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    Work in progress relay over-ride questions

    base.html goes in the scripts folder, the rest go in the relay folder. When you visit managecollection.php, 2 links are added to the top, and 2 more files are created in the scripts folder containing item lists. Those files can be deleted when not in use. The "Add multiple items" page is...
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    Not! Solved: cursor skipping around in mall search

    I'm looking for other users to join me with their computer info to hopefully get this resolved. In the mall search pane type in hot wad, then try to change it to cold wad by highlighting only the word hot and typing in cold. you will find yourself with "c wadold" unless you type very fast...
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    idea for mementos

    I'm trying to make more use of the kolmafia UI interfaces, and reduce my dependence on scripts that "Mimic" kolmafia UI features. I have a script written as most of you know that handles inventory, and moves stuff where I want it to be, but I am wanting to start using kolmafia's mementos...
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    Not a Kolmafia problem but...

    From my understanding Fnord7 does not want to update his mallbot, and there's been problems getting the original code to work on another character/machine with another operator. I wouldn't ask this question here, but it relates to KOL, and I think I may have a mistake either in my encoding of...
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    Internal database files*checkout*/kolmafia/src/data/itemdescs.txt*checkout*/kolmafia/src/data/tradeitems.txt There is a "1" on the first line of both files. I'm wondering if they're supposed to be there or not? If they're supposed...
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    File naming in the relay folder.

    Recently I attempted to update upups pricegun with my own set of item values, and on my road to doing so found it to be more difficult than I thought it would be. I know pricegun is a greasemonkey script, but one of my attempts to update will give the reason for posting here. In the relevant...
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    Discussion: Standards in relay over-ride scripts

    Relay over-ride scripts end up having naming conflicts with other relay over-ride scripts that function on the same page. I've been considering this, and there is a simple solution which might save you (the script writer) time in the future. It is fairly simple, and would make importing the...
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    Inventory limit reached

    What does inventory limit reached mean?
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    Maddening? Annoying? Everyone please read!

    I can easily understand why some bugs in kolmafia might bother someone from time to time. But please! Think about how what you are saying sounds before you speak! After all, Kolmafia is a great program which has allowed many of us to keep our interest up in a great game that has it's boring...
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    CLI session command

    I posted about this in one of the daily build topics, and it is still holding true. The file saved when using the session command seems to not be usable anymore. I don't know if it's a change server side, or something broken inside kolmafia. I am working a little more with Greasemonkey now, and...
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    Java script question and Relay question

    I know this forum is kolmafia scripts, but this question relates to ash scripting in that I am working on a relay over-ride script, and the tag-along javascript files.,1420.0.html I am wanting to center a button on a form, and the button is generated using...
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    Mall Search Menu system: updated, more items!

    Problems/questions are below the horizontal line Derived from: Details about the script: The script places a menu driven "Quick Searches" button into mallsearch.php I tried to center the button, and I am pretty close on my screen, but...
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    Link back to manage store at the top of the store log page

    As the topic says, this script simply puts a link back to your manage store page at the top of your store log. This avoids the need to scroll all the way to the bottom if your store is really busy.
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    Adding items to mall store defaults to adding all

    This script takes advantage of the fact that if you enter 0 into the quantity field when adding items to your store, then all of that item gets added. It simply makes the default value in that field 0 instead of 1. This may take some getting used to if anyone uses it because when you see 0, you...
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    Auto attack, build 5449

    I keep setting auto attack to attack with weapon using the relay browser, and kolmafia keeps turning it off when I run a script, or even when I just use the GUI auto adventure feature.. Can anyone tell me why it's doing this, and how to stop it?
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    Degrassi knoll general store: added items Version 2 more items!

    Version 2 is here! Differences: 1: Added Items which can be smithed by Innabox, and require only NPC items, or meat stacks/dense meat stacks. 2: split the page a little to make finding desired item faster. [hr] This script was re-worked by Holatuwol, and attached to their post also. The...
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    Script movement

    Earlier I received a trade offer which contained items I don't normally buy. As I was looking at it I became quite amused when I saw the text portion of the trade simply said "kolmafia trade script" which is the default for SewerTrade.ash. It was obvious the person on the other end was...
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    moving trophies

    Hey efilnikufecin learn to use spell check! Spelling errors fixed. -efilnikufecin I looked at my character sheet and realized my trophies were a mess, and started reorganizing them. Very quickly I realized that kol's interface for rearranging trophies is suboptimal when you have a good...
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    Jekyllin hide belts and item farming

    *Not an argument, a discussion...* OK I must be missing something somewhere because based on what I can see they are the best for dedicated item farmers. I will give my assessment of them, and I hope someone will point out to me The better option. In the full moon cycle: 8 days of +15% 12...
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    Relay and combining

    I'm a muscle sign with access to the plunger, but I cannot use meat paste to create items because the combine link on my inventory page has been over-ridden with knoll.php?place=paster. This is preventing me from doing all the tests I want to do when new items are added to the game.