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    Feature Track milk of magnesium charges

    You'll want to name that without underscore, since underscores are for properties that DO reset at rollover. (With a few exceptions for properties named before that convention was established)
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    Why is the Maximizer doing this?

    There's two parts in those screenshots that stand out for me, and neither makes sense for a 'simple' maximization: A) Somehow, the maximizer did only 624 calculations (mine does over 100k when I'm in aftercore, and if I abort it early, it will lead to such errors). B) The maximizer claims you...
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    Feature Maximizer prioritize Uncle Crimbo's Hat over Hairpiece On Fire

    This (and similar cases like the sasq watch) is why my rollover outfit maximization includes "0.001 rollover effect duration"
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    New Content New IOTM: unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape

    And an equipped weapon type on top, in case people equip the cape first and then switch weapon.
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    20474: Add three new functions that provide timestamp support in ASH - int now_to_int

    It's very convenient (gausie added it while he and I were discussing date handling). But I also don't know if datelib has a way to give you the date for yesterday, or tomorrow (I couldn't find one last I checked), so these additions just simplified my Yesterdate() and pvpSeasonEndsToday()...
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    Bug - Fixed Spoilers for Choice 1428 is Your Neck of the Woods Swapped

    Both choices advance the quest, but the first option only gives you 1 step and 1k meat, while the second counts as 2 steps (but doesn't give the 250 meat or the imp unity ring you would normally get for doing those steps). Edit: and the previous fix didn't fix anything, it reversed the choices...
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    Feature - Implemented counters warn/nowarn

    I'll keep an eye out next time Guzzlr sends me there, thanks Veracity.
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    Feature - Implemented counters warn/nowarn

    I got another guzzlr quest in the wormwood today, and I made a couple of observations: if I use stop_counter() to remove the wormwood counter when it's at 0 turns, mafia will make a new one, but it will be the NEXT one (probably because it assumes I already got this one?). So if I can get my...
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    Feature - Implemented counters warn/nowarn

    Yes. My wanderer handling will go to the wormwood if there's a guzzlr quest there (and probably professor relativity the crap out of that one wanderer so I'm done wthin a single absinthe), but then the counters will stop the rest of my automation. And just can't find a way to make the counter...
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    Feature - Implemented Muffin Tin reminder for Valhalla

    Lyle doesn't give you the choice option to order another, but I haven't tried to url-manipulate myself into trying to do so anyway. As you noticed, it's all the same choice and the option numbers keep shifting, so it's quite possible url manipulating can't do it, since the choice option might...
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    Bug - Fixed Missing nowander tags in location data (adventures.txt)

    The dripping trees and the dripping hall are also nowanderer, and mafia doesn't know this (yet). Edit: apparently I can't change this thread tag, so maybe I should have done so.
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    Commands for past IotMs

    or cli_execute("/whitelist clanname"); For incorporation into other script actions, I have the following little function in my library: boolean switchClan(int targetID) { if ( to_int(my_id()) > 30 && get_clan_id() != targetID ) { visit_url("showclan.php?recruiter=1&whichclan="+ targetID...
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    CanAdv -- check whether you can adventure at a given location

    While updating my own equipment handling script, I had a look through canadv to see if I missed any required equips for entering places. Of course I did, but I also noticed a couple of things that canAdv seems to be missing: 8-bit realm requires the continuum transfunctioner, the pirate zones...
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    Bug crowd of adventurer bosses are not marked as bosses

    The reason lost is asking is because there are multiple lists WITHIN kol of what is a (boss), and even more when people talk about what they consider a boss? Does it drop a boss brain? Does it make badass pies? Does it trigger the machine elf? Does it count for the pvp mini? Can it be copied...
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    Commands for past IotMs

    You don't have to, because mafia will do that for you: visiting that page is enough to get mafia to fill the built-in variables, you can find them with prefref volcanoItem (there's a bunch of them, so I'm not gonna list them all). If you want some inspiration (or a lazy shortcut) you can check...
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    New Content - Implemented September IotM - bagged Cargo Cultist Shorts

    All three puzzles have been solved by now, the info can be found in the respective sheets on the spreadsheet. The waterlogged one and the meat wrapped crossword clues are static and the same for everyone, so you might not even need to log those. (But it would help anyone trying to solve it...
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    New Content - Implemented December 2019 IotM - Red-Nosed Snapper

    That can be aliased just fine: alias whatever => ashq phylum phylum = $phylum[%%]; if ( use_familiar($familiar[red-nosed snapper]);) { visit_url('familiar.php?action=guideme&pwd'); visit_url(`choice.php?pwd&whichchoice=1396&option=1&cat={phylum}`);} else print("You don't have your...
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    Can we access the parts of what maximize(stirng, int, int, boolean, boolean) returns?

    You can plug the aggregate directly into a for-loop, to run through it: foreach i,maximizeResult in maximize(max,1,0,true,true)
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    New Content Guzzlr tablet - May Item of the month

    Rather than total deliveries, maybe just _guzzlrBronzeDeliveries. That should be complete, since daily Gold and Platinum counters already exist. guzzlrProgress could indeed be useful, but I would expect it to stay over rollover, since you can keep a quest over rollover too.
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    New Content LTT is not listed in the IOTM tracking preference page

    Why does it need to change? Sure, it's different, but does it actually matter that it's different? (for that matter, how does the inflatable office even work? can you use another one after finishing the quest on the same day?)