the number of active effects of the given effect for every potion. This would save flipping back and forth between panels to see how many more turns of an effect and how...
  18. ckb

    Feature - Implemented to_item("[XXX]") return $item[none] for non-valid [XXX] strings

    Per this discussion, make to_item("[XXX]") return $item[none] for [XXX] strings that are not valid item id numbers.
  19. ckb

    to_item() results

    I am not sure exactly what is happening here, and I think this might have to do with the fact that to_item() can take lots of argument types, and sometimes items can start with [itemid] numbers... but this does not give the result I expect: > ash to_item("[consumables]"); Returned: [0] name =>...
  20. ckb

    Javascript color/image help

    In my Invetory WTF script, I include some colored images for certain items to change them to colored versions (pixels, potions, wads, etc.). I do this for some items that are elemetal in nature, or colored in nature. Currently, this is done by creating colored images of each item, then replacing...